View Full Version : Why's He Always On The Phone?

02-21-02, 06:57 AM
(Hornet's back in his study, on the phone with his agent. He's a busy man, I suppose.)

Of course I'm going to be there. He'd love for me not to show up so he could collect those penalties laid out in the contract...

No. I don't want you to tell him anything. Not him, not his people, not anybody. Just because I'm going to be there doesn't mean I can't make them sweat a little...

Come on, Chad *knows* I'll be there, Sam. What he wants to know is what I plan to *do* when I get there. He's afraid I'll trash the US belt or come in with a bottle of piss wrapped around my neck.

He's got too many loose cannon running around, Sam. He got what he wanted at ANNIVERSARY, but at what price? He owes Teri, at the very least.

He can bluster and brag all he wants, Sam, but you're not to tell him a think other than "I don't know." Got it? Yes, I know it's annoying when he has Marsha call up every five minutes...but isn't that why you have a secretary?

Look Sam, *I* don't know what I'm gonna do, so how can tell you? All I know is that I have a match against Stevens.

Tell him if he wants a promo after my 'vacation,' then he can send a camera crew over. If they want to tape 15 minutes worth of me staring at the camera saying nothing, then they're welcome to. Hell, he can send Rudy over if he wants to, and I'll sit and stare at him for 15 minutes without saying anything.

I know this comes as a shock to you, Sam, but right now, I'm not worried about the PR or the publicity or the shock value or the merchandising. I've got to take some time to figure out exactly what I'm going to do.

What do you care anyway? You get paid either way.

Oh, that's right, you just get paid MORE one way than the other. I almost forgot. You know Sam, if you weren't such a good agent, I would've fired your greedy behind years ago.

Alright, Sam. I'll talk to ya later.