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  1. Countdown to DIVIDE & CONQUER

    Quote Originally Posted by J The Ripper View Post
    I shall be knocking out the remainder of mine as of tomorrow morning so my focus will be on D&C (not much there), i39, W05, i40, and W06. *salute*
    Ill b home tomorrow, went on a fam trip. And ill get My stuff rolling in. And iron out somethings with my arc2 stuff
  2. ULTRATITLE: Round 1: Justin Voss vs. Mark Maverick

    RP Thread <--- just in case your interested this is what this post is about.

    I have to say, in my time I really haven't participated in many other tournaments. In fact, if you want to get specific, I've only ever competed in 1 other tournament and that was GTT7, where I was fortunate enough to get seeded at 13 with my Fiend character.

    That was some tournament however my first round opponent no-showed and when provided with the opportunity to select my second round opponent ...
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  3. Round 1: Leyenda de Ocho vs. "The Canadian Wolf" Alex LeBlanc

    Quote Originally Posted by Chad View Post
    Round 1 roleplay goes here. 2 RP limit.
  4. Cheap Plug

    Since I've been only participating in FWCentral feds lately, when the boards went down, I lost focus.

    Hell, I do that a lot. For a variety of reasons.

    Oooh. Venture Bros. was on last night! Sahweet!

    Anyway, you should all check out this radio show!

    Efed Guerillas Radio
    Run by Ernie and Jesse Ramey, they host a weekly audio podcast on the game we all enjoy! Give 'em a listen, give 'em a call! Every Friday night, 11 PM EST, 8 PM PDT.
  5. FAIL

    I recently attempted to read a new fed. I figured, A.)This federation seemed like a blast from the past(IE: Late 90's when every federation had Hardcore or Extreme in it's titles), B.)Results will be easy to read and skimmable. and C.)I just watched Dinocroc vs. Supergator on SyFy last night, and figured, hey, maybe I can read the e-fed equivalent called Hardcore Holiday. Which, by the way, sounds less like an ECW event and more like a ****ty Cinemax porn.

    So, you see on the main board ...

    Updated 06-27-10 at 03:51 PM by Ford (wanting to catagorize, HOW?!)

    FWC Federations , FAIL
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