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Money Shot Topic Requests

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People sometimes ask me, "Billy, get off your f*ckin' ass and update the FW Money Shot." Well I guess that's more of an order than a question. And uh...when I say "people" I actually just mean "me."

I'd love to update more, but unlike pro-wrestling, MMA, and all kinds of other fun stuff, the world of fantasy wrestling is a shallow muse. Really, what could I write about on a weekly basis? "Hahahahaha...Larry Tact's avatar is STUPID. HEY PREZ WHERE'S THE CARD!!!!???? Haha just kidding man I love you!!!"

Instead of racking my brain for ideas, allow me to take the easy way out and throw it out to you guys. Reply here with a topic, any topic, even if not related to FW, and I'll use it on my next blog post.

For example: "TOPIC: This RP right here <URL link>"

And then I'd go on about how the writer clearly has daddy issues

OR: "Topic: League Presidents handling in their own league"

etc. etc. et. al. yadda yadda yadda. Post them in reply, here.

Just throw random topics out there, how hard could it be? And if you don't, you're basically a lazy piece of sh*t. OK bye!
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  1. The Great Eye's Avatar
    TOPIC: Do another top 20 with the effects of all these big cards that have been posted, we all live only to celebrate/bemoan our status in your rankings, which are the gospel law.
  2. LQJT86C's Avatar
    Come on you cretins, throw me a bone here!
  3. User Poets's Avatar
    You should write about the difference between kayfabe, non kayfabe, and OOC. Like how there's Impulse, Randall Knox, and Pete the Shadow Pope.