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01-03-03, 07:31 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-03-03 AT 05:32 PM (EDT)](Fade in on the confines of Studio 2B, located somewhere within the confines of CSWA HQ. A full crew awaits the arrival of their subject for today. Soon the double-door studio entrance swings open and the sound of fingers fumbling with buttons can be heard for a few seconds until "Outlaw Torn" by Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony begins to play over a very tinny-sounding boombox. After a few moments, a man looking quite similar to Cameron Cruise enters the room but right away it's obvious that something isn't quite right.)

Camera Man: Uh, ain't we here to film a Rob Sampson promo?

Boom Operator: Look at that guy again.

(The intrepid camera man stares intently at "Cameron" and begins to laugh.)

Camera Man: Ohhhh... I get it now! This is gonna be good! Hahaha!

("Cruise" walks over to the boombox and switches it off. He surveys the room for a minute and then begins to speak. By now it is quite obvious that the man is not Cameron Cruise, but is instead Rob Sampson.)

"CC": Everyone be quiet!

(Silence follows save for a few giggles from the camera man.)

"CC": I have something to say and dammit I will be heard! I'm a former Presidential champion. What do I have to prove? Nothing! So, why then, did I challenge Rob Sampson? Or, for that matter, Nate Logan? That's easy: I did it to make a name for myself!

Boom Operator: Um, didn't you just say you have nothing to prove, "Cam"?

"CC": Hey! Do you know who I am?!

Boom Operator: Yeah, you're...

"CC": Silence! I'm Cameron Cruise! I'm a superstar! A winner! A... dare I say it... Show Stopper!

(The camera pans around to show the crew staring at "Cruise" in an unconvinced gaze.)

"CC": No? Just trying it on for size. The point is, I can be all those things and no one, especially not Rob Sampson, can stop me! Hornet screwed me at Anniversary a long time ago! I never lost that belt, even though Apocalypse, Mike Plett, Triple X, Shane Southern and many other have all destroyed me since then! I'm...

("Cruise" stops in mid-sentence. He begins to tear away at his meager disguise until he is fully visible as Rob Sampson.)

RS: You're stupid; plain and simple. If I'm supposed to be impressed with the fact that your mom loaned you back your manhood long enough for you to challenge me, I'm not. Just as in every other federation we've been in together, you're chasing after me like an affection-starved puppy who so badly wants to prove himself to his master. Unlike that puppy, no one's going to stop and pick you up and shower you with affection. I haven't forgotten the times when you so desperately wanted to be near me in EWI and GXW. Your obsession is sickening, but if you want so badly to be put in your place then I'm the man for the job.

I don't have any compassion for you, Cameron. To me, you're just another obstacle that has to be passed, and pass you I will. The one difference between you and any other person I've come across here in the CSWA is that I'm going to derive a great deal of pleasure from dispensing with you. It's been a long time coming and finally that day has come. Even in your home federation, I outshine you. That just eats away at you, doesn't it? Live with it.

You want to be a superstar, Cam? Get in line. Unfortunately for you, the line is long and filled with the names of people who thought they could beat me. Just like you think you can beat me. See ya in Norfolk, pally.

(Fade to black.)

01-05-03, 07:19 PM

That cracks me up Chad.


01-07-03, 09:02 PM
(fadein to Jacksonville, NC, Cruise's home. A tall, slender woman with black shades walks up, hair pulled back into a ponytail, dressed in winter jacket/sweat pants walks into the house, calls out Cruise, who then calls her back to the den. Cruise, dressed in black pants and a dark blue sweater, greets her, with a hug and a kiss as he receives the mail.)

CC: Ain't this sweet? 2002 went out with a bang, and outside of a monster match I had in London, 2003 is starting out fantastic. Chistmas was wonderful, New Years was even better, and to top it all off, I got my fiancee with me for all of it, I can't ask for anything more.

MD: (sighs and takes a deep breath) Then you better look at this (Mercedes produces a video tape from her purse). You remember that challenge to Rob?

CC: Yeah, so?? What about it?

(Mercy motions for him to watch the tape of Sampson's promo, after which Cameron remains quiet for a second.)

CC: Ya know, it's one thing for Nate Logan to mock me. We use to be good pals for a little bit. But Sampson? Figures. Actually, ya know what? I got just the idea. Let's get the camera set up. We're gonna send something right back to "Mr. Main Event".
re-fade (oorp: the first one was not a promo...consider it General RP.), into Cruise' den, where Cruise has since moved over by the fireplace, hand-in-hand with Mercedes Devon. the same clothing, only the shades are off, and Cruise's hair is slicked back)

CC: Rob Sampson. "Mister Main Event". Ya know, day in, and day out I've heard that you called yourself out of self-proclaiming yourself "the best".

The Best. Second to NONE. Leader of the pack, King of the Jungle, blah, blah, BLAH BLAH!!

If that's the case Rob, then why is it Kevin Power's called you back here--oops, darn it if I couldn't have just let it stay in the past but you were here before weren't you? Yes, that's right, you jumped in during the Dark Carnivals' reign. What happened? You dropped the ball.

So, now youre back, trying to relace a real worlds champion, by riding again, the coat-tails of a drunk, and proclaiming yourself the lion.

Do me a favor: Knock it off. I ain't scared of you, and never have been. Come game time, you're either ready or your not. I'll see ya there.

Fade otu

01-09-03, 01:02 AM
{We are confronted with a black screen. The date and time appear on it in white. Slowly the blackness fades to reveal "Cameron Cruise" (it is of course Rob Sampson, once again) sitting in a chair facing the camera.}

"CC": It is with great regret that I must announce my departure from the CSWA. My future is uncertain and I simply must concentrate on other things. Thank you, to the CSWA and all its fans, for believing in me. And, no, I'm not leaving because I'm afraid of Rob Sampson. Good night.

{The scene fades out. A small clock appears on the screen and speeds thru a 30-minute time period. Fade back in, "Cruise" appearing on the screen once again.}

"CC": After much reconsideration, I have decided to stay in the CSWA. Thank you.

{Fade out, and once again the clock appears. This time, a 2-hour time period passes before "Cruise" once again appears on screen.}

"CC": Nope, sorry... I'm back out.

{Blackness once again, with that same clock. After 40 minutes have passed on it, "Cruise" appears on the screen.}

"CC": I'm in. And I'm in to stay, dammit.

{One final time we are treated to the black screen, but this time when it fades, we see Rob Sampson dressed as himself.}

RS: You know, Cam, I was wondering who would be the first to bring up the fact that, yes... I have been in the CSWA before. Bravo to you. You deserve an award of some kind. You know, maybe they can go along with all those awards you won as a kid. I mean, sure, you never won anything, but the kind of schools you attended gave prizes to everyone, right? Of course they did. Everyone's a winner at the Sunshine School for Dumbasses!

Those words you utter, they mean nothing coming from someone like you. You're the Anne Heche of wrestling, Cam. One day you're in, the next you're out. So you're not impressed with me, eh? It's funny, but your actions say the exact opposite. If I'm riding anyone's coattails, what does that mean you are doing? But that's just your way, isn't it? Hitch your name to a star and ride it for all it's worth. I'm glad you aren't scared, Cam, because I don't want to have to chase you when I'm ready to kick your ass. This lion is going to make you his lunch. See ya around, kid.

{Fade out.}