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07-20-02, 06:54 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-20-02 AT 06:06 PM (EDT)](FADE IN)

A pre-Fish Fund XIII press conference is being held in the banquet room of the Sweetwater Holiday Inn. Nearly one hundred representatives from all different media groups are present including writers from The Wrestling Observer and The Sweetwater Herald, camera crews from ESPN and Fox Sports, and reporters for the CSWA Tribune, Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, Inside Wrestling and Maxim. CSWA superstars were scheduled throughout the day to make appearances and meet the press. A cameraman and journalist at the back of the room make preparations between interviews.

CAMERA - So who else is gonna be here today?

REPORTER - Aho’s next…then we’ve got Adler, Shane Southern, Ivy and the first round with Merritt before lunch.

CAMERA - Is Eli showing up with Ivy?

REPORTER - Umm…it doesn’t say…I don’t see him anywhere on the agenda. But he’s not on the card though, so I guess it’s possible. How much film do you have left?

He peeks into the viewfinder.

CAMERA - Not a lot. I’m thinkin’ about fifteen minutes on this tape.

REPORTER - Well at the very least you’ll get Aho’s stuff.

CAMERA - Yeah, probably even have some time to spare for notes. Ya know this might actually be a good one just to do just audio.

REPORTER - Hmmm…oh film it anyway. We need a shot of him with the belt.

The camera guy looks skeptical.

REPORTER - Okay film it if he brings the belt.

He smiles and nods. She looks at her watch.

REPORTER – Eight fifty-eight…and if I remember correctly, that means Evan should be walking in right about…

Evan Aho enters the room from a door near the front. The media people scurry back to their seats, to switch on camera lights and tape recorders. Aho has on warm-up pants and a plain white T-shirt, not uncharacteristic attire for the taciturn Seattle native. He also carries the CSWA World Heavyweight title, which shines as though it has just been polished. Evan lays the belt on the front table and takes a seat behind a cluster of microphones. The room quiets waiting for his opening statement.

AHO – One of the CSWA press liaisons suggested I prepare a long and illustrious monologue for this conference. Obviously, he had never heard any of my interviews.

The audience laughs. Evan cracks a hint of a smile then quietly returns to poker-faced.

I’ll take questions at this time.

The room suddenly buzzes with a myriad of questions all at once. Aho points to a reporter in the front row.

REPORTER – Evan, why did you leave Global X-treme Wrestling?

AHO – After a year and a half of being involved in EWI and later GXW there was no more reason for me to be there. I had wrestled everyone in the league worth their salt and I was being booked into matches simply because I was a former world champion and the front office wanted to milk that for all it was worth. I’ve wanted to wrestle against the best and I accomplished that in GXW. The best in the world were in CSWA and it had always been my intention to wrestle there. Chad Merritt approached me with an offer shortly before EWI and NthWA merged, which I accepted. When I signed my release, I made it clear to Erik Zieba that I was leaving to wrestle in CSWA.

Again the room grows loud. Evan holds up a hand for silence.

AHO – I’ll give everyone a chance, just keep quiet until I give you the point.

He motions to another reporter.

REPORTER – Why did you wrestle at GXW Revolution in Spokane?

AHO – Kin Hiroshi asked if I would return to GXW for one night to be his tag team partner. He was having a tough time convincing management that he was, and still is, main-event caliber. He thought that since I was a former champion there, teaming with him would help justify his claim to a spot at the top of the card. I like to wrestle and I appreciate wrestling with Kin.

REPORTER – Dan Ryan suggested that your return to GXW was done to disrespect the company and to “get over” with the GXW crowd. How do you respond to that?

AHO – GXW fans are the same people that go to CSWA shows Spokane. If I wanted to get heat with them I would have brought the CSWA belt. My name wasn’t even on the card, I was announced as a mystery partner. Since I left GXW I haven’t so much as mentioned the company on CSWA programming. Nor did I mention CSWA when I went to Spokane. When I signed my contract with Merritt, I willingly dropped the EWI Television Title to prevent a conflict of interests. I never had any intention of disrespect. I thought it was going to be a night of good wrestling and I’d be able to catch up with some of the guys that I enjoyed working with like Gemini and Zero. Instead, I’m thanked for my contribution to the company by getting jumped.

REPORTER – Will you be appearing on any future GXW shows?

AHO – No.

REPORTER – What is Dan Ryan’s goal in CSWA?

AHO – He’s starved for attention. He just wants a microphone and CSWA airtime.

REPORTER – When will you wrestle Dan Ryan?

