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08-01-02, 11:50 PM
"I can't believe it." Nathan Cross said to no one in particular. "My first promo for my first match."

Surrounded by lights and cameras and promotional materials for the CSWA, Nathan simply gawked. Here, a 19 year old kid was about to be in front of the camera for the first REAL time. Sure, he did this stuff in wrestling school, but this wasn't play. This was for real, just like his upcoming match in Gainesville.

Kevin Powers and Steve Radder just finished up their "Jeopardy" skit for the pay per view, and they headed off to their respective camps. Steve was lugging the now famous "Eddy Love'board" in behind him while Nathan watched, a smile crossing his face. Now, he was no longer watching these guys on television, or dreaming about what he could in the ring against them. No, now he IS one of them. He is a CSWA Superstar.

"Who'r you?" A balding, thick rimmmed guy asked.

"Nathan Cross. I'm a CSWA wrestler."

"Ya sure?" The guy adjusted his frames, causing his eyes to shrink when no longer behind the bottlecap lens.

"Yeah. I was signed 2 weeks ago. My first match is in Gainesville at On Time." Nathan smiled, the grin that made everyone think he's a bit younger than he already looked.

"If you say so. I guess you're here to cut a promo?"

"Uh-huh." Nathan answered. "What I am thinking is opening it up with my entrance music, and then we'll go to my hometown, shoot some footage of me at my old stomping grounds. Ya know, really give the fans a chance to know the real Nathan Cross."

"OK... here's what I am thinking, you stand over there," Balding, Bottlecap guy said while he pointed at a CSWA banner outlined by lights. "And you talk into that camera." Balding & Bottlecap guy pointed to the front camera.

Nathan bit his lower lip and raised his eyebrows. This is not what he had in mind. He needed the world to want to know him, that was the plan. He had to succeed.

"This only complicates things. I will succeed." Nathan quietly said under his breath.

"You'll need to speak up if you want the camera to hear you." Balding Bottleneck guy stated. "LUNCH!"

With that one word, everyone in the room left. Nathan, wild eyed and confused, waved at Balding Bottleneck guy.

"Hold on... what about my promo?"

"I'll leave the camera on." Balding Bottleneck guy said while he left the room. "Push the red button on the camera to start it, and then..."

Nathan looked around at the room. It held all of the essential video equipment, he assumed, but he knew the room was so empty that the words of his promo would echo. Maybe he could use that for an effect, do a "Let's get ready to RUMBBLLLEEEE" skit. No, that had already been done, or some variation of it.

Nathan walked over to the camera. Push the red button? Don't they say never to push the red button? Isn't that the self-destruct button or something. Nathan thought while he still looked for the button. So, if I push it, will my career be over before it starts?

Nate found the button. "Oh well, here goes nothing." He pushed it, and the dark red and silver CSWA banner appeared on film for the billioneth time, but for the first time with Nathan Cross in front of it.

08-02-02, 12:37 AM
(From snowy static, the red and silver CSWA logo appears on the screen. The logo screams that something is missing, specifically Wicked Sight, or Hornet, or Lawrence Stanley standing in front of it telling the world what they are going to do in their next "battle for the ages". The logo is the only visual, a distant whirring sound the only sound for a few long moments, what people in the radio biz would call "Dead Air". The Dead Air is broken by footsteps and then the visual of someone new.

Nathan Cross walks toward the backdrop, his back to the camera. He does not strut. He does not sulk. He does not flex. He merely walks to the backdrop, his back to the camera. He is wearing jeans & a black jacket with 2 white stripes going down the side. His blonde hair is still wet, dripping every few seconds. He reaches his arm out toward the backdrop and touches the "C".)

NC: Champion. That is the beginning of the CSWA. (Nate turns around to face the camera, a serious look on his face.) While I was playing tiddley winks in my bedroom, Joey Melton grabbed the world's attention by being a ... Champion. A short time later, as the CSWA grew, no one forgot Joey Melton, or what he did in front of a hundred or so people. He had created a legacy that would grow into the conglomerate of midgets and mayhem known as the CSWA. And now I, Nathan Cross, am a part of that legacy.

(Nate smiles with the realization of his own words.)

NC: And just like Joey Melton started by defeating Mark Windham, my legacy has to begin in the ring against Fearless Jones. I'll be honest, Fearless... (Nate stops, looks down, & shakes his head) I don't know much about you. I guess you ran in the CSWA for awhile, and then like so many others, you disappeared for awhile. That's water under the bridge and none of my biz, but it begs the question - are you a "Champion"? I don't mean, are you the CSWA's champion, or have you ever held some alphabet soup title in some rinky dinky promotion. What I mean, Fearless... (Nate stops, looks down, & shakes his head) is whether this industry runs through your blood, your heart beating that blood to keep you entertaining the fans when your head won't stop throbbing? Because, Fearless... (Nate stops, shakes his head) I can't thrill the fans alone, not yet. I'm new to this gig. I didn't waste time anywhere else because THIS is the only place for ... a "Champion". I need another Champion to tie up with. I need another Champion to push me on. I need you, Fearless... (Nate stops, looks down, & shakes his head) to help me leave the Gainesville fans on their feet with a standing ovation after we're done. Goldberg got cheers, sure. He got chants of his name. But he never wowed the people with a TRUE ovation for his WORK. That's what I want... that's what I need... that's what WE have to do.

(Nate stops for a moment. A small bead of sweat begins to form on his brow. He wipes it off, and then continues.)

NC: Am I planning to pin you? Sure, as I'm sure you are doing the same. But more than that, I want to leave people talking about this kid, Nathan Cross and Fearless Jones that tore the house down. Every champion's legacy has to start somewhere. Joey Melton's started against Mark Windham. Mark lost the match that night, but he built a legacy of his own. And THEY built it on work. And that is what makes the CSWA great (Nate gestures to the backdrop). And that is what will make US great.

(Nate walks forward, the lens going slightly out of focus as he walks by it. The camera jiggles from side to side, shaking in that "Blair Witch" sort of way.)

NC (Off-Camera): How'd he say to turn this off?

(THe camera tips over, jarring on the concrete floor before the screen going black.)

NC: (Voice Over): Oh ****, I'm SO gonna job for this."

(Cut to Snow)

Hex Angel
08-02-02, 05:49 PM
You and me are gonna be buddies. <G>

Booher - you'll get yours after I finish the match.

Whoo, it's the weekend!

-Work is tick tocking away

08-04-02, 11:50 PM
OOC - Hey man, you related to Vince Russo? :-).

I am pleased to see that you evidently liked something in the promo. I look forward to building this character up into something in the CSWA.

Hex Angel
08-06-02, 09:49 PM
Yeah. My pop's name is Vince Russo. So is my grandpop.

Neither of them are in the wrestling business but I'm related to TWO Vince Russos. Imagine that. <G>