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02-12-02, 02:35 PM
Post and accept challenges here... if you're new and have any questions, just post them here or e-mail me.

The one match currently signed for this card is Wicked Sight challenging for the World Championship. You'll know who he's facing later today.

Also, Kevin Powers gives his retirement farewell address.

I will be limiting the number of matches on this card... I think that's the only way we can keep a good schedule going. If we go over a certain number and I keep them in, then expect some of the undercard to have 'short form' results.


02-12-02, 03:02 PM
(FADEIN: 'The Wolf' MIKE RANDALLS standing in front of a black CSWA backdrop. He's wearing a black cloak, hood over the head...)

RANDALLS: "The masks are off, the secrets have been told. NOW, it's time to show if anyone is still a MAN or just a scared little boy. I challenge GUNS, EDDY LOVE and MARK WINDHAM to a 4 corners match. No friends, no secrets, let's just see who the best man REALLY is."


02-12-02, 03:04 PM
MILES: "Wilcox, Hardy - if you think that by getting help from Raw Deal or the Geriatric Express makes you GOLDEN...well boys, yer still all PINK in our eyes. Step it up and leave the help at home."

Calamity Jon
02-12-02, 03:52 PM
(FADEIN on BENJAMIN "BIG TOM" REMUS and "IRON" JOHN WAITS, the MEN OF ADVENTURE, wearing their leather-trapper gear along with flippers and deep sea diving helmets, standing inside a steel shark cage which 'sways' with the current (as the camera slowly moves side to side). John wears his coonskin cap taped to his helmet, while swatting with a harpoon at the bluescreen Discovery Channel footage of Great White sharks swimming in the background.)

TOM: "HO HO! San Jose, home of the SHARKS indeed! Well ne'er did the sun-dappled and fanny-pack festooned denizens of this tacky city-sized Outlet Mall see a pair of creatures with such a fierce and toothsome bite as we, THE MEN OF ADVENTURE! HO! HO!"

JOHN: (staggering back with fake blood pumping from his sleeve) "Aaah! The slimy bastard got a finger, Tom! HE TOOK MY THUMBS! I feel faint!"

TOM: "Leave the drawing room dizzy spells to the weak sisters and gas-huffing art students of this fetid Fed, friend John. Suck it up, and TAKE THAT FINGER BACK!"

JOHN: "I'm on it! HO HO!"

TOM: "But back to the subject at hand - HAHA JOHN, HAND! Too bad you don't have a full one anymore!"

JOHN: "Shut up Tom! Ho HO!"

TOM: "HO! But back to the point! The CSWA is nothing but an old queen's home where shuffleboard, sodomy and man-cuddling are the order of the day! And the tag teams are the worst of the lot, lacking even the base ANATOMY to be classified in the same GENUS as SUCH AS WE, REAL MANLY F(BLEEP)ING MEN! Not only is it our DUTY to CONQUER AND DOMINATE you kindergarten F(BLEEPS)TS, we take it upon ourselves to raise you from your collective mincing! We leave the contract open for a match at PrimeTime in (spits) San Jose!"

"But be aware, you helf-men halfwits, we are prepared to make our own match. Decline from our generous offer of competition, wilt away from the grandeur of our MANLY MANLINESS, and the Men of Adventure will have no choice but to PICK our OPPONENTS ... with EXTREME PREJUDICE! HO HO!"

JOHN: "Got it!" (Walks up with his sleeve still pumping blood, holding a half-eaten hot dog) "Where's the stapler, friend Tom?"

TOM: "Where I left it, IN YOUR MOM'S P(BLEEP)Y!! HO HO! No seriously, in your mom's p(bleep)y..."


(Singing together as the camera FTB: "Rivers of mennn, river of menn, it's up one side and back again, along the river of men ....")

02-12-02, 04:38 PM
(FADEIN: GUNS sitting in his San Antonio ranch.)

GUNS: Mike, you and Mark have already had your turn on the Third Row, Inc. hitlist...but if you want a second helping, I'll be MORE than happy to oblige.

As for Eddy Love, it's high time the "Hurricane" finds out how the other half lives. Eddy, you've seen how easy it is when you've got the Strongest Arms of the World WITH you...at Primetime, you get a taste of what it's like when I'm AGAINST you.

Calamity Jon
02-12-02, 05:50 PM
"TOM: "HO HO! San Jose ..."

Or San Diego, whatever. I just regret missing a "tijuana whore" opportunity ...


02-12-02, 07:03 PM
LOVE: I don't know if the Hurricane is up for the 4 corners match, but it sounds like all you can beat for Hurricane Eddy. So boys count me in.

02-12-02, 07:46 PM
Michael Hardy: That's fine with us boys, unofficially we're 2 and 0 on ya asses which means....

