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From Behind The Curtain - ACW (2)

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So if you haven’t read this yet;


Read it.

Go on.


I don’t know how many federations have ever done this before? If any of you could point me to a time and a place where a federation has taken its rules and thrown them out of the window for a period of time so as all the guys can batter the living **** out of one another, tA style, I’d like to know.

Purely to see if it bombed or not!

What we have done at ACW as of 111 is change all our matches’ rules to fighting rules. All of it. There will be no wrestling matches at ACW for the foreseeable future. Why? Because we thought it would be a ****ing cool idea that’s why.

Firstly I gotta say that I have the best roster in eW. Easily. The way these guys have taken to this flip of a coin is so ****ing impressive that backstage is a buzz with ideas and different directions that characters are going to go. These characters are bonafide technical athletes. Now they got to fight to survive? No chance and I’m looking to see the fall out from this.

When we decided that we were going to do this we decided that there was no better place to host it all than Eastern Europe. It has such a gritty feel to it that it would work so well we could also plan a few major angles in the process and trust me, there are many. One of the angles right now only me and Russ are aware of its path, but it’s going to be ****ing legen-dary.

We have so much going on this arc.

114 will be a show totally booked by two members of the roster. We had a poll done a few weeks back to see who the handlers wanted. So 114 will be the vision of Kamlesh and Leary. They have been working together to get a stellar and rather insane card on the books that nobody would think of. Right now the roster doesn’t even know who is going to be fighting who.

I don’t even know.

It’s fun.

We have seven shows left of this arc, the seventh being the second FIGHT NIGHT. If you haven’t read FIGHT NIGHT then I beg you to go and take a look;


It’s quite possibly one of the greatest eWrestling shows of all time in my book. Just the scale of it is so epic for the one single night that for us to do it again and try and emulate it is a challenge… but we are going to better it. The planning is already underway for the show and hopefully we can start to write it next week. We will have a PPV style Courage a few days before this show airs. To me that shows just how ACW is working these days, like a machine.

We could have easily kept going the way we were going. Working hard, touring the World and pitching character against character… but at what point do you need to add something else to the mix? All of that has been done before and if you don’t try something then you will never know how different it could be. If it fails, we have a good angle to go back to and our main villain has something to fight for. If it succeeds then we have a good angle when the wrestling comes back to play and maybe some of the roster can’t handle doing a lariat instead of whipping someone in the face with a chain.

Fun. That’s the bottom line.

And I’m of the belief that all the guys in ACW are having it.
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