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02-21-02, 09:28 PM
Somewhere in California, Mike Plett went out to be by himself, to address everything he needs to address, straight to a CSWA camera. As always, his black hair is flipped over the top, hanging now almost to his shoulders, with a shaved underside that’s almost completely hidden. His body is covered with a Megadeth “The World Needs A Hero” t-shirt, a pair of worn jeans and black boots. There are no cars, no concrete jungle here, just a peaceful setting and the words of the number one contender to the Heavyweight title.

WS It doesn’t seem like too long ago when I was standing in the middle of the WAR*GAMES cage, still in awe that I was standing in the middle of a CSWA ring, looking around at the crowd… timid enough to not know if I belonged, but brave enough to stake a claim at becoming dominant, and the four of us who made our stand vowed to break up Radder, Melton and Flair… we did it and the other three guys fled, one-by-one.

I stuck around, because I wanted to finish the job – the promise we made to each other that one of us would be a main-eventer here one day.

Zero didn’t ever care – Havoc’s body finally gave out – Blade… I guess he lost his smile.

Mike Plett stuck around. Wicked Sight’s the only one of us left. And now I’m doing this not to take over, not to prove my dominance, but because I want to carry the CSWA, because everyone either hates it or fights it, and I want to lead us back into the promised land. To Evan, that belt is about being the best in the business and he’s right. It’s the fifteen pounds of reason we all came here. But it’s more about being the best. When you’re the best, you have to take care of the whole damn place, even the guys that are trying to rip that belt off your waist. Evan – we meet for the second time in our careers… Isn’t it funny that we’ve only met one time in the past, and now that we’re meeting again, it’s for the CSWA Heavyweight title, the most important prize in the game? The pressure was on me, it was like a high school reunion and a wrestling bout all in one, and I didn’t have the ability to get it done. I was damn good, I put on a STELLAR performance, but it just wasn’t good enough to pin your shoulders to the mat, Evan. The time ran out a second before the ref struck three. You didn’t win, but for me, that wasn’t good enough. I didn’t win, either. And I bet you felt the same way.

So we meet again, and this time, with us being center stage, I doubt we go to a time-limit draw. One of us gets to prove to the other that we’re better on that night. Our reasons might be so different, Evan… but in the ring, it comes down to getting the job done. And the problems of the world are forgotten for just a moment, when time stands still, when the crowd watches us in awe as we deliver, as the crowd watches Aho and Plett go after the most important belt that has ever existed. Those problems, they go away then, but they come back the second the bell sounds again.

When the bell sounds again, I’m going to remember that Eddy Love wants to duck me. And Evan, you might want to realize that he’ll duck you, too. And he’ll duck anyone that wasn’t here when P…L…R… was around. Stanley, Southern, X… you guys pay attention, too. Our problems are way passed Eddy Love. There’s men like Mike Randalls that don’t even CARE about the CSWA these days… and those people are afraid to fight us, because they want to stay in their anti-CSWA bubble. It’s going to cost them their seat on top of the world, and we’re going to be up there looking back on it and trying not to do the same thing in years to come.

And there’ll be one of them left… GUNS. He’s not just anti-CSWA… He wants to DESTROY the CSWA. And he’s coming after me, because I told him that we won’t take it. GUNS… you come on, you bring it. You want me to prove that my class has arrived? Then whether or not anyone else has the balls to do it, Wicked Sight stands up to anyone that threatens this place. GUNS, you pull something at PrimeTime, and your career is in my hands, because I don’t have the time to fool around. I only have the time to provide CSWA fans with the STELLAR performances that they deserve, something you’re afraid to do because your arms are the only substitute you have for charisma!

The bell is going to sound and all those problems will come back. But until that bell, Evan Aho… it’s me and you, one on one, this time there HAS to be a winner. I’m gunning for that gold, Evan, and I know you well enough to know that you aren’t going to just let me have it. I may not outwrestle you, but at the end of the night, when I’m done with an explosive arsenal, a wristlock isn’t going to do the trick… a View To A Kill is.

And then, the FREAK not only runs this place, but he has its greatest symbol around his waist. Then, Evan, we can worry about the future.


02-23-02, 02:26 AM
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"A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it."

Evan Aho leans back in a folding chair near his basement ring. The CSWA World Heavyweight Title rests on the floor beside him. He wears a sleeveless gray t-shirt and black tear-away pants over his chiseled two-hundred thirty-four pound frame. As usual, his tone lacks any hint of emotion.

