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10-27-04, 03:51 AM
All RP for the match between THE PHANTOM REPUBLICAN and JOHN DOE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Sunday, October 31st. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

10-28-04, 06:28 PM
The scene is outside the California Governor's Mansion. We see a close up shot of The Phantom Republican, staring coldly into the camera.

GOP: Well, it seems that my campaign to bring fiscal responsibility, morality and Republican values to New ERA has hit a little road bump. That is not to say that the campaign has derailed. Much like George W. Bush's campaign for reelection will succeed despite it having hit some rough spots, I am assured that my ultimate goal here in New ERA will be fulfilled. At Battle Brawl, I will complete the first leg, and that will be capturing the Television Championship.

However, this week, I must face another entrant into that battle royale in singles competition. John Doe, I must commend you for your campaign to rid this place of America-hating French swill-sucking bastards like Jean Rabesque. In fact, I was so intrigued by DREDD that I even contemplated asking to join.

But then I saw the other member of this faction espoused Marxism. In short, your organization is populated by filthy, Commie swine. I'm sure tha you want to replace New ERA with a Communist system where everyone stands in breadlines in lieu of receiving paychecks, where we all have to take second jobs working on collective farms and where we all salute statues of Lenin and Stalin. I will NOT HAVE THAT in my New ERA of Wrestling! As a red-blooded American, I will not stand for such foul, Communist propaganda!

DREDD must be stopped, and if I am the man to do it, then so be it. If that means that I'll be the one to take out Jean Rabesque myself, then so be it. But I cannot let their vile, Commie influence take over. That is why I have enlisted the support and endorsement of the most famous living Republican in this state.

The camera pans out to show Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger standing next to GOP.

Ahhnold: Communism is fah girlie-men! The Phantom Republican will pahmp you fairies up like you were silly Democwats!

GOP: With the Governator's support, I will make sure that DREDD and all their constituents never levy the evil influence of Communism here in New ERA.

The camera fades to a picture of President Bush.

GWB Voice-over: I'm George W. Bush, and I approve this message.

Fade to black.

John Doe
10-29-04, 09:25 AM

John Doe with an American Flag behind him. A large picture of John Kerry in the center of the flag. John smiles as he looks at the camera.


“I never like the republican party. It’s even more ironic that I have to face a god forsaken GOP grump for my match. Honestly, how the hell said DREDD, in any sorts was involved with communism? Second of all, GOP, why do you back up a man that sends troops to die for an unbelievable cause.”

“Let’s take a look at everything. First you got GOP over here backing George W. Bush. Who went to Iraq to “Find weapons of mass destruction”, well, where are they? Well then he’s point for going to Iraq was “To stop Saddam from torturing people”!”

Cameras cut to a prison photo of an Iraq prisoner standing naked.

“Hmm, that kind of failed also. So GOP, just like your wondrous leader, you will fail also.”

“Think about it, what have you done around here? Nothing. You haven’t even mid-carder since you arrived here in New Era. Me? I have been in the main events. You think you are championship material? Well I highly doubt that.”

“The fact remains that you are nothing, sure you’re a GOP moron, supporting a man that believes in no gay marriages but yet his vice presidents daughter is a lesbian. So, if I were you I would not judge my actions in DREDD, but take a good look at what your great leader is doing”

“But DREDD has one goal here GOP, in case you haven’t noticed. WE are here to destroy Jena Rabesque. We aren’t trying to take control of New Era, and if we did, you wouldn’t be saluting statues of Lenin and Stalin, more like statues of Marx and myself.”

“But hell, enough about DREDD, let’s get everything straight, I am going to show you exactly why people fear DREDD, why people fear the members of DREDD. At Raucous you are going to be the example of what Jean Rabesque is going to face. And at the end of it all, when the virus is cleaned from the title, we will all rejoice.”

“Until then, you are my practice dummy.”

“See you in the ring”

“I Am Not Just Anyone…I Am John Doe”


10-31-04, 12:44 PM
Once again, we're at the California Governor's Mansion. GOP is sitting down next to Gov. Schwarzenegger.

GOP: Just like the filthy Communist dog you are, John Doe, you are artful at dodging the issues. The real issue here is not the Iraq War, even though George W. Bush is the correct moral agent to wage that war, being that he is a bastion of morality. Those prisoner torturers were acting outside of the chain of command and were reprimanded as such. And even so, what we did to them over there pales in comparison to the suicide terror attacks they launch against us.

