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  1. We can always negotiate how much it would require, man. I was thinking somewhere on an Intergalactic Championship card with 2 RPs a piece limit with a deadline that spans over probably two weeks or something like that.

    I would obviously get someone else in to do the judging.

    I would write the match.

    It would be awesomesauce.
  2. Depending on time, I may have to set Maverick into this little dance just for the fun of it. That'll depend on how much it'll require, so give me a head's up and I'll see what I can do.
  3. Eh, I wouldn't sweat this one too bad. I'm looking forward to bringing Mark in because I've not used him, aside from the wrestling game I've been doing, so this is just a great opportunity to have some fun. I'm hoping to make you laugh too! Good luck on your end and have fun w/ this!!!!

  4. Hey man, good luck for ULTRATITLE and don't smash me too badly, huh?
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