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10-27-04, 03:51 AM
All RP for the tag team match between KARLA STARR / KRIST BLUE and CAITLYN DAYMON / WHISPER at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Sunday, October 31st. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

10-28-04, 07:20 PM
<I>Open a darkened room. There is but a single source of light, located in what may as well be the center of the room – the shadows hide everything but a single space. Filling that space is a young woman, dressed in black, whose red hair falls about her face, hiding. When she speaks, she is so quiet that you are drawn forward to hear her words; occasionally, you catch a glimpse of green eyes flashing in the pale light.</I>

<b>WHISPER:</b> A setback…a few steps in the wrong direction…I thought myself prepared for what I would have to do…I thought myself ready in combat, I thought myself purely wrapped in Light…It would appear that I was wrong…

Karla Starr, I salute your ability…but then, your ability was never what was called into question…I always knew, always, that you were an amazing technical wrestler, and that you were in amazing physical shape…But you are not a warrior…Your way is the antithesis of that strongest path…And I was sure that I, embracing The Light as I do, would be able to overcome you…Yet I did not.

Does this mean that I was mistaken? Does this mean that The Light has failed me, and that this path that I have started upon will ultimately bring me nowhere? No…no, a thousand times no…I have never been more sure of the power of The Light…and I have never been more sure of my own failings as a human being…

The Light did not fail me…I failed The Light…My passion for your defeat, my selfish need to beat you so that I could prove myself…That got in the way…I gave in to the darkness, that same darkness that surrounds you…the one that leads you to turn on your trusted friends…

Caitlyn Daymon has a lot of potential as a warrior…like you, Karla, she has all the tools that she needs…but her darkness is paler about her person…her darkness does not blind her as much as yours…your betrayal has not gone unnoticed…and I will not allow you to use this woman’s trust to drive yourself further into that inky blackness…

You and that harlot Krist Blue will not stand a chance against a combined effort from the two of us…both of you are so far entrenched in your own personal black hells that you would go so far as to turn on one another, to cost each other matches…while Caitlyn and I…we are both striving to be warriors…both trying our hardest to be the best in more than just the rankings…The two of us are united under the cold, hard Light…I will not turn from it again…

Your defeat is all that is on my mind, Karla…I see it etched before me in the very air that I breathe…My emotions are mine to control, not the other way around…I will still be in control when Caitlyn and I face you in the ring…and this time…victory belongs to The Light…

<I>Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly fades into view, stark black against the pure white, and then fades out again.</I>

10-29-04, 12:46 PM
(Fadein, Karla Starr, dressed in black jeans and a black shirt with the words "100% B*TCH!!" labeled in the center, sitting in a chair in front of an NEW ERA Backdrop. Coyly playing with her hair, she smiles as she flings one side of her hair back and continues to twirl alittle of the rest around her finger.)

KS: My, my, my....aren't we the testy one? Sara, you can say that "The Light" failed you, or vice versa, or you were just on the rag as you were walking down the aisle the other night against me and you didn't feel right...which coincidently I advised you to do in the bathroom backstage ANYWAY....the point is, and it's a well proven one at that....

You tried to pull off one of the biggest upsets of your small career, IN A DARK MATCH I might add....and were COMPLETELY HUMILIATED IN THE PROCESS.

I highly advise you watch out for number one, because she just obliterated you as a special BONUS for the fans in San Diego.

That one was for free, however this one....this one Whisper....

(Starr pauses twirling her hair a second and looks up at the camera.)

Is most definately going to cost you. And there's nothing that you or the LIGHT can do about it.

(Starr goes back to twirling her hair and smirks.)

Besides, for someone so intertwined in the truth of what the Light tells you, that Blue and I are more about ourselves and would cause each other to lose....did you not say that you're obsessed with my being on the impossible end of a match, looking up as the ref counts to three?

I'd like to call that obsessive, wouldn't you?

(Starr continues to twirl her hair, but switches off crossing her legs from one leg to another, very proper and very lady-like.)

As far as Blue goes....girls got her own business to deal with in Caitlyn, therefore I think--no I KNOW the girls' got no business wasting time with me. Because as far as I'm concerned, the girl hasn't got the slightest idea WHATSOEVER as to what it takes to be in MY LEAGUE, let alone be IN IT.

