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10-28-04, 03:27 PM
Story RP. None of these events occur on camera, naturally.

(As she stood before the bathroom mirror inspecting the wound on her right cheek, the phone rang. She let it go through the full five rings, not wanting to talk to anybody. Not on a night like this, after all. The answering machine quickly picked it up, and she could hear her own voice speaking in the hallway. It was the prerecorded message.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Hello. You’ve reached the Daymon residence. Rocko and I aren’t available right now, but if you leave us a message, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


(Promptly following this was the beep. The voice that followed was that of her husband’s.)

Rocko Daymon
Hey kid, it’s, uhh… me.

I was just calling to tell you I made it here in one piece, and I’ve already met up with Zack and Elena, so I’m pretty much taken care of. No worries.

(At the sound of his voice, her eyes lowered from the mirror. She could noticeably feel her heart rate slow into a peaceful lull.)

Rocko Daymon
I don’t really have an estimate as to when I’ll be back as of yet, but I’m guessing five to six days. It depends on how things go.

Anywho, I, uhh… I saw what went on at Raucous a little bit ago, and, uhh… well, I just want you to know that while I can’t be there for you, I know what you’re going through.

(Slowly, she pushed herself from the mirror and left the small bathroom at the end of the hall, coming a few steps closer to the end-table near the front door of the house she shared with her husband and son, where the phone and answering machine rested. In the darkened light, all she could clearly make was the red dot of light of the speaker.)

Rocko Daymon
I happens, kiddo… and it’s happened to me one time too many.

(A silence filled the line as the man on the other end struggles for something else to say.)

Rocko Daymon
God, I really wish I could be there right now, helping you through what you must be feeling… the same way you were there for me when I went through the same thing…

(Another moment of silence passed, this time shorter than the previous.)

Rocko Daymon
But like I said, I’ll be back in less than a week. It’s my promise, to you and Kin. Be sure to tell him that his father says hello.

…I’ll talk to you later, kiddo.

(There was a click as the speaker hung up. As easy as that, Caitlyn’s trance over the phone seemed to break. She immediately shook her head, wincing slightly from the pain in her right cheek.)

Caitlyn Daymon
There are some things that people have to go through by themselves in order to grow stronger, Rock…

That’s just what I have to do.

(Her feelings of loneliness, of course, were overbearing. An hour ago, she had arrived home, dismissing her older brother of the babysitting duties, and making a false lie to her four-year-old son as to the reason why there was a bandage on the side of her face. She supposed that as he got older and told these things, people would suspect domestic abuse.)

(But what else could she tell him? “A friend of Mommy’s accidentally kicked her in the face?” Still, she felt her excuse was somewhat better than the overly clichéd falling down the stairs. Her brother Kyle, of course, wisely said nothing about it when she stepped through the door an hour ago, and kept his mouth shut until he left a moment ago.)

(Caitlyn went back to the bathroom, the only lit room in the house, and found her place before the medicine cabinet again. She had peeled the bandage aside, along with a layer of skin, to see the results of the healing process. She was surprised to see it was in the process of healing. Now she wondered how bad of a scar it would leave.)

Caitlyn Daymon
**** you, Karla…

(It just came out, unexpectedly. Caitlyn’s own brown eyes blinked back into her own as she realized this. Was any of this possible? Had the hatred she frequently saw within her husband’s spirit finally find a place to burn within her own? It seemed ridiculous to think about…)

(…and yet, so appropriate. So right, in all that she had been feeling. She wanted to feel hate… and most of all, to gain revenge.)

(She suddenly found herself shaking her head at this thought.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Nah, kiddo… you’ll only worry yourself to death.

(A chill ran down her spine as she heard these words come from her own mouth. They sounded so much like her husband’s. She suddenly felt the desire to be with Rocko, to be held close within his gentle, scarred arms, where she could forget about Karla Starr, Mercedes Devon, Krist Blue, Jane Doe, NEW, the Women’s Title, and all of her problems. The very mental picture was so tempting…)

(And then she stopped herself from thinking of it anymore.)

I’m going to overcome this. I’m going to do it on my own… to show these people that I can be strong. I want to PROVE this…

(And she would.)

(She would taste vengeance.)

(No matter what it took, Karla Starr would pay for humiliating her.)

(Could it happen in the ring? Of course, that would be the easy way of handling it. Caitlyn could simply hit the gym a few extra times during the week to put herself into peak condition. And maybe, if she was determined enough… just maybe…)

(Again, she found herself shaking her head.)

Caitlyn Daymon
No… pointless.

(True. It was nothing more than a tag match. There was nothing to gain from beating the team of Karla Starr and Krist Blue—there were too many distractions involved. Distractions led to excuses, and that led to nothing but a big heaping waste of time.)

(On the other hand, if she did something beyond the boundaries of the ring… something risky, but so entirely effective, everybody would be stunned—Karla Starr, most of all.)

(And that was exactly what Caitlyn wanted; for Karla to be angry. Enraged, even. That would put the ***** into the palm of her hand.)

(A smile formed on Caitlyn’s face as she began to devise a plan, remembering that Kyle kept a few belongings of their grandfather’s as memoirs. Particularly, she thought of the shaving kit.)

(Caitlyn slept that night, tearless.)

"Battle is she."
--Troy Sanders, from "Hearts Alive", by Mastodon