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12-20-04, 01:17 AM
All RP for the #1 Contender for the Women's Title fatal fourway match between CAITLYN DAYMON, WHISPER, KRIST BLUE and CARLEE MARX at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 28th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

12-23-04, 01:42 AM
<I>Open up on a darkened room. There is but a single
source of light, located in what may as well be the
center of the room – the shadows hide everything but a
single space. Filling that space is a young woman,
dressed in a tattered purple top and a black skirt.
She is incredibly childlike, with large eyes and blond
hair cut into a bob that comes down to point at her
chin. An ornate black broach decorates her throat,
with a green emerald flashing at her throat. When she
speaks, her voice is clear, even though she sounds
almost twelve.</I>

<B>MADELINE:</b> Now <I>that</I>…that was intense. I
mean, the flaming tables, the chairshots, the
Singapore canes…It was so…beautiful. It was this
incredible ballet of violence, this amazing theater of
blood and heart…it was amazing. I know for a fact
that the healing is a slow process -- I have seen it
in progress with my dear heart Whisper -- but I also
know that the fire that you could see behind their
eyes is still burning. I know that at least one of
the competitors from the gauntlet is still frothing at
the mouth to take out the rest of roster. There is a
least one competitor whose mission is not complete,
and she has no intention of giving up.

<I>The camera starts zooming in, slowly, closer and
closer to Madeline’s face as she talks.</I>

<B>MADELINE:</b> Carlee Marx and Krist Blue are still
the purveyors of sin and debauchery that they have
always been. They have yet to meet The Light
head-on…they have yet to be shown the error of their
ways. And Caitlyn Daymon is a great warrior, a
tremendous fighter…one that needed the weapons gimmick
to win the match…But all of these women…

<I>She pauses and looks to her left. The camera pans
back a bit, revealing <b>Whisper</b> standing beside
her, her face hidden by shadows and red hair. The
camera to focus more on her.</I>

<B>WHISPER:</b> None of you matter…none of you are important…this isn’t about Krist Blue…or Caitlyn Daymon…this isn’t even about the title…what matters is she who lies ahead…she who waits on the other side of this match…

Karla…you stole that pretty belt you wear…you took from a valiant warrior, a woman who lives her life within the harsh glow of The Light and flourishes…you took…in a moment…everything that she worked for, the entire night…one kick…and the monumental effort that she had put forth became nothing but a buildup…and a let-down…

Your ways have not changed…and so you, Karla Starr, must be faced with a rock…a hard place…you must see…you must LEARN…you must be shown The Light…

Krist Blue does not have it…Carlee Marx does not have it…and while the case can be made for Daymon…she has already failed once in this task, as have I…and so we both must try our hardest to prove worthy here…I must clear this baptism…I must walk out from this cage…and I will face you, head held high…I will take the belt from you, Karla…that is the only way…the only way that you will learn…

You cannot live in the darkness forever…your time…your stolen time…is running out…I am coming for you…these women will not stand in my way…I will cleave through the darkness…I will shatter their vain hopes of wearing the gold…I will show them that their motives are unpure…their power lacking…I will show them that your fate lies not with them…but with me…

I am coming, Karla…no matter what the odds…no matter what is thrown at me…I am coming for you…

<I>Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly
fades into view, stark black against the pure white,
and then fades out again. </I>

12-23-04, 05:40 PM
(Fadein, Karla Starr, dressed in a black "Spaghetti-strap" belly-button shirt and a a red standard lengthed skirt. Signing a couple of clipboards amongst a huge alottment of people rushing back and forth past her, they carry fabrics and boxes of other cloths in what is obviously seen as some kind of Fashion building. She smiles, as she signs another clipboard and adjusts the NEW ERA's Women's title on her shoulder as she looks up to discover the camera in her direction. She nods to an assistant's question, all the while still smiling as she hands over the clipboard and sits down in a comfort chair, crossing her legs proper.)

STARR: Sara you and your little tag-a-long just don't get it do you?? I mean, I've said time and time again that I've been kickin' ass all over this business even before I've set foot in NEW ERA. You keep saying that I haven't changed my ways and that I need to be shown the light, and my "sins"....if that's what you seem to think your losses have been.....will be my undoing, blah, blah, blah.


(Starr temporarily leans forward as her hair falls about her shoulders.)

Have you ever thought that perhaps the one that needs this so-called "Light" the most....is YOU??

I mean, other than the other night when you beat down a poor....disgusting to boot, but poor....defenseless Krist Blue---honey I really don't see a recognizable accomplishment on record yet.

Now you take your accomplishments....all your certified and exquisite awards that "THE LIGHT"....has awarded you....honey, you're really not that much better than Jane Doe or Krist Blue right now.

Hell, honey I'll even wager to say that the gum on my tennis shoe the other morning gave me more trouble than you.

Let's not even mention the fact that according to you....my time away from "THE LIGHT" has been running out....but if that's the case honey.....maybe you need to catch a look at the calendar, sweetie.

According to you honey.....

(Starr stands up and leans around a corner to look through an office window. Flinging hair back....)

I've been running out of time for about almost TWO months now. But seeing as that I've got this gorgeous belt on my shoulder as a new insurance factor.....

I think it's best you keep your mouth shut about me until you even produce HALF a reason for me to consider you a threat.

Because after all....against three other whores like Daymon, Blue and Doe....I'm sure this light will most DEFINATELY carry you the rest of the way....right??

But until then....to borrow part of a phrase from Jean.....I AM your NEW ERA's Women's Champion.

But what I'm sure the light will most definately love to hide from you....is that when I single-handedly beat Caitlyn Daymon and captured what was rightfully mine.....

(Starr looks back at her hands a second, examining them. She smiles once more.)

I didn't even break a nail.