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12-20-04, 01:14 AM
All RP for the First Round #1 Contender's Match for the Television Title match between JASON PAYNE and JAY at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 28th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

Jason Payne
12-26-04, 01:48 AM
FADE-IN on the interior of the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy, the haunt of the Dog of War, Jason Payne. The walls of the place have not changed in the last few weeks. Still covered in dust and cobwebs from years of neglect. The chairs surrounding the ring though are new and vibrant, just as they were the last time. The old worn out ring though has been replaced with a new one. A blue mat stretched across a newly built steel frame. White posts jut up from each corner like monoliths to some ancient god. Blue, white, and red ropes, from top to the bottom are stretched around the ring. Matching turnbuckle covers intersect the ropes at each of the four corners. The camera pans around the ring showing off details. A newly manufactured apron hangs from the sides of the ring. The old Basham-Schultz logo emblazoned across the middle. Footfalls are heard in the background. CUT-TO the entranceway where many an unknown wrestler entered the arena back in the "good old days". The hulking figure filling the entranceway now though was far from unknown. In fact, his unmistakenable face was one of crystal clear familiarity. The hard, determined, almost vengeful face of Jason Payne stared into the camera as he slowly walked towards the ring.

Payne - "Last week, I stepped into a ring with 18 other men, in the hopes of becoming the NEW Television Champion. And to the surprise of most of the so-called "experts" in this business, I almost walked out with it. I was only outdone by the tenacity of a determined rival, and the insane genius of the mentally unstable. Not bad when you come to think of the fact that I have been beaten by a lot worse. "

CUT-TO a shot from Payne's rigt side, as he turns and walks along the edge of the brand new ring. his face not changing from the determined facade in the previous shot.

Payne - "But even as these few seconds of time will soon fall to the past, so has the BattleBrawl. Now is the time to look ahead, to the next opponent. I guess I must have made an impression up in the office, since they are offering me a spot in their little tournament to crown a new #1 contender for the Television Title. In all honesty, this doesn't surprise me. Something like this was bound and determined to happen sooner than later. And who do they pair me with. The incomparable Jay."

Payne stops at one of the corners to the ring, and takes a minute to look out over the empty arena, as if in his mind, he can see the place filled to the brim with excited fans screaming and cheering for him as he makes his way to the ring. Turning to face the camera, his eyes focus once again on the matter at hand.

Payne - "Jay. Your name is not unknownst to me. I have seen you in action before, and I am pleased that I have the honor of doing battle with you. Though our paths did not cross during the Battle Royal, fate has put you in a most interesting position. In any other situation, you and me might almost see eye to eye on alot of things. But we have been placed in a situation where we must put aside whatever common thoughts and ideas we might have. I think that the one common idea that we can let linger, is our common desire to get the Television Title away from that mockery of pro wrestling, MWG."

Payne turns from the camera, and in one quick move, hops into the ring. Climbing to the second rope, he looks out over the empty seats of the arena. CUT-TO a shot sweeping across the arena with Payne centered as he looks out over the empty seats. The camera sweeps around so that it is in front of Payne and slowly zooming in on him.

Payne - "So since we got that out of the way, allow me to let you in on something. Just like in the BattleBrawl, I will do anything to make sure that it's me who is standing on top when the smoke clears from this ring. I've been around long enough to see alot of things, and to learn alot of things. And I know that you have been around the block quite a few times yourself. The question is, what is it gonna be that one of us brings to this thing that puts them over the top. Fact is Jay, I'm a shooting star, on my way up. A speeding train hell bent on getting to where I need to be. If I were you Jay, I'd get off the tracks while there is still time. If you step into this ring Jay, you're entering my world. My town. This...is Payneville Jay. And those that walk in, seldom ever walk out."

CLOSE-UP on Payne's face.

Payne - "Bring what you can to this match Jay. Sad to say, it's not going to be enough to keep me from tearing you apart."