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  1. *Sing Songy* Meeem-or-ies!

    As I sit here in Deutschland, Germany, watching Lt. Felix Gaeta commit treason in Battlestar Galactica in german(Awesome), drinking Duff Beer(Even more awesome) and having just recently banging the back of my head against the most awesome windows I've ever used(less awesome now)... It dawned on me like this splitting headache...

    Where have all the efed bloggers gone?

    I myself was one of the earlier copycats of Thomas Holzerman(did I say copycat? I meant pioneer!). My blog ...
  2. Well, we weren't a month late...

    So I guess I can chalk that up as a draw. NFW RELOADED definitely was a couple weeks late as work/sick bug/Red Dead Redemption all combined to sidetrack me slightly.

    Hopefully, the cards are enjoyable enough for everyone to stay motivated. I think we have a few storylines that are going to be very fun, so hopefully they turn out fully.

    Anyway, I'm quickly turning the page and moving towards the next shows and updates on the site. If you have any questions or comments ...
  3. From Behind The Curtain - ACW (2)

    So if you haven’t read this yet;


    Read it.

    Go on.


    I don’t know how many federations have ever done this before? If any of you could point me to a time and a place where a federation has taken its rules and thrown them out of the window for a period of time so as all the guys can batter the living **** out of one another, tA style, I’d ...
  4. From Behind The Curtain - ACW (1)

    I've been looking for a space to write down some 'thoughts' for a while. Somewhere impartial and somewhere that I can just talk rubbish and nobody will really bother.

    So FW seems like an ideal place.

    If you don't know me... my name is Ben. Years previously I called myself Zezu and it seemed to stick. It stuck pretty ****ing well to be honest and pretty much eW is the only circle I'm known by that name now. I went from an RP fed that I can't even remember the name of (but ...
  5. What's up with the simultaneous RP threads?

    So, as we draw closer to the RP deadlines for NFW's first shows back...I thought I'd talk about my goal with the new RP setup in NFW since my roster so graciously answered on the Fan Boards.

    During the Crash 50 post-production year off (ha!), JN started sending me YouTube links of old NWA Worldwides and Saturday Nights, where Flair, Cornette, etc. would cut promos during the 'commercial' time to pump up the upcoming house shows that week. Sometimes, you'd see all sorts ...
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