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10-27-04, 03:52 AM
All RP for the MAIN EVENT between EL ARCO IRIS and EM DUBBYA GEE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Sunday, October 31st. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

10-29-04, 02:55 AM
(CUEUP: "Joke" by Mindless Self Indulgence...)
(Real World style hot tub scene. MWG and Krist Blue are chilling out. Krist is naked again, always waist deep in the water, titties blurred out, two bottles of cheap wine duct taped to her respective hands. MWG is in a baby blue Speedo suit, with a pink feather boa that's probably going to get all f*cked up from the chlorine, and silver sparkly eyeliner...Krist stumbles around giggling, MWG is brooding and chain smoking...Aleister Crowley appears to be sitting on a beach chair nearby, overseeing the situation, occasionally nodding thoughtfully.)

EM DUBBYA GEE: Okay seriously...forget the sex and drugs for two minutes...

BLUE: F*ck you.

EM DUBBYA GEE: No, seriously, what the f*ck? WE'RE the heels!! We're the ones who are supposed to be screwing OTHER people, not the other way around..

BLUE: Well it's kind of a two way street, isn't it? Like...well, maybe not as much so with you, but I can't screw anyone without them screwing me back, y'know?...

EM DUBBYA GEE: Look, this is like...the third time I've been gypped out of the TV title. I beat Suicide. Then I get put in a stupid three way match. My title shot was a three way match!! That's so totally unfair!!

BLUE: Complaining about a three way with two guys, eh? and you call yourself a fag.

MWG: Yuh, Wha-eva, 'n then I kill Ally Hayze, right? Like I so totally killed him SO dead. 'N then what's his name who was champion vanishes. Why? Cuz he was afraid I was gonna kill HIM to! So I should be like, champion by default, right? But noooooo....That wouldn't be "competitive" or something. And now what? A battle royal?!?! A f*cking BATTLE ROYAL?!?!

BLUE: But you're ummm...

MWG: Yeah, the last one to enter the ring. Didn't you watch ANY of the old Royal Rumbles? The last guy who comes out ALWAYS loses somehow!! And I just know the same things going to happen to me, and it's SO upsetting. I'M A STAR!! I'M THE BIGGEST STAR, like...ever. The chick in the suit and the sleazy guy should have gift wrapped the title, delivered it to me personally with a strip-tease-o-gram, then surrendered their bodies to me in exchange for grace of MY celebrity elevating their second tier title...

BLUE: (stares blankly)...What the f*ck are you talking about?

MWG: Honey, I beat Maelstrom. I beat Jean Rabesque. I was on the Real World. I was the GLCW/MTV most unorthodox wrestler of the year. Chaos, friggin' CHAOS gets a world title push, and I get this sh*t?!?! I swear t'god, NEW sucks. It totally sucks.

BLUE: Yeah, but aren't you fighting like...the um...rainbow Mexican guy on the next show?

MWG: (sigh) I guess.

BLUE: Well, he's like um...y'know. Famous 'n stuff. Isn't he um...fighting Manson or something?

MWG: Yeah, and he made your ex-boyfriend look like a total ***** on the last WFW show.

BLUE: heh heh heh heh. yeah. he did. that was cool.

MWG: And you! With the thing, and the two other chicks, and the...what the f*ck WAS that supposed to be? A heel turn? A face turn? I don't get it. Why'd she help your opponent then attack her for no reason?..

BLUE: You mean me?

MWG: No, there were FOUR chicks. You and another three. One you were fighting. I can't figure out what the other two were trying to do. And now you're tagging with one of them.

BLUE: Yeah...God, what's her name? She was kind of cute...

MWG: She attacked you for no reason and cost you the match.

BLUE: Yeah but, y'know, she's a member of DREDD, right? And I used to be a member of LOVE. And DREDD and LOVE are like...y'know, the same thing, right? So we can be like, friends, and snuggle. heh. Eskimo kisses and sweet nothings. yum...

MWG: From what I understand, no. LOVE and DREDD aren't connected in anyway.

BLUE: Drag...hey, can I have a cigarette?

MWG: Sure thing. (MWG has to place the cigarette in Krist's mouth and light it, cuz y'know, she's Edward Wine bottle hands...) S'like...f*Ck, what was the point I was trying to make a second ago?

BLUE: Um, something about you being a stupid c*ck sucking faggot? hee hee hee.

MWG: Suck out my farts, Kristina...Oh, right. My point was I absolutely refuse to be treated like anything except like the pro wresting and Hollywood royalty that I am. So we're gonna havta start, y'know, like, um...doing something. Hey Aleister Crowley! What do YOU think we should do?!?!?!

CROWLEY: As thou wilt.

MWG: Yeah, but what's that?

CROWLEY: Well, I would advise that all three of us bang each other, then I'll tell you what to do after that.

MWG: Mkay. Sounds super. Hey wait, aren't you dead?

("Joke" is over by this point, so the background music cuts to "Somebody told me" by the Killers.)
CUTTO: Following morning. MWG's still up, the sun is shining, and he's sitting on a pink flamingo lawn decoration, wearing neon green brief underpants, same eyeliner, black lipstick, and a tight bellyless orange T-shirt which reads "Voting kills kittens.")

