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Well, we weren't a month late...

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So I guess I can chalk that up as a draw. NFW RELOADED definitely was a couple weeks late as work/sick bug/Red Dead Redemption all combined to sidetrack me slightly.

Hopefully, the cards are enjoyable enough for everyone to stay motivated. I think we have a few storylines that are going to be very fun, so hopefully they turn out fully.

Anyway, I'm quickly turning the page and moving towards the next shows and updates on the site. If you have any questions or comments about the next shows or the site, feel free to ask them here!

Also, get the word out on the TV Contendership Royale! NFW won't be admitting many people into the fed unless they're using brand new or PREZ-created characters as we start pushing this exclusive/homegrown talent initiative of President Mayfield.
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