(Karla smiles again and giggles abit.)

Which brings me to my dear, most WONDERFUL friend in the entire world....Caitlyn Daymon.

(Karla giggles again and then changes her expression to that more of consolement.)

Awww....honey....did I hurt your feelings?? Did I spring it on you TOO suddenly?? What's a matter girl, you still got the win, why so BLUE? Here, allow me to WHISPER something to you.

(Starr motions the camera forward for a better close-up and does just that, whispering into the camera.)

You're so complete oblivious to everything even a monkey like JOHN DOE could have sprung it on you, and you wouldn't have seen it coming.

(The camera returns to the standard view.)

But you're on top of your game and everything so....I suppose pulling another on you won't be as easy as for everyone else.

Or will it?

(Karla smiles and does a quick wave before we fade out.)


10-30-04, 03:13 PM
<I>Open on the darkened room. Whisper is standing there, bathed in the faint pale light of the room. Standing slightly behind her is a much younger woman, barely out of her teens, with bleach-blonde hair cut into a bob that reaches down to her pointed chin. Two large eyes stare out, watching the first woman more than the camera. She wears a black baby-doll T-shirt, one with Karla Starr‘s "100% B*TCH!!" logo on it. A black metal necklace with an emerald set it the throat clings tightly around her slender neck.</I>

<B>WHISPER:</b> Sara is no longer here, Karla…Sara became so enveloped in the darkness that she would believe the kinds of things that you say…she would take them to heart, grow angry, grow violent, grow, as you put it…obsessive…But the truth is that Sara became so swallowed in the dark that she could not return from it unscathed…And so she was left there, to that terrible fate…Sara was left behind…and Whisper emerged into The Light…

You point out that our first meeting was a dark match…that is a fitting title indeed…for there, the woman that you faced was more Sara than Whisper…and as such, The Light was not truly with me…For I was not in control of myself…as I am now…

My obsession, as you call it, is not with beating you, Karla…not in the sense that you say it…When you want to beat someone, it is to prove that you are better than they…that you are “Number One”…You want victory to raise yourself up…

I’m not here to throw you down…I don’t want to beat you so that I may stand on your broken body and thus appear higher that before…I want to help you…I want to show you The Light…

Krist Blue means nothing to mean, for she is mired in the darkness that is her brazen lust…she is so surrounded by it that she has made no effort to become what you, or I, or Caitlyn are…She exists so that she may be looked at, or had…She is not a warrior…she is not even close…

But you, Karla…you are well on your way to becoming something great…someone powerful…but your stubborn refusal to grow out of the blackness around you and find the true path…That is in your way…And you will never become something more…

That is why you must be beaten…so you can learn, as this one here, Madeline, is learning…

<I>The blonde girl smiles shyly.</I>

<B>WHISPER:</b> So that you can truly see how much further you can go with The Light on your side…When your skill comes from true power rather than tricks…deception…masks…the sheer force of numbers…

Your alignment with DREDD will not save you…your black mask that plague Rabesque will not save you…your backstabbing that made Caitlyn Daymon your victim will not save you…

The Light will find you out, not matter how much darkness surrounds you…It will free you, Karla…I will free you…Everything that comes from our clashes, all the violence…I’m doing it all to help you…

It’s all for you…

<I>Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly fades into view, stark black against the pure white, and then fades out again.</I>

10-30-04, 04:11 PM
(Fadein, Karla Starr in front of an NEW backdrop.)

KS: So....before you lose to me, you proclaim yourself WHISPER, "LEADER OF ALL THAT FOLLOWS THE LIGHT".....but then afterwards, you insist that it's not you're fault...but Sara's?

You know, for someone that's trying to lead me towards the light....getting first DOMINATED by me and then talking to me in the third person afterwards....kinda makes me wonder if you've been talking to that one two-faced guy from GXW, Gemini.

You're Whisper....then you're Sara.....you're Whisper....then you're Sara.

Get a grip on yourself, girl.

