View Full Version : Nothing changes....part one

02-21-02, 04:48 PM
(Its 8pm, the weather is cool but still warm and Simply Stunning are getting ready to go out. With the CSWA tag team titles comes notoriety and the minute night clu owners realise that Hardy and Wilcox are in town the invites flood their way. The boys are in their hotel suite, they are just about to go out when something on the TV catches their eye. When they had come in they had put on CSWATV out of instinct but had started to get ready when they saw there was a profile of Hornet coming on. Now the Professionals filled the screen and their actions had put a dampner on the night out. The programme was showing hightlights of ON TIME from San Jose last night and Hardy and Wilcox could not believe their eyes. They watched in disgust as Miles and Mayfield showed no respect whatsoever to the legendary CS Express. The current champions watched on in silence, their jaws knotted in unspoken yet searing rage. When the piece had finished Wilcox switched off the TV.)

SW: Those no good, lousy, low life sons of b*tches.

MH: I always knew that they had no class, but that's overstepping the line.

SW: They haven't just stepped over the line, they've taken a run up and long jumped over it.

MH: The CS Express are legends in the CSWA, they've earned their right to be in the CSWA hall of fame, which is more than Miles and Mayfield ever will.

SW: I don't know what makes them do it, so the CS Express levelled the situation at ANNIVERSARY, they were just doing what the fans wanted them to do.

MH: I guess nothing that the Professionals do should surprise us.

SW: I wonder if the CS Express saw that?

MH: They must do, its it was on CSWATV, then they've seen it.

SW: I bet they feel like sh*t, you work your asses off during your career to get to the pinnicle of tag wrestling, and two jumped up, mid card, c*ck suckers like the Professionals come along and belittle what you've worked hard for all your career.

MH: Oh we'll make sure they don't get away, they can't be allowed to do stuff like that.

SW: Damn straight, like we didn't have enough motivation for the match coming up already.

MH: Oh I think we'll meet before then.

SW: Huh?

MH: This has gone on long enough, we need to sort out the P R O once and for all.

SW: I'm sensing a plan!

MH: You've got that right, I think its time we played Miles and Mayfield at their own game.

SW: I'm liking what I'm hearing, you going to fill me in?

MH: Yeah, but we have some clubs to go to.

SW: They can wait, I want to hear this first.

MH: We'll talk on the way man, just relax, the time for action will come, lets just go and enjoy ourselves tonight.

SW: Sounds good to me.

(Fade to black.)