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02-22-02, 12:46 AM
(Mark Windham in front of a PRIMETIME backdrop at CS Towers.)

The first step and into old wars I go. Fitting, that what I fear I also know is what will make me whole.

The shadow knows, isn't that what you said GUNS. (smiles) The shadow does know best, not like father, we both hated ours didn't we, but like a voice of reason.

Congregations on being back, I guess sick and healthy minds think alike. I know why I've returned, but do honestly have a clue? Yes, you've come back to destroy the CSWA, rip it apart brick by brick. That should be good for the usual entertainment value. Is the bus coming back this time? A lot of new faces to be programmed, faces that haven't seen a man drive the way you do. I know you've probably got a few new bits to test, but if the waters get too deep it has to be a comfort knowing an old classic is safe at hand.

I was hoping over the years you'd change. But when I look at you, I still see the same ol' broken down sideshow clown, only now you've formed a THIRD ROW corporation to handle all the t-shirt and other merchandising orders. Sell enough and you'll be able to buy the place from Merritt. Time consuming, but if there's anyone dedicated enough I truly believe it's you. I almost hope you do tear these walls apart...if only for the pleasure of seeing "CSWA's last brick" up for auction on ebay five years from now.

You're an empty boy with a sales pitch, GUNS nothing more nothing less. But I'm glad you've decided to reopen shop. I owe you, I did previously and after ANNIVERSARY I owe you once more.

I could bring up that night, you know which one I mean. I destroyed whatever integrity you had right there on the spot. In a very real sense I created the clown. A lot of things were different then. Maybe I should apologize for what became of the man known as GUNS, but I've left that demon to the beasts of the past. I owe you for my own reasons, none of which you're familiar with, I'm certain.

So you're back, selling yourself on the street corner barking like a dog to anyone who will listen. Break the league GUNS, but when you're done you'll still be the same broken lost soul. And when your days are over, the truth won't accept that as a place to hang your hat.

Randalls, you didn't exactly take the olive branch. I can't say I don't blame you. And if this way is what works best, I have no problem, only a fear. That's the music you wanted to hear isn't it? (smiles) Fear, playing the game, winning the war. Mike, I've been playing the game for the last four years. It's your turn, you need to win answers, seek some truth. But Mike would you take the leap of faith if I told you winning the answers stood behind me?

Love, it's not my job or chief concern to save Eli Flair. But I believe you were challenging me to get in your face again?

It's truth or dare boys, in San Diego I'll go first.

02-22-02, 10:03 AM
(FADEIN: GUNS is sitting in a hotel room in San Diego, waiting for PRIME TIME)

GUNS: Empty man with a sales pitch...that could be true, Mark. There used to be a genuine love for this sport inside of me that's long since gone. You want to take credit for taking it away, Mark? If that helps you sleep at night, then go ahead. I won't stop you. (Smiles.) But it doesn't help you sleep at night, does it? You call me a lost soul...you call me empty inside...but it's the pot calling the kettle black, Mark.

You want to pawn your inner demons off on others...quite frankly, pal, I have enough of my own and I don't need yours. The simple truth is that your career...your LIFE...PEAKED that winter evening when America's Team reunited at my expense...when you pulled the big SWERVE...when your good buddy Hornet took you in his arms and you two were going to live happily ever after. (Laughs.)

But it didn't end that way, did it, Mark? Pretty soon, things were back the way they were...Mark Windham on the OUTSIDE looking IN at his good pal Hornet. Cast off to the wayside, Mark...DISCARDED, as many old useless things often are.

You say you owe me, Mark? You say you MADE me? (Laughs.) You had nothing to do with it, Mark. This place...this loathesome federation...it made me the bitter man we all know and love. The bus isn't coming back, Mark...hopefully the dysfunctional Windham Family Feud can stay in the past as well, because I truly don't think I could deal with the revelation that Sweet Melissa is really your mother and Troy's partner Eddy Love is really your illegitimate stepson or whatever other SOAP OPERA CRAP that you're dragging back with you.

At Anniversary, Mark, it ended up the way it was meant to...the way it's always been. Mark Windham, number TWO. Always walking in SOMEONE'S shadow. The SECOND member of America's Team...being eclipsed by your cousin/brother Troy and becoming the SECOND-best Windham in the CSWA...and now being the SECOND biggest surprise in a Mystery Partner tag team match...in which you were the SECOND person to get laid out by the Strongest Arms in the World. (Grins.) Mark, you say the shadow knows...but the truth is...YOU KNOW THE SHADOW, and at PrimeTime, I hate to break it to you, but you're going to be in the shadows again, playing SECOND fiddle.

Because the truth is, Mark, I've taken your best shots and they've never been good enough. I don't suspect Hornet will sucker punch me with a taped fist and some illegal immigrant will count the pinfall this time around, so you're pretty much out of luck. I've taken Randalls' best shot...or best STAKE, as the case may be...and I'm still standing many years later. But Eddy Love, he and I haven't had the chance to dance yet, and that's what PrimeTime is gonna be about. Teaching ol' Hurricane Eddy a simple lesson: I may "flap my gums", I may be the "mouth that roared", but I sure as HELL back up EVERY WORD in that ring.

School's gonna be in session in San Diego, Mark, but just as in every other phase of your life...you WON'T be at the head of the class.