You can only blame yourself so many times before you're out of excuses for getting your butt kicked.

Just ask Jane Doe.

But you blaming yourself for not having the light with you? What have you been watching "Star Wars" in your time off? I told you Sara....or Whisper...or whatever you want to call yourself, I was going to make an example out of you, and prove to EVERYBODY why I deserve better than just a DARK MATCH.

Now, I'll be damned if I didn't do just that last week.

And the week before that.

And the week before THAT.

Besides, for someone that wants to SHOW ME the light, it's kinda difficult for you to do that when your sorry excuse for losing to me didn't even SHOW UP.

Kind of hypocritical of you, isn't it? Maybe even ironic....don'tcha think?

As far as DREDD goes....how do you know that I REALLY joined Doe and Marx? I mean, they're against EVERYTHING that is like Jean Rabesque and Rabesque himself. Did I really miss Rabesque with my superkick? Or perhaps I'm playing games with him again? After all (Karla fllings back her hair from about her shoulders), I did get away from Jean without a strand of hair on my gorgeous head harmed, didn't I?

I guess you're just going to have to use the light to figure that one out, won'tcha?

Or can you even do that right?


10-30-04, 04:54 PM
(CUEUP: "Birth" by the Faint....)
(CUTTO: Krist Blue, in a cliché skintight cat suit Halloween costume complete with ears and black make up, is sucking on one of those lollipops with bubble gum in the center in the parking lot of an all night diner, somewhere in parts unknown....)

"amerika's sweetheart"

Hi. So ummm...like, my last match was wicked unfair? And it didn't really make sense? It was wicked stupid, and I think it sucks.

But I guess at least it made Caitlyn Daymon look pretty lame. Like she went on an on about how she'd beat me cuz she's a superior athlete and has um...strength and intellect or whatever. And then she won cuz someone else ran into the ring and beat me up for no reason.

Everybody keeps saying I'm some kind of mindless sex object, right? Well at least I'm honest about it. At least I'm not trying to pass myself off as virtuous Xena warrior dyke when I'm actually just a cheater and a liar like the rest of you.

can I just um...talk directly to Karla Starr fer a sec? Cool? Okay...Um...Karla, what you did to me at the last card like, REALLY hurt my feelings. Why would you do something like that? I hadn't even ever met you before, and you f*ck me over just, why? On a whim? I'd say you were just jealous, but I don't
think you have any reason to be jealous of me. You're a very pretty girl you know. A...y'know...very...pretty girl. (sucks on her lolly and stares off into space for a second) Um, but ah...What I mean to say was I want an apology. An apology and a hug. And a kiss. Right on the cheek is fine. Just so
I know you really mean it when you say you're sorry.

And if you're too stuck up for that sort of thing well....

I'm just gonna have to lie right down on my back, shoulders firmly planted against the canvas, raise my foxy little legs up in the air, look Daymon and Whisper in the eyes and say I...am....yielding...

See Karla, it's not a good idea to be mean to people. Cuz they might end up in a unique position f*ck you over. Yeah, like I care if i win a time filler tag team match? Not at all? But you're one of those people who's ALWAYS pissed when they lose, aint'cha?

Just remember what you learned watching Winnie the Poo when you were a kid. Be kind and sweet to everyone. And then maybe you'll win. Or else I'll mess with you like you messed with me. And then me and my mostly gay boyfriend will drop you on your head and cut you and make you an ugly, sorry, girl...mkay? (wanders off camera) Hey!! Where the f*ck is my tequila?!?!

10-30-04, 05:33 PM
(Fadein, Starr in front of an NEW ERA backdrop.)

KS: Aww....it seems like the poor publicly-proclaimed-slut got her feelings hurt when Mercedes and I beat the hell from her in San Diego. So, in respect to all mother's everywhere, she wants a hug and kiss and to be told that I'm going to make it all better because she never saw it coming?

Tough sh*t kid. If you get anything remotely CLOSE to a hug and a kiss, it's going to be from me slamming you to the mat, but not before my size six boot gives you a kiss right in the JAW. You just sit there and be a whore and I'll take care of the rest.

I screwed you over Blue, because of who I am.