"the hardcore legend"
"The American Idol"
"The IT Boy"

Iris, I know you're out there somewhere watching me, cuz you like watching, I'm so sure. And I know you probably think you're hot sh*t cuz you'll be one of those people who can say they almost beat Mike Manson by the time our time together comes. And I know you're not a fighter, you're a lover. I know you'd like to hug and kiss me, kitten. And that makes me happy, cuz I wanna hug and kiss you to...

Where things could get a little confusing, is unlike you, I like it kinky. I simply am not a tender or gentle sort of fellow. Remember in the seventh grade, when they said, your first time, it hurts a little? They lied. It's gonna hurt a TON.

See, we're pretty much the same, you and I. We both looooove t'be happy. It's only difference is you get happiness from, y'know, making the world a better place 'n children smiling. I'm actually not aloud to be within 25 feet of any child at any time, but that doesn't mean anything to me. Because what makes me happy is what makes me happy, and if it makes other people sad, they can suck my dick. I get that it will make you happy when I let you tombstone piledrive me. It might not make you happy when I kill the crap out
of you. But them's the breaks, shnooks...

See hun, I'm not like the other girls, not some doe eyed cute little 20 something who knows a few spin kicks and a moonsault...Um, even though obviously I AM a doe eyed cute 20 something, I'm a gigantic star, and rightfully so, cuz I've been around. I'm very experienced. I know what drives men wild, y'know? I know how to leave them completely drained and barely conscious on my bathroom floor, while I'm still ready to scream for more. For all my travels, I never did learn how to make a subtle sexual innuendo, but hey, f*ck it...

One thing's for sure...When the rainbow with his rugged Latino animal magnetism meets me, totally sex on legs, it's gonna be gay. Wicked gay. Sing it to the tune of (high pitched squeal) Faggot! Faggot! Faggot!

10-31-04, 07:38 PM
(Cue up: “Na na na re” by Daler Mehndi)

(FADEIN: El Arco Iris, in his ring gear, with a rainbow tie-dye robe over it all, is standing in front of a rainbow back drop. He points an excited finger towards the camera and begins.)

El Arco Iris: El Arco Iris finally has the privilege of facing an opponent El Arco Iris has heard much about but has never personally experienced before. El Arco Iris must admit a tremendous amount of admiration felt towards you, Señor Grossard. Like El Arco Iris, you are not afraid to break from tradition and create your own statement, even if it means rejecting all of the conventions of old and going completely against the norm. In the face of ridicule, we have both had to say “this is what we are, and that means something to us. Shouldn’t it mean something to you?” We may employ…drastically different means of getting about it, but our goal remains the same.

(El Arco Iris crosses his arms against his chest and tilts his head to the side.)

Iris: But there is a difference between you and El Arco Iris. While we both try and convey a message through our own unique identities, you are so blind as to misjudge El Arco Iris. You understand so much about what El Arco Iris stands for, yes, El Arco Iris wishes nothing more but good will and happiness for every heart El Arco Iris can touch, but because of such good intentions, you instantly label El Arco Iris as a lover and NOT a fighter. For someone who in his life has had to deal with labels, El Arco Iris would expect you to be the last one to immediately go about dispensing them on other people. El Arco Iris can firmly declare that one can be both a lover AND a fighter, as loving can be just as much a struggle in today’s world as anything else. El Arco Iris is most definitely fighting a most perilous battle, being a soldier of joy in a war on despair. El Arco Iris fights every day of El Arco Iris’ waking life. El Arco Iris fights to let the world know that in a time plagued by angst and turmoil there is still a way, just still a shred of hope that they can cling to that perhaps they can find their own way to happiness when all they could see was suffering and pain. El Arco Iris tries El Arco Iris’ darnedest to set people free from the shackles of loathing and hate, and to provide a much more permanent solution that a razor blade or a can of pills can provide. Just because El Arco Iris’ methods don’t automatically imply bloodshed does not mean El Arco Iris doesn’t fight. El Arco Iris must ask you, if trying to convince a teenager that blowing her brains out isn’t the perfect solution to her problems is not a fight to be fought, then what is?

(El Arco Iris unfolds his hands and shrugs his shoulders.)

Iris: Now if you haven’t already tuned El Arco Iris out because you disregarded El Arco Iris’ words as a self-important morally righteous diatribe, let El Arco Iris tell you what this has to do with wrestling, because certainly this is a wrestling match. Every time El Arco Iris steps between those ropes and onto that canvas, the same passion that El Arco Iris commits to trying to make a difference in people’s everyday lives is applied and focused with equal fervor to making a difference by winning. El Arco Iris knows that if people see you can make something of yourself and win in the end with a song in your heart and a smile on your face, they see that being happy is actually worth something in this mortal plane of existence. El Arco Iris shows the value of a weightless spirit through his wrestling more explicitly than El Arco Iris could EVER hope to spread through sermons. You may be satisfied being different, Señor Grossard, and you enjoy the gluttonous indulgences it permits you, but El Arco Iris is definitely making something more of it by fighting a tremendous fight. Although El Arco Iris may not be some bloodthirsty bruiser, El Arco Iris is most definitely aiming for victory and nothing less.

(El Arco Iris strikes a heroic pose with both hands on his hips.)

Iris: One thing can be guaranteed when the night ends at Raucous, and it's that the audience will be filing out of that arena all with great big SMIIIIIILES…(traces the smile on his mask with his thumb)…on their faces!

(Fade to Rainbow)