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02-04-02, 11:57 PM
CSWA: On Time will be the league's 'short' show, similar to WWF Heat or some of the syndicated shows. We're still working out the exact format, but you can expect to see recaps of recent news/events, interviews and vignettes from CSWA workers, short-form matches, etc.

That means that we're going to need your help. Obviously, we're not going to write on-card interviews with your character... that's up to you. Vignettes, 'shows' (e.g. Piper's Pit, Flair For The Gold, etc.), etc. are all fair game. You can even partner up with another handler and work out a staredown, dialogue, beatdown, whatever.

As far as matches go... there will be some spots open for challenges. I wouldn't expect to sign 'major' matches to push feuds, etc... but On Time matches could certainly be the start of feuds or feud filler, etc.

All matches will be in 'short-form,' except possibly one per card. But even that one may be abbreviated somewhat. If you're not familiar with CSWA 'short-form', you can expect matches to be recapped in a paragraph or two... OR they may be 'joined in progress' to show the finish. This means that there's not an *immense* amount of room for in-match angles, etc.

In other words, a lot of the action is going to take place out of the ring. But that doesn't mean that the matches are inconsequential... it's very possible that upsets could occur, etc.

The major point of "On Time" is to create a card that can be posted relatively quickly and help keep the 'tempo' of the CSWA going between 'major' cards. A lot of the onus is going to be on you guys to provide content. On the other hand, it may happen that we have *too* much content...never fear, if we get enough, that just makes it easier to have another edition of "On Time" as quickly as possible.

Expect roleplay periods to be shorter. Expect these cards to be posted more quickly. But roleplay is still the essence... so hype your match, hype your interview, hype whatever. ;-)

More information will be forthcoming. Mikey P will be in charge of this debut event.


02-05-02, 02:23 PM
MILES: "Man, you need ratings? All you had to do was ask, Chadder! THE PROFESSIONALS will bring their worldwide acclaimed show to CSWA ON TIME."

02-05-02, 03:03 PM
MERRITT: Good grief, the FCC'll have us off the air before we've even started. Marvin! Time to start practicing that seven-second delay again!

02-05-02, 03:24 PM
MILES: "(BLEEP!)'IN (BLEEP!) right that Marvin will have to (BLEEP!)'IN GET THE (BLEEP!) ready. Oh yeah...YOUR MOM, MARVIN! (BLEEP!)'IN A. Just kiddin' Chad-stro, Eddie and I respect the FCC which stands for (BLEEP!)'IN (BLEEP!)CK CREAMERS. Ok, ok, for real - I won't say (BLEEP!) or (BLEEP!)...and not even (BLEEP!), I promise."

Hex Angel
02-05-02, 03:57 PM
ELI FLAIR: "Merritt.... just give me five minutes on the stick and I promise you, the FCC won't be a problem for any of us.... ever.... again."

02-05-02, 05:17 PM
MIKEY P: I'm in charge of something? :-)

02-06-02, 12:14 AM
lord help us all...mikey's been given authority over something.