AHO - I hate correcting you Mike, I really do. But you've got a feeling about the state of the CSWA...and I've got a feeling that you just don't get me. Whether or not you care to understand where I'm coming from, I don't know. But I'm going to try laying it out for you, for your benefit and mine. I say that because I want you at your best Mike and if you're going to be adequately prepared, you'll need to stop overestimating me.

I could be all wrong, but you've got a lot going for you Mike. You're confident, you're in a position to achieve your goals and you're motivated. You're over Mike. The fans are behind you, they enjoy your STELLAR performances. You've got the shot Mike. The CSWA World Heavyweight Title will be on the line at PRIMETIME, you're the number one contender. You're proud Mike. Proud to be in the CSWA, proud to be a fan favorite and proud to be carrying the torch for the young blood of the league. You want to be the champion, not just of this league but for the cause. You're stepping up when no one else will and you'll be damned if the guys that don't care about the CSWA are going to hold you down. I hope you hang on to that fire Mike...I think it's a good thing. You care Mike. Not enough people care in this world.

You've got heart Mike. I wouldn't be surprised that you'd be optimistic enough to believe that I could relate to that. You might be optimistic enough to think that because I'm part of this so-called "new generation" that my desire, my committment to this sport, is one in the same with you. I'd be willing to bet that you believe me to be in the same boat, ready to fight for this cause. Ready to prove that the younger guys can't be held down. Ready to defend the CSWA Heavyweight Title and the honor of this company every time I step in the ring. Again, it's because you care Mike.

Aho leans forward and speaks in almost an excited whisper.

I could give you the belt right now. Would you take it? Would you believe that I don't particularly need, nor care for it?

He leans back in the chair and allows his tone to return to conversational.

You wouldn't believe it Mike. No matter how I deny it, you won't believe it. Our motives are far apart, too far for you to even begin understanding why this...

Evan holds up the belt by one strap letting it dangle loosely.

...is nothing more than a big fishing lure to me. The belt isn't about being the best of the best. I know who the best is. It's a great symbol to a lot of people, maybe even to you, but not to me. I'm not trying to destroy the CSWA. I'm not trying to belittle anyone's accomplishments. But a crucifix doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot to an atheist. Don't try to speak for me Mike. I hate to be the one to make you look foolish.

I said not enough people care Mike, but I don't underestimate the strength of the handful that do. Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world, because that's all who ever have. You care Mike. You care about this belt and you care about the CSWA. You could change this league...this sport. You could do all of that at Primetime.

I'm not out to change the world. I'm not out to change the CSWA. I don't care. I'm out to wrestle.

Aho drops the belt on the ground at his feet.

Come take it.


02-26-02, 10:23 PM
WS: Evan isn't out to change the world, he's not out to help the CSWA, he's just out to wrestle. I can smile and admire his work and that's exactly what I do, but we're out here for different reasons... It's like the Buckleys, father and son, say all the time... that's what makes the CSWA great.

Michael Plett is standing before a backdrop and he has had his head down the entire time, grinning slightly, showing the charisma that so many said he lacked through his "growing period" in the CSWA. It is obvious that he - just like those around him, his immediate peers - is ready.

So... there's nothing else to say about our match, Evan. It'll be just like Little Rock, a STELLAR bout, enough said. But let me appeal to you right now... as a fellow athlete.

You don't like to play politics, you don't like to play games, you want to wrestle the best and that's it. Good. But if you sit back and watch what's going to happen, and just wrestle whoever Merritt feeds you... when it's all said and done, you'll be wrestling the same few names night after night after night, and the challenges that I know you love so much will be GONE. And I'm not just talking about GUNS and Melton and whoever else decides to show up... you keep your nose tucked away in that ring and before you know it, you won't have the OPPORTUNITY to perfect the craft of wrestling that you love so well. We have a mutual respect for each other's work in the ring, and past that, all I know about you is that you want to WRESTLE. Well, I'm asking you, Evan... when the time comes to defend your right to wrestle, are you going to help me "save the world"?

You don't have to answer now. But there's going to be a time, I can feel it... it's going to be soon... and all eyes are going to turn to US... all of US...

Even you, champ.

I'm looking forward to PrimeTime... and I'm looking forward to the greatest fifteen pounds of gold that have ever been.

CUT OUT[/font]