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From Behind The Curtain - ACW (1)

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I've been looking for a space to write down some 'thoughts' for a while. Somewhere impartial and somewhere that I can just talk rubbish and nobody will really bother.

So FW seems like an ideal place.

If you don't know me... my name is Ben. Years previously I called myself Zezu and it seemed to stick. It stuck pretty ****ing well to be honest and pretty much eW is the only circle I'm known by that name now. I went from an RP fed that I can't even remember the name of (but Aimz was there!) to finding out about angle fedding. This was around the time CWL was just launching so you can tell how long ago that was.

I then build a fed called eWa which didn't last long.

I then build a fighting fed called reVenge which didn't last long.

Then came ACW.

I originally build ACW with another failed fedhead called Jeremy Weimer who created fEar.

(We ****ing love random capital letters don't we)

It slowly but surely got a bit of rhythm going before Jeremy left and I headed it alone. It went through ups and downs like any federation and has closed twice previously. If you go through the archives you will see that pretty much every writer in this circle at one time or another has came through my doors and I'm talking about the biggest and best that are around now and were around previously.

For instance one of my major achievements in this game is to have an environment which Cimon (crazy tA handler) thought worthwhile! Am sorry but that is an achievement.

So yeah, the first installment of this is just for me to introduce myself and tell you why I'm going to be here.

I regard myself as pretty much the only angle fedhead around at the moment. Spike is running nbW and is getting along slowly but surely, but I would say right now ACW houses any angle writer that wants to write (although I would LOVE to have guys like Keegan in ACW, and have some more FW and PTC guys give us a chance). No doubt some federations will open up. **** I would welcome it just to give a bit of variety from around the place but I would hazard a guess that ACW would outsee them all in this little hobby we have.

I've got a few ideas for topics here...things that I believe are needed for a successful federation such as roster cores and unpredictability. Things I believe in such as things that are wrong with the community and maybe also random **** if I feel like it. Also how I feel that the current version of ACW is going and what we could do different and what we could do better....also things we are doing amazing at.

Infact the next show we post I'll probably post something after that as I'm sure it will generate some talking points.

Who knows?

eW is an outlet for so many people that I feel that I'm possibly pulling angle fedding along on the back of the titan that is ACW. So maybe this can help spread the word. IMO we have so many splintered communities in this hobby I'd rather we just piled into the one bus and took the journey but that won't happen.

Anyway. Will post after Courage 111.

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  1. jediPREZ's Avatar
    Great intro Benny Zezu! I'm looking forward to seeing some more of these in the future. I'd also point your ACWites to this area, so they can comment and ask you questions, etc.