Who am I, you might ask your pathetic-brainless-little-self??

Why Blue, I thought even whores like you could read it and figure it out yourself. I'm a home-grown, one hundred percent B*TCH, and it shows just as it showed in the ring last week.

As I've said many times before, it's just too bad you never saw it coming.

As far as you giving in and screwing me over....honey, honey, HONEY.

Don't you think that a B*TCH LIKE ME knows that?

Besides....being the b*tch that I am, and knowing Caitlyn as long as I have, I did what I did last week because Caitlyn and I both know that she need me MORE than I need her when it comes to competing against whores like you, Doe, Hawke and every other girl that thinks she's better than me.

I've said it before as well as recently before I ripped Whisper apart.

I am the Alpha Female.

Got it?

Or do you need another kick to the jaw for you to get it through your head.

Either way makes no differance to me.


10-31-04, 08:26 PM

(On audio, we get “Creep” by Radiohead. We fade into a scene of remembrance, within the living room of the Daymon household. The camera takes a panning from right to left of everything the room has to offer. We see the television set on, playing Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”, a Halloween basket filled to the brim with candy, a bowl next to that filled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, a family photo hanging on the wall of the Daymon family, and last but not least, Caitlyn Daymon standing in the middle of the room.)

(Her face hangs long and her shoulders droop slightly, showing that she is clearly tired. She’s in costume attire, dressed as an angel with a frizzy skirt, feathered wings, and a make-shift halo. As the camera comes upon her, looking over the room, she lets out a relieving sigh.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Today… was very exhausting.

(She falls back onto the sofa, taking another relaxed deep breath.)

Caitlyn Daymon
I’ve been through many trials in my short life. I’ve fought my way through some demanding matches and lived through more things than a girl my age should have to live through.

But much of that pales in comparison to taking a four-year-old Trick or Treating for his first time.

(She sits up again, briefly tampering with her halo to keep it straight, then focuses on the camera.)

Caitlyn Daymon
It’s that time of the year, I suppose. But now that Halloween is behind me, it’s time to move on to yet another match.

Only now, things have been shuffled around, and I find myself at the center of what appears to be a wildcard event. In my corner is the mysterious Whisper, and on the other side are Krist Blue and Karla Starr.

But before we get on that, maybe it would be necessary to talk about what went down at the last Raucous…

(She looks down for a moment, in thought… then shakes her head slowly.)

Caitlyn Daymon
…but on second thought, maybe it wouldn’t be necessary after all. There isn’t anything to say there.

Karla, if you take pride in the sort of things you do, then I pity you. I could say I’m upset because you betrayed the friendship we used to have—if we ever had any, but that’s not entirely true.

What does make me upset, is that you interfered in my match. You gave me a win that I did not deserve, and I’ll always have to look back on that day, knowing that in spite of all the effort I put into the ring, and no matter what the outcome COULD have been, I walked away with a hollow victory.

Right now, I’m past anger, and scheming for revenge. Those things will get me nowhere, especially when focused on you. Rather, I’m going to continue what I’ve been doing since I came to NEW. I’m going to work hard… and prove to everybody that there’s more to this industry than being “alpha female”.

I’m going to do it by out-performing you twice: once with the help of Whisper, and again by myself, at Battle Brawl.

(She nods once to convey this confidence, then looks away for a moment.)

Caitlyn Daymon
I can’t say I know much about Whisper… and I’d trust her about as far as I could throw a piano. But if this one occasion requires me to work with her, then so be it. When paired with Whisper, I know we can defeat the opposition.

And why? Because we face the team of Krist Blue and Karla Starr…

…nothing but a pair of whores.

(She smiles, closes her eyes, and shakes her head.)

Caitlyn Daymon
No ladies, don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling either of you promiscuous in any sexual way. I would never say that to anybody…

What I mean by “whore” is, you are a person who does things that could be considered outrageous or taboo, simply for the sake of getting attention.

For Karla, this would be running around while wearing a mask and causing a lot of mischief. In the case of Krist, it’s all about the clothes, the language, the antics… everything that embodies the standard Krist Blue promo.

