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07-24-02, 09:43 PM
(The scene opens up to 'Good God' Kevin Powers standing in front of an old PLR backdrop.)

KP: At first I said to myself I wasn't gonna do it. I promised myself that I would not sink to their level. Today I was only gonna focus on Steve Radder and Eddy Love, but then that mental midget CLEO had to say something which was expected ...

But Cameron Cruise?

What is THIS man thinking? Did he think, that just because everyone else can say something, he can chime in as well? Talkin' about my drinkin' as well. He's just pissed off because he's always denied when he goes to the liquor store. Even a written note from his momma sayin' to please give her son a bottle of wine, a pack of Zig Zags, and a carton of smokes he STILL gets denied.

Basically, Cruise, for the love of God, shut your young ass up. You're just hurt because Radder beat ya like he owned ya.

Now thinkin' about it ... that IS pretty funny!

But seriously, cause I'm tired of talking about that joke called Cameron Cruise and giving him fifteen minutes of Lush Fame ... I do have to try and figure out what is in store for myself when I, along with Logan, go against Radder and Love at Fish Fund. Now Radder is the easy one to figure out cause he isn't changing his step. He's seen that others want their chance at Lush Fame that he thinks that I've actually forgotten about him!

Guess what Steve-O ... I haven't.

While the others wanna try and show how ego testicle ... um ... egotistical they really are, with Ivy going above the rest and showing the world she's got the biggest balls of them all, don't even THINK I've forgotten about you. I haven't forgotten about our last encounter Radder. As a matter of fact we were supposed to meet at Anniversary. You was supposed to bring the title and I was gonna bring the ass whippin' for ya, but then you did something that you did not too long ago.

You lost your world title to a jackass named Aho.

So you didn't show ... Merritt decided to be more vocal ... I, just like the entire past year lost track of what I should've BEEN fighting for ... and CHOKED the match away. Yeah I said it ... I choked it away. And? So? It happened. I'm over it. Obviously everyone else here feels that it's all good to point that out to me, but I don't see them runnin' to sign a contract to meet me in the ring either ... unlike Radder and Love who WELCOME the match.

Then again can I actually be SURE that Love WANTS this match? I mean ... he's been so VOCAL about it! Now maybe Benson has him in the backseat of his cab like the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers video and he can't find a CSWA camera crew, but I highly doubt that. Maybe Eddy finally figured it out. Maybe, after REALLY THINKIN' about it, Love realized that with PLR ... he has no chance in hell. I still can't believe it. You truly disappoint Eddy.

Still, no matter what happens, no matter who shows or who doesn't, there is NO WAY IN HELL that Logan and The Double G KP are gonna leave that ring with a loss! People might be saying that we're facing two former world champions and are chances are slim, but they are only seeing it from one angle and that's expected from this place. Damn near everyone here is the same, but I won't mention any names ... Ivy, Triple X, GUNS, Cruise, Pete the janitor, Jamar the popcorn vendor, Kevin the make up artist, and the list goes on ... they only see from a certain point of view. The way I see it is like this. They're so damn high on themselves because they've been to the top ... while Logan and I are still fightin' ... they were the hunters before, but not anymore ...

We're still on the hunt and at Fish Fund it'll be two more World Champions that get knocked on their respective asses. Bank on it.

And, on that note, until Cruise faces facts and gets that sex change operation so that he can finally match his STYLE ...

I ... HAVE ... SPOKEN ...


Hex Angel
07-24-02, 10:11 PM
The janitor's name is Jimmy, and the popcorn vendor's name is Poppy.

Jeez, Z.... can't get ANYTHING right. <G>

07-25-02, 07:43 AM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-25-02 AT 06:46&nbsp;AM (EDT)]You didn't get where I was going with it ... did ya? :)

Besides ... don't YOU have a MGD to drink? Christ boy get a job ;)


07-25-02, 02:34 PM
he might not, but I've got plenty of Yager and Mr. Beam to keep me calm....


07-25-02, 02:54 PM
(Scene fades in to a simple blue and black, half and half backdrop)

Cruise: Ya know, I always thought him to drink himself the poster boy for Lush uniforms inc., but damnit Powers, slow down man....the more you drink, the more you drink into incompetence and retardance.

Everybody's doing it, so why can't I? Isn't that a play on the name of a musical bands'album?

Powers, what you can't seem to get into your alcohol-soaked-thick skull, is that I wouldn't be talking to you right now, if you hadn't dragged me into this...but no.

You did, and here I am. Your godfather.

(mocks the movie)

I'm Kevin Powers and I coulda been a contenda....I coulda been....

(mocks Dicaprio)

KING OF THE WORLD!!!! But I just had to be a dumb, no good, drunken, never-win-the-big-one-so-I-guess-I'll-fake-retirement PUNK-ASS...that I never realized, even at this moment, that the world don't revolve around me and Rum and Cola.

You wanna quote Eminem? Fine. Same song. With a twist.

Let go, it's over. Nobody listen's to GG KP no more.


07-25-02, 03:35 PM
Cruise ...

Please ...

I understand your hate ... really I do. If I was to lose to a dumb, no good, drunken, never-win-the-big-one-so-I-guess-I'll-fake-retirement PUNK-ASS time and time again I guess I would jump on that very same bandwagon like EVERYONE ELSE and throw in my two cents as well.

For your sake save yourself the trouble. I know it must be fun riding on the Powers Lushwagon and all, but it could turn into a bumpy ride VERY soon and the LAST THING you would want is to get a scratch.

Oh, by the way, I was talking about how Alex Wylde made you his bitch not so long ago.

Now don'cha just feel stupid? Stupid.

How about you just take another page out of Radder's book and leave the federation and come back pretending to be better than ever only to fizzle out again and again.

Choke on that one nevermore ... jackass.


07-25-02, 08:23 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-25-02 AT 07:35&nbsp;PM (EDT)]Power's, really....don't make me laugh. The crap that comes out your mouth is just not surprising enough to bowel me over.

I mean, really, since when didja think I gave a damn about you? The fact of the matter is, is that you mentioned my name more than once, a coincidence, probably, but it was becoming a habit, and a habit, much like your drinking, I had to address.

I don't care about Alex Wylde, Kev. The fact of the matter is, I pretty much ran him OUT OF WRESTLING, not to mention the CSWA. I haven't heard anything since then so do me a favor and bug off Wylde. He isn't coming back.

I wanna be on *your bandwagon*?? Please. I could give a hell less about it, because apparently your "Lushwagon" can't stop breaking down, whenever it enters the valley of WORLD TITLE.

And before you even go there Kev, I could give a rat's left nut about the world title right now, because as far as that belt's concerned, it's more than out of my reach.

Jump on your own bandwagon, and stop and ask directions before you go on a roadtrip.

It just might help.