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12-20-04, 01:15 AM
All RP for the First Round #1 Contender's Match for the World Heavyweight Title match between PHANTOM REPUBLICAN and CHAOS at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 28th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

12-22-04, 12:07 PM
Downtown Vancouver during the holiday season. Shoppers bustle by with their bags, going in and out of stores. Businessmen walk down the street casually, on their way to company Christmas parties. And one lone man, dressed in business attire with a Republican Elephant mask on is strolling down the thoroughfare. The camera zooms in on The Phantom Republican.

GOP: Ah, Canada, home of socialized health care and descendents of those damn, dirty Frenchmen and draft dodgers from Vietnam. A veritable hippie paradise if you ask me. Karl Marx would be proud of how his vision for Communism actually works in this wretched hellhole, a pitiful excuse for a country.

It is here that I must start my new quest. Sadly, my quest to overtake and cleanse the medium known as television was derailed at BattleBRAWL, due to Democratic filibustering and betrayal from a man who calls himself Republican but who is only a Libertarian bent on subverting the good name of conservatism to get his agenda of anarchy to become mainstream. Payne, I am not done with you yet.

However, for now, I have a much greater goal. I have a mandate, much like President Bush's mandate to rule this country, I now have a mandate to rule the world... heh, heh... yes, the entire world. I have a mandate to take the NEW Era World Heavyweight Championship and claim it for the Republican Party.

Before I get to put my righteous, God-fearing hands around that freedom-hating frog Rabesque's throat though, it has been deemed that I must prove myself through primary elections. My first foe is Chaos.

Chaos, I have to say that you have begrudgingly earned my respect through your valiant efforts to destroy Rabesque and all he stands for. You fought in a war at BattleBRAWL, there's no other way to put it. The blood, sweat, tears... it was almost as if I saw in you what I see in our brave troops overseas in Iraq around Fallujah.

However, unlike those brave souls, Chaos, they got the job done. You did not. Sadly, Jean Rabesque is still NEW's World Heavyweight Champion. This is unacceptable. You did not get the job done, even with the help of the Communist in hiding, which I must admit, isn't much help at all, but still. You've had crack after crack after crack at Rabesque adn you still haven't reached the objective.

Well Chaos, logic dictates that if one method of getting the job done doesn't work, you must try another. Your time is past. It is now time for the party that gets results to try and get the job done. It is now time for the Republican Party to get its shot to destroy Rabesque. Do you doubt my power and the power of my party, Chaos? The GOP destroyed Al Gore. The GOP destroyed John Kerry, and now, GOP will destroy Jean Rabesque and anyone who gets in his way.

It is unfortunate you must be in my way, unfortunate in the way that John McCain had to be sacrificed in 2000 for George Bush to attain the office. However, these sacrifices must be made. The longer Jean Rabesque is the World Heavyweight Champion, the longer NEW and the entire world has to suffer.

GOP keeps walking, looking into the camera as the scene slowly fades to the logo of the Republican Party

12-26-04, 02:06 AM
(BattleBrawl plays on a projection screen between two NEW banners. On screen Chaos has Rabesque locked in the Python lock and quickly Rabesque begins to fall. The clip the cuts quickly to Chaos being hung from the cage while on the verge of victory. Suddenly Chaos himself burst into scene. His hands are clasped together in extreme anger. A bitter look on his flushed face as he violently squeezes his hands as he watches the footage. He takes a few deep breaths and slowly the color fades from his face. He turns towards the camera)

Chaos: Angry?

(He snickers)

Chaos: Angry is not the word. I mean what the hell were you thinking Doe? Was this your chance for attention? Your cry for help? Your desperate act to get some sort of recognition, because after all you've done NOTHING in the ring to earn any. yet to cost me...YET AGAIN...the NEW Heavyweight Title. First it was Suicide, then Marx and now you. I'm really not sure what kind o place this is anymore. Even a steel cage is not enough for me to get a fair chance at beating Rabesque.

(He shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: But I'm starting to think that the powers that be really are not. that the inmates are running the asylum. That I need to change my game plan. Since this league doesn't seem to have any rules.

(He throws up his hands)

Chaos: Then I'm not going to obey any of them. that it’s time for Chaos to truly reign and I will not...repeat...WILL NOT...be responsible for my actions. I've tried being the nice guy, well no more. I'm not even going to wait for the bell to ring. When I show up to the building for RAUCOUS the rules will not apply and you will see a much different side of me, because to be honest...I simply no longer care. I really don't. I mean the folded before, it's not like they are going to fire me.

