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Hex Angel
02-22-02, 09:19 AM
Friday, February 22, 2002.
4:18 AM

Poison Ivy took one last look at her computer screen before shutting it down for the night. Morning. Whatever. Merritt wanted an IVY LEAGUE to open up the newly- redesigned CS Tribune Online, and he'd better be happy with what she just sent off to him.

She stretched and cracked her knuckles, yawning audibly to her empty apartment. She needed to get some sleep tonight before her next shift at the hospital with her mother, slowly dying of cancer. For some reason, however, she knew the sleep wouldn't be happening tonight. Too much has happened in the past week for her to simply write it off as a logical result of her CSWA return.

"Trust me," she had said to Sean, "Just trust me."

How could he trust her when she hadn't told him anything? How could he trust her when she had barely spoken to him in the past few weeks? On the one hand, they'd been through a lot in the year and miscellaneous months since their respective 'camps' had buried the hatchet. Ever since their first kiss over a year ago, things had been awkward. Ever since.... that night in Germany, things had been unbearably awkward.

Why is it she could sleep with him and feel closer to him than she had anyone else, to date, but she couldn't talk to him about her feelings? Her mother would tell her it's because, for the first time in too long, her feelings are genuine and she's afraid of them.

Mom never liked Hornet much, after all.


Sean has a match against Hornet in San Diego. This is going to end in disaster.

Over a year ago, she and Hornet were one half of a revolution that ended just as suddenly as it began, through political maneuverings of Teri Melton and Commissioner Merritt himself. They knew exactly where they needed to strike. Most people would have assumed that finding a way to split Ivy and Eli Flair would have done the trick.... Merritt and Teri knew that Ivy and Hornet were the crux of the ClaimStakers. Find a way to get these two at odds and not only with they BE at odds, but Flair will instinctively side with Ivy. The peacemaker will be Mike Randalls, of all people.

And it worked like a charm.

Ivy's mind drifts back to Anniversary 2K1, and the days leading up before it. How she had a strange feeling in her gut.... how she just knew something was going to happen. It was nothing any normal person could have figured out - you had to know Commissioner Merritt, you had to know the major players at Anniversary.

Forgetting about how Hornet hurt her. Forgetting about how Teri took so much pleasure in her hurt. She had to be there.... because an observer can't do a damn thing to contain or control the damage.

She had to be there. But there was a major problem - there was no way Merritt would allow her to get mixed up with the ClaimStakers again.

No problem. If she was going to do this, it would be without the politics. Without the backstage hassles. It would be back to basics with her, away from the ClaimStakers and the Playboys and all that could have been.

No problem. She and Eli Flair had no real professional relationship anymore - there was nothing for either of them to learn from each other. The past year had essentially been a paid tour of the world, an excuse for her and her boys to get drunk in as many places as possible.

That's not what she wants anymore.

She has learned so much from so many people in the past seven years - from Ray S. Cornette to Matt Rosenthal to Mark Windham to Joey Melton to Scott Waters, to Eli Flair, to Dawn Van Dammage, to Roseanne Fairhurst and everyone in between.... it's time for her to give some of it back.

Where's the best place for Poison Ivy right now? Where the untapped potential meets the unlimited ambition.

Triple X Sean Stevens.

Not only does she want to help him professionally, but she wants to be with him personally.

Conflict of interest? Sure.

Does she care? No.

At least it's not political.