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02-21-02, 04:10 PM
Paul walked through the halls of the Shark Tank in San Jose, California. Several hours ago, he had defeated "Winless" Wesley Page in what the wrestling industry called a 'Squash' match, showing off his talents to the administration, though they most likely ignore him like they did to so many that passed through the doors before.

"That toe hold into the Indian Deathlock really did the trick on Wesley Page. I wonder how often I could perform that combination, however..." said Paul, heading towards a bulletin board near the entrance of the backstage part of the Arena. He noticed that several fellow CSWA wrestlers circled the bulletin board, staring at it, so he went over.

"Hey guys..." said Paul, quietly. He was by nature an introverted man, so he usually spoke quietly to others.

"Hey." said Don Marris, a stage technician, who examined the board.

"What's up here?" asked Paul to Don. Don turned around, and smiled.

"The CSWA Primetime card that will be hosted in San Diego." said Don, beaming, even if it was only for an instant. Don was a fan of CSWA since nearly its inception, and now that he was a backstage member of it, he was proud of almost anything that happened, show wise.

"Let me see..." said Paul, scanning the card. The first match he saw listed was:

CSWA World Heavyweight Champion:
Evan Aho vs. Wicked Sight

"Seems like an interesting match, as these two men are veterans of the CSWA scene, and will surely put on one hell of a fight." noted Paul to himself. He then read on:

Four Corners Match:
Mike Randalls vs. GUNS vs. Mark Windham vs. Eddy Love

"Since virtually all these men were CSWA World or Unified champions, I think this may even top the World title match in quality..." said Paul out loud, pointing to it. Don beamed as he heard this.

"Yeah, I think that those four guys will put on one hell of a show for the marks...I mean fans." said Don, winking. Paul continued on:

United States Championship Match:
Hornet vs. ‘Triple X’ Sean Stevens

"Considering the fact that Sean Stevens is the current Presidential champion, and Hornet is a double digit World and Unfied champion, these two will bring forth the best they can..." said Paul to himself, checking off another brilliantly scheduled match in his mind, and skimmed down more:

Unified Tag Team Championship Match:
Simply Stunning vs. Professionals (Roofed Steel Cage)

"If I remember, these two went on to fight into a fifteen minute Time Draw, so this match will be exciting, and go towards either sides favor..." said Paul, checking off another great match. He continued on:

Greensboro Championship Match:
Shane Southern vs. JJ DeVille

"If JJ DeVille continues his streak from the match on 'On Time', he will probably lose again to Shane Southern, so this may be a one sided match-up..." mumbled Paul. He then continued to read:

Tsunami vs. Nathan Storm
Joey Melton vs. Cameron Cruise
Kin Hiroshi vs. “Fearless” Jones

"These three matches will be good, as it will contain a mixture of greats in CSWA and also new members, which will freshen the atmosphere a little bit, though it doesn't need to be, in reality..." said Paul to himself, then he spotted:

Paul Michaels vs. Machine

"Machine? The German that defeated JJ DeVille?" asked Paul out loud. Don nodded.

"Yup, yup. He's your opponent on Primetime." said Don, smiling. Paul began to sweat a bit.

"I'm going to study some tapes of Machine's matches and promos to understand how his in ring psychology will be before the show takes place..." said Paul, as Don smiled, put a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Take care, man." said Don, and Paul nodded, headed towards his locker room for some tape studying...

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