View Full Version : Dark Ninja is back BABAY

11-23-04, 12:06 PM
Dark Ninja is back babay. Former fw member from the UEW and several other feds. On this fw. is back after two years of retirement. Im not sure which fed im going to join. Ill be looking through rps and boards and such to see which fits me the best. Also coming along for the ride will be ninja's tag partner Psycho. If all goes well i hope to jumpstart my efedding career again which began way back in 1997 if not youll probaly not hear from me again. hope to be facing some of FW's best in the near future.

12-16-04, 05:31 PM
Come to WTF (http://www.wtf.thewrestleproject.com)!

You'd be great there. It's a slow start for us right now, however, we're trying. E-Fedders are a dying breed.