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The Great Eye
12-03-04, 03:25 AM
(FADEIN: A Montage of shots showing CASEY,CADANCE, and SHANE. The words "Big Brother" appear on the screen. Then followed by shots of SIRI and, MARC. Which are quickly followed by shots of RUSSELL, and DAN. CUTTO: The graphic "Big Brother" on the screen.)

(FADEIN: CASEY, DAN, and SHANE standing in front of the remaining 4 houseguests.)

CASEY: "OK, it's time for the Veto Challenge, and I pick Russell for my partner."

(RUSSELL stands up next to CASEY.)

DAN: "I'll pick Marc"

(MARC stands next to DAN)

SHANE: "I'll take Cadence."

(CADENCE stands next to SHANE.)

(CUTTO: CASEY going out back and seeing a giant machine, with every players name on a wall, and a TV screen, he reads a note.)

"This is the morphatron 2,000, you will see three houseguests faces combined, you must name the three people, there are 6 faces in all, person with the fastest time wins."

(CASEY Starts, first with a mix of HOLLY, CHRIS, and FELICIA. Then DAN, CADENCE, CASEY, then JOHN, MARC, RUSSELL, then SIRI, CAITLYN, and SHANE. The last two are morphs of CHRIS, SIRI, and MARC. Finally CAITLYN, DAN, HOLLY.)

(CUTTO: The other contestants working out the puzzle as well.)

(CUTTO: CASEY revealing the times for the 6 people playing for Veto, and DAN wins by 25 seconds over RUSSELL!)

(CUTTO: CASEY talking to CADENCE.)

CASEY: "With Dan winning the Veto, I'm most likely going to have to put you up."

CADENCE: "Why me?"

CASEY: "Cause I figure you won't be evicted, anyone else it's a risk, we got the votes to keep you in the game, Shane will go."

CADENCE: "You're sure?"

CASEY: "Sure as I can be."

CADENCE: "Fine, just remember, I go here, don't expect my vote on the jury."

CASEY: "Understood."

(CUTTO: The Veto Ceremony. DAN wearing the golden Veto symbol around his neck.)

DAN: "OK everyone, Veto time, and well, Shane, you're my brother, but right now, I have to look out for myself, so I am in fact using the Veto, and using it on myself."

CASEY: "Very well, then I'm forced to nominated Cadence."

(CADENCE replaces DAN on the Green Couch of Doom.)

DAN: "So with that the Veto Ceremony is over."

(CUTTO: CADENCE and SHANE having a hug as the rest of the house leaves the living room.)

ANNOUNCER V/O: "Shane and Cadence face the vote, will Casey be true to his word, is Shane going home? Or will Cadence be the next member of the jury? And the all important Head Of Household contest will decide who will be assured a pass to the final 5. Who will be evicted, who will win HoH, tune in next time on Big Brother!"