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11-22-04, 04:53 PM
(CUEUP: "Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the War drums" by a Perfect Circle...)
(FADEIN: A big ole red and black banner backdrop bearing the misshapen X logo from the last add. The so called sigil of Felix Red. There's a podium in front, Red sits on top of it Indian style in a T-shirt reading "F*ck consensus reality" without the "*," black dickies, and a pair of the Bono sunglasses he wore all the time back when he was an Edge rip off. Sneering maliciously, dragging off a black clove cigarette, hair wildly strewn about his head...He pulls a small slip of paper out of his pocket and shows it to the camera. On the paper there's another symbol that kinda looks like the letters, "D," "M," "N," "D," "S," "W," "L," "F," and "L," mixed together...He
presses the edge of the paper against the tip of his cigarette, watches it burn for a second, tosses it aside, takes a drag, and starts talking...)

"the boy who destroyed the world"

Well there's that....Anarky and myself dominate in what turned into a four on three handicap match...with the extra obstacle of John Doe's tainted assistance, making it essentially five versus two and we are still denied our proper compensation...why?...Partisan bias. Chris Wink putting politics in front of wise policy making. Bending over for the fickle will of the masses. This is the exact kind of thing I will purge from the WFW of once elected president.

The beauty of fascist totalitarianism is it makes it so there's really no such thing as politics. After my will becomes law, there wont be such a thing as Chris Wink anymore either.

I feel semi-obligated to respond to recent attack adds aired by a private organization masquerading as a grassroots movement, which is actually just some idiot Edmunds put up to embarrassing themselves on his behalf....Yes. I've taken LSD. Many times. Duh. I've made mention of it quite a bit. It's mostly for shock value, but the kids love it when you talk about drugs, so why not, right?

I've also taken DMT, ecstasy, Ketamine, cocaine, Crack, crystal methamphetamine, Angel Dust, psilocybin, hashish, salvia, peyote, mescaline, adrenochrome, ether, no doz, aspirin, pixie sticks, heroine, white out, whip its, novacane, morphine, Oxycodone, Dramamine, Oxycontin, Adderall, Ritalin, and dozens upon dozens of alchemical compounds designed to make you laugh and make you numb and make you part of something which you would
otherwise not be...At least 17 other kinds of drugs I doubt 95% of the television audience has even heard of. I even smoked pot one time...

But I knew this world was a waking dream well before any of this. They say if you can try to remember your dreams upon waking, you'll eventually learn to control every aspect of everything that happens to you in your dream. LSD and Robitussin show us how this works both ways.

And what does this have to do with my ascendance to the WFW throne, you ask?

Well I said everything Edmunds said that I said. But does it strike anyone else as a bad idea to build a case for yourself on the testimony of a well documented and admitted liar?...

Of course, it's nice that Sean Edmunds can turn into Chris Candido when he wants to. I used to wear masks too. This is only scratching the surface of what is possible. The walls separating the conscious and the unconscious can be more than cracked. They can be bulldozed over, and the world can be remade into a place when men fight like characters in japanime cartoons...Edmunds dresses and assumes the mannerisms he wants. I am anything I want, and I can do anything I want, and we are all collectively experiencing the next phase of my evolution. Soon, which is now, which is what has already been, everyone else will also be and do whatever I want...

To you, the voters, I don't imagine being my slave sounds wonderfully appealing. But these are difficult times, and we must all make difficult choices. In this particular instance, it is the choice to be strong and
efficient or to be weak and useless.

For example, Does it strike anyone else as a bad idea to enlist a retard to be your spin doctor?...

Does it strike anyone else as a bad idea to work out a laissez-faire defense policy against a faction of militants dedicated to total dominance and obliteration of your cherished way of life? Cutting deals with these people? Assuming if he left them alone they'd leave him alone, and deciding that was enough?

Sean Edmunds doesn't care about you. He hasn't done anything but what LOVE's told him to do. He's always been terrified of us. Regardless of who or what we exploited or desecrated for our own ends, he never lifted a finger against us. Instead he focused his agenda on Copycat, who probably could have been trusted to f*ck himself over without any help from the administration...

Sean Edmunds is too eager to compromise to protect you from anything. Especially us. If he remains president, the liars oppressors and violence experiment will eventually unmake the WFW. The battles will be long and
the loss of life will be great. If I am elected president, the WFW itself will become a sort of metaphor fifth member...And as long as you all stay asleep and go about your usual business and do exactly what we tell you, you'll still have a place to work and be able to breath without having tubes inserted in your neck.

The choice you have all been given is one between death and slavery. There really is no right or wrong choice, because there is no such thing as right and wrong.

But there is such a thing as basic, tribal, survival instinct. And that's why I'm going to be your next president.