Simon Wilcox: ....Officially, ya our b*tches!

Michael Hardy: And just to prove that we don't need help, how about we have the match in a cage?

Simon WIlcox: Better yet, a cage with a roof on it.

Michael Hardy: What about it? Ya still as cocky now boys?!?!

02-12-02, 08:02 PM
(FADEIN: THE PROFESSIONALS in front of the CSWA backdrop, they're laughing hysterically...MAYFIELD wiping tears from his eyes...)

MILES: "Hmmm, unofficially - I'D SAY YOU BOYS ARE FULL OF (BLEEP!) You want us in a ROOFED CAGE? Last time I checked, you boys needed help from the Hall of Fame club to even put a dent in us. This time, its all by yer selves..."

MAYFIELD: "Now that don't mean we want you gettin' all pretty on us. No grabbin' anythin' of mine that's for females only, got that purty boys?"

MILES: "Are we still cocky? Well now that its like this - I GOTTA SAY HELLS YEAH! Question is, are you ready for a PROFESSIONAL beatin'?"

MAYFIELD: "Man, I still can't believe they say BIT(BLEEP!) with that damn lisp..."

(FTB as they break down in laughter some more...)

02-13-02, 07:35 AM
Raw Deal has an open challenge.

Nathan Storm has an open challenge as well.

02-13-02, 11:53 AM
Shane Southern: I've got two goals. One, ta' defend this belt with pride n' honor...n' two...ta' take down a few of tha' so called "legends" a notch or two. So, this is an open challenge...if you're EITHER of those guys, come step inta' tha' ring...belt or no belt...n' see what I TRULY mean what I say, "PARTY'S OVER!"

02-13-02, 12:39 PM
(CUT TO: JJ DeVille.)

JJ: As the biggest legend in the history of this industry... I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE! YEAH! (FTB)

02-13-02, 12:40 PM
(CUT TO: Jimmy V.)

JV: NATHAN STORM... at Anniversary, you made a BIG mistake. You not only cost my boys the match... but you cost TSUNAMI a chance at SHOCKING THE WORLD with his PENCHANT FOR VIOLENCE. For that... YOU MUST PAY!


02-13-02, 01:54 PM
...but, since when did I care? Initially, this challenge was to be issued with one intended target in mind.


But, I understand that if he beats Aho, than that's just impossible because Wicked Sight gets a shot at the World title. Cool. In that case, I want Evan Aho.

To make a long story short... Wicked Sight gets the World Champion, Triple X wants the runner- up.

02-13-02, 05:48 PM
AHO - As long as I have a match at Primetime I don't care who it's against. Accepted (unless I end up with the match against Sight).

02-13-02, 06:25 PM
From what I saw, Tsunami shocked the world plenty. Who knew black and blew could come in so many colors.

Consider it signed.


02-13-02, 07:52 PM
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Mah' goodness, look at what tha' cat drug in. JJ, do yer'self a favor mah' man n' back out now. You thought Lance Leizure whipped yer ass, {{..smiles..}} I may just have ta' kill ya'. "

" Party's Over. "

{{..FADE OUT..}}

02-13-02, 08:53 PM
KIN HIROSHI: Well, now that I'm open for business, I'll take anyone wanting a match. Ja' dig it, bro?

02-14-02, 10:58 AM
If no one else needs a match, The Preacher, Reverend Ernest Tadd will sign Kin's OC. If you do need a match step up and I'll hold the good reverend for a later date.


02-14-02, 03:24 PM
If anyone doesn't have a match... would anyone like to take on Fearless Jones? If not, I will just sit in the corner and wait... :(

02-14-02, 06:48 PM
Ernest Tadd will step aside and allow Jones to wrestle Kin Hiroshi


02-14-02, 08:22 PM
Windham is in the 4 corners match.

Also......Joey Melton has an open contract.

this is for Ed......the next match i write......i'm bringing back a former CSWA co-host.


02-14-02, 08:31 PM
Wait... isn't that an obscure 70 game show host, too?



02-15-02, 01:23 AM
You're fired.

02-15-02, 09:00 AM
That is fine with me , thank you.

02-15-02, 11:01 AM
Sur-VEY says..... that's right Mikey.


02-16-02, 02:50 AM
Cameron Cruise has some unfinished business with that Good ol' boy Shane Southern.

Playboy, if you wouldn't mind stepping aside with the women, Cruise would like to put on a show.


02-18-02, 07:37 PM
Since no one wants to play with Joey, Joey can come play with me.

Joey Melton versus Cameron Cruise


02-18-02, 09:32 PM
Hey Aidan,

Want to face me in our debut 'Primetime' show? :-)

-Tomer/Paul Michaels

02-20-02, 06:56 PM
Yeah I'm in boss.