(She chuckles for a moment.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Krist, before we move on, maybe there’s something we should discuss…

Now, I know it might have SEEMED as though you were in control of the match at the point where Karla and Mercedes made their attack… but did you ever consider the possibility that I was not really winded, and could have been preparing a counter-attack? Historically, this sort of thing has happened before… and very frequently, I might add.

Mind you, I’m not making an excuse… but just be aware that you weren’t quite making me out to look as lame as you thought you were. In fact, you weren’t even close. Who’s to say what could have happened in that match, especially with the referee down? Did you think you had it in the bag? Do you think he would have been able to make the count before I recovered?

If I were you, I’d be kissing my tag partner’s ass. Had it not been for Karla Starr and Mercedes Devon interfering, I would have humiliated you in an even greater way.

When we meet in the ring again… I promise I will finish the job. Karla can’t save you this time.

Another thing that I feel should be discussed is this entire “honesty” thing you keep rambling about. Do you serious believe that everybody of our persuasion should be just like you, and in the case that they aren’t, they’re nothing more than…

…forgive me for using the term, but “dykes”?

(She scoffs, shaking her head in clear offense.)

Caitlyn Daymon
If you’re happy with the way you act, then you’re entitled to be. If you want to whore yourself to the press and the media for attention, perhaps to make upyou’re your lack of talent, then that’s fine by me. Never once did I lay a moral code upon you, Krist. I never said, “What you’re doing is wrong,” or “You should be like me.” I never became holier than thou.

But just because I refuse to lower myself to your antics doesn’t mean I’m being too masculine. Hard as you might believe, Krist, you don’t represent the standard woman. You only represent misbegotten clichés that adhere to a testosterone-driven public.

I’ve always been myself, in and out of the ring: Intelligent, focused, and powerful. But masculine? Dishonest? Krist, you need to lay off the cocaine, because you aren’t thinking straight.

You’re merely the Paris Hiton of professional wrestling: goofy antics, but no talent. Only this isn’t Hollywood, Krist; this is the squared circle. The amount of skin your wrestling attire shows won’t save you from the ass-kicking of your life.

(And, perhaps, maybe some people in the world who are male and write for female characters don’t mean to offend any other writers who happen to be female by misrepresenting their divine and frequently misperceived existence through stereotypical roles.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Moving right along, we come to the other attention whore, Karla.

Now, maybe not as promiscuous as Krist Blue… but you, Karla, are just as much of a whore, if not a greater example.

How do I mean?

Well, look at your attack at Raucous.

Did you have any motive? Nothing obvious. Was there any purpose in giving me the win? No, not really… I simply strengthen my hold as the number one female competitor in this federation, in terms of ranking. So was there any reason?

Of course… you wanted a little extra time on camera.

Last Raucous, you appeared on the airwaves a total of five times. Out of all of that, you only competed in the ring once. Is this saying anything to you?

The majority of your time in NEW has been running around backstage or doing in-ring attacks, and yet last week, you cut a promo where you outright whined about not being the top-billed woman in this federation. I think it goes to prove that no matter how many times you spit in the mic, it’s what you do in the ring that matters most.

At Raucous, you said, “EYE am the Alpha Female.” I’m sorry to say, Karla, that EWE are nothing of the sort. Until you back up your words with your fists, keep your mouth shut.

It sounds to me that you, like Krist, are trying to compensate for a lack of talent. You can’t dish it out in the ring—at least not against a person like me—so you try to gain a little popularity to hide the fact that you are physically and mentally inferior to me.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that you plan pointless attacks and gloat about them afterwards…

(Caitlyn shakes her head with dismay.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Did it make you feel proud, as you and your buddy clobbered down on me at the end of a match? I admit, I was deceived, but do you really think that what you did defines your superiority? All it tells me is that you’re crying for a little attention, and perhaps a little jealous of me. If you had tried picking a fight with me alone… and while I was fresh, instead of at the end of a hard-fought match, then perhaps you wouldn’t have much to boast about.

Brag as much as you can about your “victory”, Karla… because that’s as close as you’ll ever get. I’m going to prove to you, first at Raucous then again at the PPV, that without the help of Mercedes, you’ll never be at my level.