(He points his finger towards the camera)

Chaos: Which brings me to you Republican. You know, I don't play politics. I really don't. Where I came from people money is the bottom line and politics is second place. Now I'm not sure what your agenda is...frankly I really don't care. for whatever plans you might have for the future have quickly grounded to a halt. For you see unlike your political allies. When that bell rings, unlike most of the left...I'm going to give you a fight. Worse...I'm going to give you a fight you can't win, not in even the bluest of states. because why you point out I had crack, after crack, after crack at Jean Rabesque...you overlooked the point that was right in front of your face. I EARNED THEM!!!!!!! I took no shortcuts. I didn't hide under a mask. I made no sneak attacks. I unlike any man in this league got in his face and took the fight to him.

(He chuckles)

Chaos: And each and every time I got screwed over. Well no more. Here's what I want you to do Republican. Forget the agenda, your not running fro office. Forget the rederect, nobody really cares...at least I don't. Just do one thing...one thing that might let you walk out of this match in one piece.

(He smiles slightly)

Chaos: I want you to prepare. Prepare you body for TORTURE!!! Prepare your mind for ABUSE!!!!!!!!! Prepare your skills for a FIGHT!!!!! Because if you don't you will get hurt and you will get hurt severely. I don't have anything against you and this isn't something I really want to do. Yet I've been and attained what you can only dream of. I've fought well enough to get your respect and I don't even really want it. But what I do want is my TITLE SHOT BACK!!!!!!!!!

(He steps forward and looks coldly into the camera)

Chaos: I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!!!!!!! Plain and simple truth. NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! I WILL get John Doe...NOTHING HE CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! and when all is said and done.

(He angrily clasps his hands together)

Chaos: I WILL GET MY TITLE SHOT BACK!!!!!!!! and on that night Jean Rebasque...I will get a fair fight and I WILL defeat you. and if by some chance you walk out of there with that belt around your waist and you once again haven't defeated me fairly. Hell then I'll quit the NEW, because by that point.

(He laughs coldly)

Chaos: The NEW Title really won't be worth anything to me or anyone else. Yet your first Republican...you’re the first in line and you'd better Prepare for you last stand. I'm not walking out in defeat again.

(He smiles coldly at the camera, stares at the footage one last time and walks away)


12-29-04, 01:43 PM
We're on the set of Politics Roundtable where we have a panel of all wrestling guests. Representing the independents is Josh Marshall from a Portland area promotion. Representing the Democrats is Fat Dom from a New York based fed, and representing the GOP is The Phantom Republican. The host is Mike MacGregor.

MM: Alright, welcome back to Politics Roundtable with our wrestling panel today. I'd like to pose a question to the entire panel now, why do you think wrestlers, by and large, are conservative? We'll start with The Phantom Republican.

GOP: Well, I think that most wrestlers are conservative because for the most part, we come from working-class backgrounds. People who work for a living, no silver spoons shoved in their mouths. Just look at where most wrestlers come from too. Georgia, North Carolina, Texas... they were all blue states.

FD: Eh, well that'sa where I hafta disagree witha you. The Democratic party has longa been known as the party of the people. We'sa also the party ofa the unions too, teh real workinga class people.

GOP: Oh, that's bunk and you know it. The Democrats are elitists, and the unions exploit hard workers and turn them into lazy slugs. Any hard worker worth his salt doesn't need a corrupt union telling him to take coffee breaks 3 times an hour!

JM: Well, I can see both sides. I mean, unions are there to protect workers, but they've gone wrong somewhere.

GOP: And that somewhere is why the Democratic supported unions are poisoning this country, giving people multiple chances at things they may have earned one chance at, much like my opponent at RAUCOUS this week in the NEW World Title Tournament, Chaos.

MM: Let's not get into personal agen...

FD: Hey no, I'da rathera call this fascist out on his claims for hisa opponent, cuza it's a micarocosm of his political beliefsa.

GOP: Oh fascist, real original. What, did you work for MoveOn.org?

FD: That'sa not importante. What is importante is that you keep on claiminga that thisa Chaos doesn'ta deserve anotehr shot at the Champion evena though he's clearly a good wrestler...