AHO – Whenever he wants. But as he said in an interview, he could take a shot at me whenever he felt like it. He’s never going to feel like it. He’d rather gloat about getting a few cheap shots in at Spokane and call it good. Dan Ryan never asked for a match when I was there, he’ll never ask for one while I’m here. I could make a squash of Dan Ryan entertaining, but I’d rather work with someone I don’t have to carry after they blow up making their entrance.

REPORTER – Do you believe there is a GXW “mole” in the CSWA locker room?

AHO – It wouldn’t surprise me. Many CSWA wrestlers have wrestled in GXW. Myself, Eddy Love, Eli Flair, Steve Radder, Kin Hiroshi, Wicked Sight…I just don’t know who and as far as I’m concerned everyone’s suspect.

REPORTER – Is Mike Plett on GXW’s side or is he the CSWA company man he claims to be?

AHO – I just don’t know. If you would have asked me this before Oklahoma City, I’d never have doubted his loyalty to CSWA. But he’s so concerned with convincing everyone he’s NOT a GXW guy that you have to wonder.

REPORTER – Why is Hornet watching your back?

AHO – I have no clue. I imagine it has something to do with his distaste for Dan Ryan, but maybe he just wants to be in the right place at the right time. Hornet’s agenda has always suited Hornet first. If I benefit from that…fine. But I’m not going to get comfortable with it.

REPORTER – GUNS noted in a recent interview that your current title defense is an extremely similar situation to Winter’s Warriors VIII, where Hornet turned his back on his supposed friend. Do you anticipate history repeating itself?

AHO – I should, but somehow I just don’t see that kind of game in Mark Windham anymore. Hornet isn’t above backstabbing, but I think Mark is past it. Of course I’m the biggest mark if I don’t have it as a possibility in the back of my mind.

REPORTER – GUNS also commented that he wasn’t impressed with you. Do you have any rebuttal?

AHO – GUNS talks because he likes the sound of his own voice and he wants everyone else to be just as infatuated. If I wanted to impress GUNS, I would’ve thrown the World Title in a lake long ago. His fancy isn’t all that high on my list of priorities. I’m sure that as long as I’m working for this company he’d want to throw me out of the ring into the crowd. If it would get him to pipe down, I’d volunteer for the bump. I’m not all that heavy, go for it dude. It’s nothing I can’t shake off.

REPORTER – In light of the GXW “invasion”, Hornet’s interest in your matches, robotic voices issuing warnings, the Pros’ vow that things will NOT be just fine and GUNS’ quest to destroy CSWA, are you at all paranoid?

AHO – I’d rather think of it as being “hyper-aware.” But around bell time at Fish Fund, the walls of the arena could come crashing down around me and I won’t be able to think of anything but stepping in the ring with Mark Windham.

REPORTER – Are you prepared to wrestle Joey Melton if he bought a World Title shot at Fish Fund?

AHO – I’m prepared to wrestle Joey Melton in the parking lot in five minutes if that’s what he wants. I am ALWAYS prepared. If he wants a match at Fish Fund, tell him to take a number.

REPORTER – Is your shoulder one hundred percent healthy?

AHO – My shoulder if fine.

Evan quickly points to the next reporter.

REPORTER – What are your thoughts on wrestling Mark Windham at Fish Fund?

AHO - Mark has returned to CSWA with the idea that he will expose everyone to certain truths about this business. I wanna know what he hopes to show me. I got to where I’m at with my own steam. I’ve never asked for anything, I’ve never been given anything. I don’t want help. I won’t take shortcuts. I’ll answer any challenge and I’ll do it my way.

Evan holds up the belt and leans forward.

He says this belt is tarnished and grows more tainted with each man that holds it. I say it WAS tarnished. I’ve held this since February and dismissed naysayers with each forearm shiver I dish out. I’ve silenced the wrestlers who called me a transition champion with triangle chokes. Still critics say I’m just not good enough, so I obliterate their doubts with each Tiger Driver ’91 I throw. I didn’t say I was the greatest wrestler in the world. But Craig Miles says he doesn’t believe it. Craig you show me who the greatest wrestler in the world is and have them TAKE this belt from me. This title WAS tarnished. Now it belongs to a guy that it can’t be taken from. I INVITE Mark to squeeze blood from a stone. I HOPE he can show truth to a man who has no lies.

Evan sits down and takes a sip of water in front of the hushed room. The reporters are scribbling down notes furiously. Aho takes a deep breath and stands up at the microphone.

I’m done now.

The members of the press laugh and applaud as Aho grabs the belt and exits the room. The first cameraman turns to his colleague.

CAMERA - We're out of...

REPORTER - ...film, I know.


