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08-26-02, 05:21 AM
(The scene opens up and the shot shows 'Good God' Kevin Powers, wearing his 'Love Bites, Ice Melts, but PLR last FOREVER!' T-shirt, looking down at a monitor which recently showed Lance Liezure cutting a promo in regards to Powers promo from earlier. With the cameracrew in the dressing room as well Powers gears up for another promo.)

KP: Man what the F(he's starting up again)K is up with this twit! Thrashing? THRASHING? What? Is he from Britain or something? Thrashing?

CM: I don't know Kevin.

KP: And the drumsticks? The guitars? Okay he's apart of a boy band. Why the F(might be one of those days)K should I care if he's in a F(a long day mind you)IN' boy band.

CM: I don't think that was the message he was trying to pass ...

KP: Oh yeah right? Strummin' his little banjo for all the world to see. Hell, for all I know, he might be a GREAT entertainer in the music business, but in the WRESTLING BUSINESS ... he blows D(might not wanna hear this one)K! (mocking Lance) 'Hi I'm Lance and he's Jessie and we're a pair of BITCHES!'

CM: (laughing) That's pretty good ....

KP: (angry) I don't CARE if YOU think it's good! (shakes his head) Let's just get this over with. You got that camera ready?

(The cameraman reaches for the camera and realizes that it was on for awhile now.)

CM: Um ... yes, but Kevin ...

KP: But what? Let's just do this.

CM: (worried) Okay ....

(The cameraman points to Kevin and he begins.)

KP: Lance, Lance, Lance ... that was pretty good. I have to admit, what you said, it got to me. After you said what you said I sat back and I thought about it for awhile and came to one conclusion ... what the HELL are you babbling about?

Do YOU have the Attention Deficit Disorder? Did I say I didn't care about you? Yes I did. Did I not answer your challenge before because I thought you were a piece of crap? Which, to this very day, I still believe in that? Yes I do. Didn't you come out during MY match at Fish Fund and get INVOLVED in my match? Yes ... you did. So now that you got my COMPLETE AND UTTER ATTENTION ... thus is why I called you out. Congratulations Jessie's girl ... you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish. Now you get a prize ...


Now I know you and your boy pal must giggle like little schoolgirls on the courtyard when you say 'Too Scared' ... I bet you two also subscribe to Tiger Beat magazine too, but that's another story that only your eight year old groupies would understand. Just make sure you understand THIS ... when I get to Orlando it won't be me thinking of Stanley. It won't even be me thinking of GUNS. Instead, it'll be Kevin Powers taking in all the fans praise when they say 'Thank you Kevin ... thank you for beating the LIVING HELL out of Lance Liezure!'

So don't worry Lance, which, oh by the way, I pronounce your name Little Bitch, in Orlando you will get what you seek. Your chance to be in the ring with Kevin Powers. Your chance to fight Kevin Powers. And, most of all, your chance to get your ass handed to you by Kevin Powers because that is EXACTLY what is gonna happen!

Now why don't you go get your snare drum and beat on that until Jessie calms ya down ... little bitch.

(Powers sits there for a second until he makes a motion to the camera to cut the feed and fade out.)

08-26-02, 01:51 PM
**Fade in...

Lance is sitting on a very expensive, leather couch which doesn't appear to be apart of his house. He is wearing only a white bathrobe with his "LL" on the pockets. Sitting next to him is a cute, brown-haired girl. Obviously, Cassie which Jessie mentioned last time. She is also wearing only a white robe with "Angel" on the pockets. Both sitting on the couch with their legs crossed toward each other.**

Cassie: Is something wrong with him?

Lance: He's drunk, dear, don't mind him. He's just a little mad since he knows I'm going to beat him at Orlando. (Lance smiles)

Cassie: Oh I see.

**Lance turns off the T.V. in which Powers' promo was just ending.**

Lance: Escuse me, babe, I'll be right back.

**Lance stands up from the couch and walks into the next room.**

Lance: Right here, guys.

**Lance grabs the camera and pulls it to look directly into his eyes.**

Lance: Well, you answer quick, don'tcha', Kev?! I address you last night and before the morning is over... here you are again. Well, I guess you did hear everything I said last night, and I don't really know of anything else to tell you.

I am glad to hear that you do have your mind on OUR match instead of GUNS, Stanley, or what other guy that could be on your mind... wink wink, nudge nudge...

But I won't go into that. What I WILL go into, though, is some of your comments.

**Lance pulls out the Lars Ulrich drumsticks from a back pocket.**

Now, you must not know your music... and from what I've heard you listen to before... you must have no taste whatsoever. Dean Martin... who is that??

Well, since I have no other things left to say to you... how about I'll make this a war of music... I'll beat your ass at Orlando for Dave Williams... Rest in Peace, and Layne Staley, and Jimi Hendrix. True rock icons... for your...umm... I guess just your icon.

And what's all the talk of boy bands? You must like them too, huh? The pre-made, poppy bull(uh oh... got me started)... I hate it. So if, for you, it's the Backseat Boys or NStink... then that's your deal, buddy. I'll take MetallicA, Flaw, or MegaDeth!

See now this isn't redundant now is it? Unlike your drunken rage binges, I actually have something NEW and INTERESTING to say each time. Although, it may not be quite exactly on the point... it's still interesting and a hell of a lot better than repeating yourself... right, Powers?

'Cause... **Lance mocking Powers AGAIN** "I don't give a squirt of urine about Lance Liezure... he's a loser. He's not worth my time... but I'm a c(bleep)knocker!"


So have your fun getting all "lushed up", Powers... stay "lushed" until you get to Orlando and Primetime then maybe you won't feel the blows to your head quite as bad!

And.. **In an English accent** when you are given the bloody hell of a THRASHING of a lifetime!

Cassie: (From the other room) Babe! What are you doing?? Hurry up and get back here!

Lance: Be right there, babe. (Lance smiles)

And last but not least... just because I want to say it again...

Enjoy your **English accent again** bloody THRASHING!

**Lance rushed off from the camera and out of the room and jumps onto the couch with Cassie as we...

Fade to Black!!!**