GOP: I'm not doubting that he's a good wrestler you fat, Democratic slob, but he's a good wrestler who couldn't get the job done in multiple times against the Champion, the disdainful, anti-American frog Jean Rabesque, whom I think might be a card carrying Communist, but don't quote me. What I'm saying is that Chaos should step aside and let a more viable candidate take a shot at Rabesque. If he won't step aside, I will make him step aside with my awesome Republican force and arsenal. MOAB, Star Wars, Stealth Bombers...

JM: There you go, using the Republican motto of force, force and more force. Can't you see that maybe negotiations would be better?

GOP: Are you insane? There are no such things as negotiations in the wrestling ring. Chaos is a hostile force and needs to be taken down! He's a bigger threat to the cause of toppling the odious Rabesque than Osama bin Laden is to the freedom and liberty of Americans everywhere! As long as Chaos challenges Rabesque, it means that Rabesque will remain Champion for that amount of time. That is unacceptable.

FD: I don'ta see what'sa so wrong about that. Rabesque is a stronga worker.

GOP: A strong worker whose efforts go to subverting the youth of America into hating the country that provides them with education, freedom and a chance to succeed. That's why I must win against Chaos, in the tournament finals and against Rabesque at the next NEW pay-per-view event.

MM: Alright, that's all the time we have today on Politics Roundtable. Join us next week when our guests will be Roderick McRatrick and the three women who claim that he impregnated them.

Fade to the PR logo.

12-29-04, 04:06 PM
(Footsteps can be heard in an echo of an empty arena as they step upon an NEW logo. The camera pans up to see the tall figure of Chaos standing in the ring. He looks around at the empty seats of the Pacific Coliseum and imagines the thousands of cheering fans that will soon fill it too the rafters. He takes a few steps towards the camera and leans forward placing his powerful arms upon the top-rope)

Chaos: You know I stated my case. I made it clear that things would have to be different. That the NEW required me to be a different man. To change my tactics in AND out of the ring. I stated my case...and I made it clear. Yet my opponent well he doesn't even state his own case very well. I asked...nearly pleaded for him to do one thing. That was to PREPARE!!!!!!! To prepare for the fight of his life...yet what does he do. He plays the good politician.

(He shakes his head)

Chaos: There you are...shooting your mouth off and making an ass out of yourself on TV. Since when are Georgia, North Carolina and Texas Blue States? Or like your party leader you just can't state your case clearly or you jumbled your words? Hell if we weren't in Canada I'd tell you to try it all over again in Spanish. Maybe then you'd get your story right. Hell try it in French, maybe part of Quebec will listen.

(He shakes a finger scoldingly at the camera)

Chaos: Yet in your desperate attempt to reach the people, to state your case and to get your point across well you've committed the most foolish act a politician can fall for. You think that if you just keep stating the talking points you can cover up the facts. That's much like John Kerry if you stay on message, ignore what people are telling you and keep spouting the propaganda that eventually the people will listen...now matter how weak your argument is. There's just one fact your over looking.

(He pounds a large fist upon his chest)

Chaos: Your overlooking me. Don't tell a bunch of panelist WHY you should get a shot at Rabesque? TELL ME!!!!!!!! ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!!!!! Just how are you going to stop me. Why should I fear you?, Why should I worry? What in the end will be my downfall? All I'm getting is talk and false hope. Your becoming your own Howard Dean, and speaking to only the weakest part of your party...the people

(He points down at the ring)

Chaos: Because when that bell rings THEY won't help you. No good speech will help you. No the only thing that will help you is what a politician fears the most...action. Because when your forced to act...well your now committed to something you can be held responsible for. That's should be your biggest fear. Yet I've made it PERFECTLY clear.

(He stares coldly into the camera)

Chaos: I'll no longer be responsible for my actions. NO...I tried to be the good guy. I tried to play by the rules. All that got me was screwed over in the ring. That's not going to happen again. You can go on whatever show you want...tell whoever will listen anything you PLAN on doing. Yet your AGAIN ignoring the most basic fact

(He again points down at the ring)

Chaos: This is my platform. I believe in holds and escapes. I believe in suplexes and powerbombs. I believe in blood and violence. I believe in the almightiness power in wrestling...the power of THREE!!!!!!!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!!!!!!!! Because at the end of the night it's really all the matters. Yet I have an even higher power then that which I hold upon you Republican. I wield the power of submission. THE PYTHON-LOCK!!!!!!!!! The one thing that will squeeze the red out of your face and turn it blue. I ended the career of Nitemare. Jean Rabesque needed someone to save it from it...not once, but TWICE!!!!!!!!!