07-20-02, 09:10 PM
(FADEIN: GUNS sitting on his couch, watching the Evan Aho press conference.)

GUNS: You're right, kid...you would earn my respect if you took that title and threw it into a lake. That would be must-see TV. But you don't have that kind of clarity, Evan...you're still under the assumption that the belt means something. Even more overtly than usual, Evan, you have that belt because Hornet and Merritt ALLOW you to have it. Hell, Eddie Mayfield beat you twice last week and you're still holding the belt.

You're just who they want holding the belt right now, Evan. You're quiet, clean-cut, hard working, and most of all you don't rock the boat. You can actually look into that camera with a straight face and say "Mark Windham's an honest man." You're either incredibly naive or have been dropped on your head one too many times. I don't really care which.

You see, Evan, your belt doesn't really mean anything to me...but inevitably I'm going to have to take it hostage just like I've done to the Greensboro title. Another brick in the walls of the CSWA that I'm eventually going to have to remove to bring this company to the ground. Odds are, by the time it comes to that, you'll be doing three-way dances with Kevin Powers and Eddy Love opening up editions of ON TIME, but if for some reason you do still have that belt when I get around to you...you're not going to have a CHOICE in whether or not you end up in some fat guy's lap somewhere in the third row. You don't VOLUNTEER to be made a souvenir by Third Row, Inc., and I certainly don't need to ask for PERMISSION.

But, for now, Aho...you're safe from me. And do yourself a favor and don't be stupid like your boy Sight. If Marvin Parsons plays "Ride of the Valkryes" during the World Title match at Fish Fund, just keep smacking Mark Windham in the mouth and don't pay it any mind. When I come for you, Evan, I'll be nice enough to tell you beforehand.

Why? Because I know that there's not a damn thing you can do to stop me. I don't have to sneak around, Evan. I don't need a corrupt Mexican jumping bean referee. I don't need to pretend to hate my best friend for two years so he can punch my opponent in the back of the head with a taped fist at the moment of truth. All I need to do is come to the ring and pimpslap you, and all you can do is take it. It's that simple.

Good luck at Fish Fund, kid...and do yourself a favor and don't DARE take my name in vain again.

07-21-02, 05:26 AM
FADEIN: Sunday, 2:00 AM at the lounge of the Sweetwater Holiday Inn - 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES is sitting at the bar w/ a shot of tequila in front of him...one of the reporters from the Evan Aho Press Conference sees MILES and walks over to him - MILES recognizes the press member and grins...

REPORTER: "Hey, Craig - long time no see."

MILES: "Hey Bill, snoopin' pretty late aren't ya? (MILES pull out a cigarette, lights it and looks ahead to a sports game on the TV) What can I do for 'ya?"

REPORTER: "Well, actually - did you catch Aho's Press Conference today?"

MILES: "I just rolled in an hour ago, why? He put 'em to sleep again or somethin'?"

REPORTER: "Actually, he called you out."

MILES takes a long drag while raising his eyebrow...

MILES: "Oh yeah, what that lucky (BLEEP!) mother(BLEEP!)er have to say about me?"

REPORTER: "And I quote - 'I didn’t say I was the greatest wrestler in the world. But Craig Miles says he doesn’t believe it. Craig you show me who the greatest wrestler in the world is and have them TAKE this belt from me.'"

MILES: "Is that right? Seems Mister Aho seems a little grumpy...(MILES takes a drag) He must not be getting enough painkillers for that shoulder of his."

REPORTER: "You have something to say I can put on record?"

MILES: "Have I ever disappointed you, Bill?"

REPORTER: "Absolutely not." (MILES grins, takes a drag of his cigarette and places it in an ashtray...)

MILES: "First, you tell Mister Aho I've never been a hard man to find. I don't even need that title belt as motivation to walk in that ring. IN FACT, so I don't have to worry about (BLEEP!)in' Hornet stickin' his nose where it don't belong - I'd rather it NOT be on the line, so I can show Aho what a little (BLEEP!) he really is. Second - You tell him that if he's not careful, there's gonna be alot of bad things happening to him in this town. There's alot of PROFESSIONALLY marked targets walking around this week and he's lucky he's not one of them...YET. And third, you tell Mister Aho that he better keep that ego in check - that belt IS tarnished 'cause if anyone ELSE hasn't noticed, Mister Aho has had the luxury of avoiding ALL former World Champions until getting Windham. Hell, if it weren't for Eddie Mayfield carrying his (BLEEP!) last week - that title belt WOULD be worthless. Good enough, Bill?"

REPORTER: "As always."

(FTB - as Bill the Reporter leaves the scene and MILES slams back his shot of tequila)