View Full Version : Should I just kill you?

02-25-02, 11:18 AM
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is standing in front of a CSWA backdrop. He looks noticeably irritated. His hair, instead of being pulled back in a pony tail is loose and wet, some hanging in his face. He's got on a white wife-beater, jeans and cowboys boots....His ripped features seem that much more intense as he takes each breath...}}

Shane Southern: " JJ...for the past few days I've thought 'bout what I'm gonna' do ta' you at Primetime. I thought about rippin' that peanut head off those girly shoulders and shovin' it up yer narry ass. I'm thought alot 'bout weather I was gonna' let your career continue...I've dreamed of breakin' each toothpick bone in yer body and layin' ya' up next ta' yer fella' Playboy in that hospital. I've racked my brain tryin' ta' decide if I'm gonna' let ya' live, or just beat tha' livin' hell outta' ya' SO BAD you won't WANT ta' live. With each promo you cut dancin' 'round like a lunatic...for each time ya' mess up my name...for EVERY time ya' swing those plastic nunchucks...for EVERY time you appeared on screen with that Greensboro title belt...you dug deeper, and deeper inta' SOUL of Shane Southern. I wanted to END you JJ. "

" But then a' funny thing happened JJ...I stopped, just for a moment, tooka' step back n' realized that it's not yer fault. Yer a product of yer environment. You're a puppet on a string played by very capable puppet masters. This time, holding tha' strings were Chad Merritt n' his sexy girl toy. I came here under a mask...I won that title belt without ANYONE knowing who it was. Nobody thought ta' pay attention to a guy wearin' a black mask...nobody thought they better interfere in the business of a Greensboro title match between Evan Aho and some guy off tha' street. But after I won...after tha' mask came off, after I started beating people...legends started taking notice. People in limo's started pickin' up cell phones and callin' Chad Merritt sayin' look...we need ta' do somethin' bout this guy...he could take MY SPOT. "

" And Chad Merritt, tha' chicken <BLEEP> that he is...caved. He tried ta' embarrass me by takin' tha' Greensboro title from me and handin' it to tha' CSWA Clown. JJ...Merritt...Teri, get it through yer heads that I don't NEED that title. Ya’ didn't embarrass me. Ya’ only pissed me off. Ya’ only made me ta’ work that much harder ta’ PISS YOU OFF. If that means takin’ yer comedic relief and tearin’ him a new ASS, then that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. So ya’ see JJ, come Primetime…when yer in that ring, and I’m kickin’ yer teeth down yer throat, ya’ can blame THIS one on Chad Merritt and Teri Melton. THEY’ve brought this on you JJ…may GOD have mercy on yer body! Party’s OVER. "

{{…FADE OUT…}}