And I’ll do it WITHOUT prancing around in front of the camera every time the opportunity presents itself.

(Caitlyn Daymon comes to her feet, again twittering with the halo so it may stand straight.)

Caitlyn Daymon
What it boils down to is this. While Whisper and I aren’t allies in any way, the two of us are at least willing to cooperate. On the other hand, you have two people who struggle for success by doing whatever they can that doesn’t require an effort in the ring, who will likely be fighting amongst themselves for spotlight exposure.

I think it’s safe to say that no matter what Karla and Krist think, Caitlyn Daymon and Whisper will be walking out of this match with the win.

(She shrugs.)

Caitlyn Daymon
It’s as simple as that, ladies.

(The doorbell rings. Caitlyn looks up briefly as she hears this, and sighs.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Well… I guess I’m finished for the night as Caitlyn the Wrestler. Now it’s back to the good ol’ role of Soccer Mom.

But here what I’ve had to say, and listen to it well, Karla, Krist…

Nothing will stop me from what I want… and this match will only solidify my hold en route to Battle Brawl.

Take that… not from an “Alpha Female”… or from “100% *****.”

Take it from Caitlyn Margaret Daymon-Valentine, your next NEW Women’s Champion.

(With another readjustment of the halo hanging over her head, Caitlyn dons the bowl of Reese’s as the door bell rings a second time. She moves into the hallway leading to the front door. We can hear it opening, and the standard “Trick or Treat” greeting, and we fade to black.)


11-01-04, 05:34 PM
(Fadein, Starr in front of an NEW ERA Backdrop, in blue jeans and a belly button version of the same shirt.)

KS: Well now Martha Stewart, if you're finished, suppose we actually put over what we do for a living OUT of the home, instead of INit? I mean, because perhaps it's just a notion, but I really don't think that Marceau would see it as valuable time to waste airing what you're doing with the little one, when it could be used to air meaningless promos by whores and heffers who at least do what there TOLD, not what they WANT.

Which is what punks like Doe, Hawke and Blue do on an everyday basis ANYWAY, but at least they LISTEN.

You see Caitlyn, dear that's one thing that you just REALLY don't do well.

You don't LISTEN.

Case in point, back on the island, I begged you to not do anything stupid, so there'd be at least one more girl at the end and how did you respond?

You spit someone in the face and you got kicked off the island, leaving me all by myself for what many thought was a nightmare, turned blessing in disguise for me and I went on to finish third and the last woman in the competition behind you, Lindsay Troy, Rayne, Icekold and lord knows who else.

You see Caitlyn, when Mercy and I came in....you were NOWHERE NEAR the end of your match, not unless you were going to lose. Unless it's idiots like Doe or Hawke, if you can't keep up long....you crumble just like those unstable cookies you make. You even admitted it YOURSELF. You need the help of some crazy chick that thinks that some LIGHT is going to help her win....when in truth....she hasn't the slightest bit of talent to BEGIN with.

THAT was why I had to save you and evidently BREAK you afterwards.

Because you don't listen Caitlyn.

You need ME more than I need you.


Besides, afterwards....if you can still stand....hell you can play around with Blue all you want.

I have business to take care of.

Something evidently a MOTHER like YOU....knows NOTHING about.


11-02-04, 03:07 PM
<I>Fade in on the dark room, Whisper and Madeline under the light.</I>

<B>WHISPER:</b> Your mocking does nothing to help you, Karla…it makes you seem as you are…weak…a cripple who needs the crutch of her derision…her chicanery…her reimagining of the past…

The utter destruction that you spoke of never took place…you squeaked by in what was called by the announcers “the most exciting match” -- as in, the closest match -- “on the card”…A victory, pulled out of nowhere…in the midst of a back-and-forth struggle…is not “domination”…It is simply a hard-fought victory…there is no shame in such a win…and yet, you insist that it was more…that you destroyed me…that I was laid out…that you were, in every way…the Alpha Female…

You need these tricks…you need this victory to be exactly as you say…because, otherwise, you have to admit to the power that you faced…you have to admit that something could be equal to you…that something could beat you…And so you belittle the warrior that you faced…the war that she brought to you…you use your deception to make yourself stronger…but deception is always founded on falsity…

