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Where has all the discussion gone?

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Not too long ago, we had bloggers. We had feedback in alot of places. We had FW Awards. We had Gut Reactions threads.

Now, it seems tepid in terms of people discussing what's going on in FW. Which is quite strange considering that actual fed activity is probably higher than ever.

Why is this happening? Is nothing exciting? Or have we reached a point in the year, where everyone's just too busy to do things like this? What do you think would help bring back the love of FW?
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  1. LQJT86C's Avatar
    I'm assuming it's just one of those busy seasons where people are wrapped up in their own sh*t. They might have enough energy to RP, but the discussion aspect would demand too much time. In fact, maybe that's it. Maybe RP and Discussion have a negative relationship, where if RP is up, it takes away time from discussion. Come to think of it, most of the discussion was occurring when NFW was on hiatus and before NLW, IL, and SWIFT came along. WFW: NE was still one league, and was dragging at the time. When people don't have an outlet to RP, they'll put that energy into something else, hence the blogs.

    On a personal level, coincidentally when we first switched over to the new forums, I actually had responses ready for both your and Chad's blogs, but was having issues with my other computer and it never let me post them. So that's one technical reason why I wasn't writing anything.

    As for my blog (can't speak for others), there's a couple things. First, there's only so much you can write about FW. I feel like I have a bunch of cool topics for a few weeks, and then...nothing. Then there was running NLW, which for a while was taking up all my FW-related time. I actually need to finish up a couple of cards for NLW, so this might prevent me from making any more blog updates for a while. In fact, I'm toying with the idea of shutting down The Money Shot altogether, but we'll see.

    Not to mention the biggest factor of them all for me, which is my final semester of grad school.
  2. jediPREZ's Avatar
    Yeah, it just seemed that maybe 4-5 months ago...there was alot of hype, freely flowing discussion, alot of blogging, etc. I'm wondering whether this time of the year just sucks on a personal/professional level for alot of people or if there's just a dwindling interest in talking about stuff.

    I wasn't singling anyone or anything out, it's just something I've noticed recently. Maybe it seemed like there was more going on since I was on hiatus. hehe
  3. LQJT86C's Avatar
    Take a hot tub time machine to the future, to Crash 100. This would also require hot tub time machine thumping to the past, to talk you into pursuing a Crash 100. So Crash 100 happens: what's the lineup? And does Hornet show up?