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  1. From Behind The Curtain - ACW (2)

    So if you haven’t read this yet;


    Read it.

    Go on.


    I don’t know how many federations have ever done this before? If any of you could point me to a time and a place where a federation has taken its rules and thrown them out of the window for a period of time so as all the guys can batter the living **** out of one another, tA style, I’d ...
  2. From Behind The Curtain - ACW (1)

    I've been looking for a space to write down some 'thoughts' for a while. Somewhere impartial and somewhere that I can just talk rubbish and nobody will really bother.

    So FW seems like an ideal place.

    If you don't know me... my name is Ben. Years previously I called myself Zezu and it seemed to stick. It stuck pretty ****ing well to be honest and pretty much eW is the only circle I'm known by that name now. I went from an RP fed that I can't even remember the name of (but ...