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Blog Comments

  1. Ernie's Avatar
    I would never order anything "protein style" from a place called In'N'Out... Just sayin'.
  2. David T's Avatar
    Yes, it's a great show. FW Central should become its newest sponsor.
  3. David T's Avatar
    Someone should really open an e-fed named FAIL.

    That would be cool.
  4. LQJT86C's Avatar
    I'm all for preserving the past. Since I've been in NFW longer than any other fed, I try to help with the historical type stuff the best I can, i.e. title histories, reformatting old cards, etc. It's good to pay homage to and not forget all the hard work people put in years ago. When guys retire after a long while in this hobby, it seems they're forgotten not too long after, which sucks.

    As for the discussion, I'm partly guilty. My blog was generating a decent amount of discussion until I sh*tcanned it months ago. There's only so much e-fedding one can talk about without getting burnt. Another factor was me becoming more active in leagues outside of EPW/NFW, like A1E and PRIME, not to mention running NLW (which has been slacking, I know). FW Money Shot was at it's best when nothing was going on in EWrestling, strangely enough, because I'd find something obscure and make a big fuss about it.

    I'd like to see some new blogs pop up, ones that spawn real, honest discussion on the hobby. None of this, "Everything was AWESOME!" crap. No, everything was not awesome. One or two things were awesome, and a few things sucked hard.
  5. jediPREZ's Avatar
    Nice blog, Ford. I've been trying to get all of NFW's archives in order so we have our own museum type of thing...of course, with only a few helping me...it's a slow process.
  6. Stalker's Avatar
    Well to be honest the origin of Stalker's name has never come into question before. I never had a real 'plan' as to his origin as I made the character back when I was about 16. But now that it was questioned in an rp, it made me think about it and I do have a small story planned for it. However Stalker himself doesn't remember because he's too broken down to remember something so little in his life.