The real issue here is not the moral abomination that is homosexual marriage, even though it is incontravertible that marriage is for a man and a woman. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Just like your bastard descendants the Democrats, Mr. Doe, you and your Communist brethern, do a good job at waging a war of subterfuge, taking the spotlight away from what really matters, and that's your campaign of vileness and reprehensiblity to steal away all the title opportunities from hard working members of the federation like myself and horde them for you and your sleazy Pinko partner and that harlot you have traipsing around with you under the guise of distributing them to the proletariat. I know the proletariat, and you sir, are not a friend of the proletariat.

No, just in your attitude, I see the vast and sinister undercurrent to your plans. You only wish to hog all the spotlight for yourself because you're already there, because you've already attained main event status. You and your corporate fat cat friends take up all the spotlight, leaving those like myself, the hard working American who busts his ass to make a living for his family despite the unions having a stranglehold on all the good jobs, providing a forum for workers to be lazy and still make good money, out in the cold. You make me sick.

What even makes me sicker is that you will stop at nothing to glorify yourselves. I will make sure that there won't even be soap sculptures of you and your Pinko brethern let alone statues.

That is why it is imperative that I win and get to the top of New ERA. SO that the little guy, the working man, can get to the top on their own merits, and so that filthy Communists like you and Marx and that strumpet, and dirty immigrants like El Arco Iris and Jean Rabesque, get your just desserts.

When you go the polls on Tuesday, you must vote for George Bush. And when you file into the ARCO Arena to see Raucous, lend your support to me, the Phantom Republican. The President and I have one thing in common. We're both endorsed by the Republican governor of California.

Ahhnold: Vote faw Boosh! Root faw The Phahntom Republican!

GOP: Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Governor. For I'm sure that I won't be as kind on John Doe.

Fade out to the Republican logo.

John Doe
10-31-04, 04:07 PM

FADEIN… John is kicking back and relaxing, behind him a communist hammer and sickle. John smiles giggling at the fact. He suddenly stops. Looking at the camera.


Трахните Республиканцев that means F*ck Republicans in Russian

“I am not going to argue of the fact that I am communist. Hell, I love choosing peoples jobs, and forcing them to work. That’s what I am all about! No...not really GOP. The fact is I can careless of communism, democracy, or even monarchy. I can careless if there was any form of government.”

“But you said it quite well, I was not addressing the real issue, And the real issue isn’t a fight of which form of government we represent, but what is going to happen on Raucous. I don’t care much for politics or any of that sorts. The last time I checked DREDD was about destroy that French prick Rabesque. Not introducing communism to New Era.”

“But last time I saw the card, it wasn’t Republican V. DREDD, it was Republican V. John Doe. So, if you can stay off the subject of Marx’s and my stable, and stick to the point of what you are going to have to deal with at Raucous, that you would be great.”

“The fact is I am going to that ring to make a fool out of you GOP. Not to prove any points, hell I am not in this match to show everyone that Republican’s are a joke, even thought they are, no…I am in tis match cause some fed head tolled me to be in it. And when we do step in that ring everything is going to be professional.”

“So, if you are fighting for your personal vendetta to rid New Era of communism, well, you are fighting for the wrong reason. I am going into this match to beat the living hell out of someone. I can careless if Chaos was in the ring, just as long as I have my hands around someone’s neck and choking the life out of them, that’s when I am a happy camper.”

“This match has nothing to do with our beliefs, I don’t even have a grudge against you! So GOP, for your own sake keep it that way. Cause I swear to you, rub me the wrong way and your days in New Era are going to be a living hell.”

“Keep that all in mind GOP. At the end of the night, maybe you will come to the sense to join DREDD, drop your ignorant ways and see the true reasons we are here. Not to in force a dead government, but to remove a man from power.”

“But GOP, if you turn against DREDD, if you turn your back to the people that can help you, well then you will just be another George W. Bush, ignoring the signs, and then (Montage of the airplanes hitting the twin towers flash really quick) BOOM! You will make a fatal mistake.”

“See you in the ring”

“I Am Not Just Anyone…I Am John Doe”

(In Russian)
Приветствуйте ДРЕДД и Приветствуйте Джонатана Маркса и Джона До
“Hail DREDD and Hail Jonathan Marx and John Doe”