(He flashes a curious smile at the camera)

Chaos: Tell ME...not whoever will listen...what are you going to do to stop it? Cut the talking points, cut the speeches and get some facts. For the biggest one you can't deny will be standing in the ring across from you when the bell rings

(The smile fades from his face)

Chaos: And Republican...all the talk in the world won't save you then. Hell you think that MOAB will save you?, not a chance...

(He let's loose a loud laugh, turns his back and walks away)


12-30-04, 09:24 PM
On the set of Politics Roundtable, GOP is facing a sole live camera as the rest of the set is being deconstructed.

GOP: I won't take much of your time, as my opponent only requires an answer to a single question: how is it do I plan on winning this match?

Well Chaos, didn't you listen to me on the Roundtable show? I clearly don't think you did, seeing I laid it out for you, plain as day. MOAB, Star Wars, Stealth Bombers... my impressive arsenal, along with superior strategy, that's how I plan on taking you out in the Socialist Paradise.

You, however, were too busy asking why the states I mentioned were blue states... because they had more Republican votes than Democratic votes is the answer by the way, my misinformed and maleducated fiend. You were also too busy screaming and yelling about how you earned your way and about how it's your time to beat on Rabesque.

Well, let me put it to you this way, Mr. Chaos. You earned your way, but you have since squandered it. Your time to beat Rabesque is passed. You couldn't put him away when it mattered before. What makes you think you can do it now? The fact that you're angrier than I am? Or that you can scream and slobber more than I can?

You are indeed foolish to believe these things. For the MOAB will both save me and bury you.

I still give you your choice. You can step down and realize that you are impotent when faced with the challenge of defending our nation, the world and New Era of Wrestling against its most heinous threat, or I can forcefully make you step down.

The choice is yours.

Fade to the Republican Party logo

12-30-04, 11:24 PM
(The camera opens upon a smiling Chaos standing before a NEW backdrop. He cracks his knuckles loudly as the words of Republican are still fresh in his mind. He chuckles slightly att he unpleasant thought and his smile slowly fades. he takes a step forward)

Chaos: Tisk...tisk...tisk. I think you protest too much. See you claim I didn't listen, but here another fact. As I so clearly pointed out earlier when a person such as yourself get presented with facts you think you can stick tot he same old line. It's the same old story from you. I've had my chance...I've earned my chance. I've taken my chance. why now should I step aside. when I've got close so many times, why should I quit now? Yet here's a better question for you?

(His face widens to a grin)

Chaos: What have you ever attained. What have you ever earned. You have told me your going to defeat me. You've simply asked time and time again fro me to step aside, but why? For you? What have you ever earned? What have you ever proved? I've shown I can get in the ring and handle Jean Rabesque. What have you ever proven to anyone, much less me. What gives you such a much better chance of beating him them me? Oh wait...I know...

(He snuffs hard and spits)

Chaos: The MOAB!!! Is that your dirty little secret? you one little move that gives you the edge over everyone else?

(He spits again)

Chaos: That's what I think of your big move. See it's you that wasn't listening. Clearly stated that that mOAB would not help you. It's a move so obvious, so easy to spot that you don't have a chance of getting that on Rabesque, much less me. ah, but the Python-Lock, that's the true devil in disguise and soon to be your downfall. See I don't have to weaken you. I don't have to pick you of the ground. Hell I don't even need to catch you off guard. I can place that move on a nearly anytime during a match. Standing, laying down, running away...if I can et my hands on you...then I can apply the Python-Lock.

(He chuckles softly)

Chaos: I find you and your MOAB...an absolute joke. Another weapon of mass destruction that won't be found, For you fail to know the most clear and decisive way to win a war. It's not dropping big bombs and hoping you hit something. It's about getting inside, finding your target, being surgical and taking out your objective.

(He takes a few steps forward and his eyes narrow)

Chaos: You want me to make a choice.

(He shakes his head in disagreement)

Chaos: Sorry pal, my mind was made up when the contract was signed. Your demise as been in dry ink for over a week. There is no choice to make. Hell it was made fro you when you made the stupid mistake of accepting the match.

(He chuckles again)

Chaos: And you'll make an even bigger one when you walk down to that ring again.