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  1. ohhh, I'm a moron. My bad. I see his name in the first one now. I just thought the "Impulse Classic" was something I didn't know about... I read them all as if it was Eli. They still read nicely though, I'll have to pay more attention from now on. lol
  2. That's actually Impulse. A Night Out is all Impulse. Eli does not appear in RPs anywhere anymore except for an occasional cameo.
  3. No doubt. I'll have to check out Impulse. I really dig the kinda film noir/first person style your rocking with Eli. Never seen that in FW before... Wish I would of thought of it lol I been wanting to try a format something like the narration in "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." I might bring Kevin Watson back for one last run and give it a shot.
  4. Eli is all retired, his last match was against Triple X in the FWO back in April 2009. Thanks for the comments on the writing, though - my boy Impulse has taken up the reins.
  5. A Night Out is a damn good read. Not necessarily up Eli's history in the past few years but I enjoyed the posts.
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