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06-21-02, 07:11 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-27-02 AT 00:46 AM (EDT)]Here's your lineup for ON TIME. I sent out an e-mail updating the deadlines...if you didn't get it, you haven't updated your e-mail address in your profile here on RP Central.

Angles and segments due by Friday, June 28th.
Roleplay due by Saturday/Sunday, June 29th/30th.

Evan Aho vs. Shamon (for title if Aho is the champ after Seattle)
Hornet vs. Shane Southern (for US Title if Hornet is champ after Seattle)
Wicked Sight vs. Lance Liezure (for US Title if Sight is champ after Seattle)
Pete Hardy vs. Kevin Powers
GUNS vs. Lawrence Stanley
Hip Hop Express vs. Men of Adventure
Cameron Cruise vs. Steve Radder
Dan Ryan vs. Carl Brigsby
Michael Gettis vs. Henderson Bramble