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  1. Ink and Piercings

    Since asking everyone how loaded their characters were, I figured I'd ask everyone another question about their characters, and that is, what kinds of tattoos and piercings they have. All of that is very visual and in a text based format, it's not really brought up a lot, but when you watch WWE, you can't help but notice Randy Orton has both his arms as sleeves of tattoos, and the various ink work others have had done.

    So away we go, starting with my rogue's gallery.

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  2. Chad Asks: More Fun With Reading Habits

    More questions for you...

    1) How much of a typical card do you read? Your match? Your match and the main? Whole thing?

    2) How much does your answer to #1 vary between your home league and other leagues you follow?

    3) What would make you read more? Format? Shorter events?

    Go forth and answer. Otherwise, INFRACTIONS for everybody! Whoo hoo!

    Updated 01-22-10 at 11:20 PM by Chad

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  3. Ask the um.... well, ask ME.

    Leave a question and I'll answer it. That was so easy....
  4. Ask the JediPREZ v. blog420

    So, let's take advantage of these new forums. Leave a question, maybe I'll make a topic...maybe it'll just be the longest blog thread in the history of mankind!
  5. Chad Asks...

    It's a lovely new feature that also allows me to play with blog functionality.


    1) Outside your "home league," what currently active leagues do you keep up with and to what extend (read cards, skim, check out news)?

    2) What inactive leagues would you check out in a heartbeat if they popped back up?

    3) What makes you add a league to your reading list? (The appearance of a familiar character? ...

    Updated 01-22-10 at 11:21 PM by Chad

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