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  1. Money Shot Topic Requests

    People sometimes ask me, "Billy, get off your f*ckin' ass and update the FW Money Shot." Well I guess that's more of an order than a question. And uh...when I say "people" I actually just mean "me."

    I'd love to update more, but unlike pro-wrestling, MMA, and all kinds of other fun stuff, the world of fantasy wrestling is a shallow muse. Really, what could I write about on a weekly basis? "Hahahahaha...Larry Tact's avatar is STUPID. HEY PREZ ...
  2. Where has all the discussion gone?

    Not too long ago, we had bloggers. We had feedback in alot of places. We had FW Awards. We had Gut Reactions threads.

    Now, it seems tepid in terms of people discussing what's going on in FW. Which is quite strange considering that actual fed activity is probably higher than ever.

    Why is this happening? Is nothing exciting? Or have we reached a point in the year, where everyone's just too busy to do things like this? What do you think would help bring back the love of ...
  3. Popping the Cherry

    From the desk of the Aytaollah of Areolas...

    ...who completely understands that the plural form of the word is actually areolae, but strives to preserve the RHYME!

    As I sit here in the command room of my semi-palatial estate outside of Orlando, I can't help but marvel at the network of miscreants I've managed to connect with through my travels in this strange business.... sport..... hobby.... whatever it is to you.

    But I suppose when one's travels ...
  4. Crash 50.

    and so it goes...

    Chinese Democracy 3: And you thought FUTURESHOCK SUCKED!?

    ...of NFW.

    Now let us never speak of it again.
  5. ACW ENDGAME: Where Did It End Up?

    I finally got a chance to read ACW ENDGAME (conveniently linked for your pleasure), the ACW's first SuperShow of the year. To be transparent, it's been quite a while since I've read a full ACW card, so take any criticism or critique in here for what it's worth (gospel, obviously, if you're smart).

    ENDGAME is ACW's "Royal Rumble"-like event, with the End Game match featuring a 30-man over-the-top battle royal. A nightmare match to write, I would imagine. More on that to come. ...
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