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12-20-04, 01:13 AM
All RP for the match between JACK DURDEN and TREVOR CANE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, December 28th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

12-26-04, 03:23 AM
(Posted for Trev because he doesn't remember his password nor does he remember the email he used to register.)


{the camera fades into the lockerroom of raucous just a few days before the event is to take place. there are boxes all over the place. from behind a stack of boxes "the messenger" trevor cane steps out, his eyes downcast and his hair hanging in his face. he comes in front of the boxes and stops, looking back at the spot he was just in, and finally, at the camera.}

the messenger

"there comes a time in every man's life where he must accept the path that god has laid out for him. when i was a young man i often looked out of my windows and saw typical suburbia. sprawing lands, picket fences, mothers and fathers with their 2.5 kids. but one day i made the mistake of taking a right onto mooretown avenue, and headed into the desolate inner city where i saw the true world. the beggers, the hookers, the drug addicts. i was shocked. i had seen scenarios such as this on television, but never, and i mean, never in real life. my parents didn't talk about the poverty that was striking so close to our neighborhood; they sheltered me in private schools and in the confines of our section of the city. but it was after i was guided into the inner city that i found my calling. i would give up the life of luxury that my parents had given me, and i would try to open the eyes of the rest of the world to the disgrace that they had been living in. but this, this is not the path that i was supposed to go down. i see it now. it is all so clear to me after the problems i have encountered here in new era of wrestling."

{cane steps forwards and looks into the camera. we see that his eyes are bloodshot and that his hair is quite greasy.}

the messenger

"battle brawl helped steer me back on the right path. i am not here to show everyone the pain and suffering that these people in the inner cities feel. no. i must make them feel that pain. seeing is not believing. seeing does nothing. my parents saw the suffering that these people go through. especially during this time of year where single mothers cannot afford to buy gas for their 1980's cars nevermind gifts for their children. my parents saw this, and instead of enlightening me on what needs to be done to help, they shacked them away from me; pretended they didn't exist. i was 15 when i saw the pain. i was 15 when i felt for these people. and as soon as i was able to legally, i left my life of privilege. to help. and now, nine years later, i see that i have accomplished little. showing has done nothing. so it is at raucous, against jack durden, that i will begin to make people feel. feel the pain. feel the suffering. feel life slipping through their grips while there's nothing they can do."

{trevor cane steps back and lowers his head again. he lowers his arms to his side and drops to his knees.}

the messenger

"durden. your silence speaks louder than anything you've done in that ring. but the sound of your screaming when we're in the ring on raucous, when you become my guinea pig, will speak volumes to the world. you {he pauses and looks up at the ceiling} will see the light."

{the camera slowly fades out as "the messenger" continues to look up at the ceiling until black.}