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02-26-02, 01:42 AM
Evan Aho didn't have a favorite song. He didn't pay attention to which movies were in theatres. He owned very few books. The walls and tabletops of his home lacked decor. It would seem as though his life was devoid of all typical mediums of expression. But Aho's needs for interpretation, appreciation and self-expression were present in his career. Wrestling was his art...each move a separate masterpiece.

Sadistic excess attempts to reach roughly and by harshness what art reaches by fineness.

It was a quote that hit close to home for Evan. He adored wrestling. Grappling, hooking, ring psychology...these things all fascinated him. Beautiful ideas, ideas of style. In conjunction with that, "hardcore" wrestling repulsed him. Any idiot can swing a chair. Where's the grace in that?

His art was both complex and simple. He appreciated the triangle choke and the kata-hajime just as he appreciated a hard, well-placed elbow strike or a headbutt to the bridge of the nose.

WICKED SIGHT - I may not outwrestle you, but at the end of the night, when I’m done with an explosive arsenal, a wristlock isn’t going to do the trick… a View To A Kill is.

Wrestling Wicked Sight put one particular move prominently on display, View To A Kill. Sight's version of the a diamond cutter was potent and its simplicity made it supremely efficient.

He hooks the head, then...BAM. Beautiful.

Aho studied it for days. He reviewed tape after tape of opponents getting drilled by this finisher and knocked cold. Evan took a lot of pride in the perfection of his moves. Likewise, he was critical when others performed them sloppily. As far as he could tell, Wicked Sight executed View To A Kill as well as anyone in the business threw any given maneuver. Perfect, every time.

Evan loved it. This is the type of challenge he had craved since he got into wrestling. He wanted to see an opening to counter it. At the very least a cue that would tip him off when it was coming. But nothing was there. Any flaws in the execution? Any way to soften the blow? Not that he could locate.

He could smile at that. Another artist.

You can't start a fire with wet matches.

Evan rubbed his chin and regarded his fleeting college studies. In his basement next to a set of dumbells, he kept the texts from his courses in anatomy, biomechanics, movement studies and physiology. He thumbed through the pages of Human Anatomy. The book was loaded with bone/muscle diagrams. Maybe there was something of value in these books after all...