You are NOT the alpha…you are simply a big talker…and talk has no substance…power…that is something to hold onto…

Your partner, Krist, cannot even trust you…you are faced with three women that all wish to see your defeat…this is what your trickery has gained you…

You cannot run…you cannot hide behind masks…you cannot rely on your help, for your help is ready to turn on you…at Raucous…you and I…will show the world…just who has the true power…who is on the side of The Light…

<I>Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly fades into view, stark black against the pure white, and then fades out again. </I>

11-03-04, 11:39 AM

(The morning after the election, we fade in on the back yard of the Daymon household in northern Tacoma, Washington. At the end of the deck, sitting near the elaborate swimming pool, Caitlyn Daymon sits in a tanning chair. Unlike the first time we’ve seen her here, she is not in swimming attire, but rather in jeans and a dark red sweater. Swimming season is over, as indicated by the tarp pulled over the pool. She sits placidly, looking at the changing colors of the trees. A slight chill is in the air, as indicated by the puffs of water vapor being emitted from her mouth through every breath.)

(Why are we here? Just to show you that Caitlyn Daymon is Caitlyn Daymon. She doesn’t wear masks, or flip-flop on roles. She is a mother, a wife, a sister, and a professional wrestler, wrapped into one solid form that never changes.)

(She notices the camera, and nods.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Welcome back…

(With that, she comes to her feet, comes down a few steps into the lawn, and leans against the deck, her arms still held close to retain body warmth.)

Caitlyn Daymon
When it came to the effects of my last promo, I expected Karla to appear, make her witty comeback and offer a decent rebuttal.

The wit was there… but not the rebuttal.

I take it, then, Karla… that you don’t deny being NEW’s classic example of an attention whore? Perhaps you are admitting that the bulk of your career here in NEW is nothing more than mic spots and pointless attacks…

(She looks to the blue sky inquisitively, her lips arching into a wry smile that forms on her face.)

Caitlyn Daymon
Isn’t it strange, how when I state the obvious, Karla jumps tracks to another subject?

Now the problem is, I don’t “listen”…

(Daymon scoffs, closing her eyes for a moment and shaking her head.)

Caitlyn Daymon
You mean to say that I need you? Please don’t tell me that you’re still under that impression…

Hell, you’re still complaining about what went down on the island. Are you so sore over losing that you decided to take it out on me? News Flash, Karla: I didn’t do anything that helped you lose the game. Brandon Jacobs—the same man you helped give the money to in the final vote—was the one who screwed you, when he screwed everybody in our alliance.

What are you complaining about? We got a couple of CARS out of it, didn’t we?

But why don’t we make the wise choice of moving on from Survivor, and back to NEW…

(A slight pause follows.)

Caitlyn Daymon
I want to talk again, about your attack at Raucous…

You said yourself, Karla, that I was far from the end of that match when you and Mercy waltzed in and ruined everything. You couldn’t be more right…

Because while it seemed like Krist Blue was preparing to put me away at that point, I had a little more left in me. I could feel it… and I would have turned everything around in my way, had you not hopped in and screwed everything up.

I mean… its Krist Blue! Who COULDN’T beat that coked-out loser!

If you’re under the impression that I can’t even handle someone like KRIST BLUE on my own, then I’d almost feel sorry for you. You have absolutely no idea what you’re up against…

So to argue your accusation of my not listening, I’d have to say that you’re entirely wrong. I’m doing quite a lot of listening, but I’m not hearing anything that makes sense…

(She starts out across the lawn, looking down at her feet. The camera crabs beside her to keep her in the frame.)

Caitlyn Daymon
What makes you think I don’t listen, Karla? Is it because I don’t buy into your regular “dependency” bull****? Perhaps you’re forgetting an important point…

In every match prior to this, you have been billed so close to the bottom of the card that NEW has finally decided that they can’t even afford to broadcast your performance on the regular show! Look at your dark match against Whisper. If that isn’t a sign of how disinterested these people are in your talent, then I don’t know what is. You are nothing more than pre-show fodder for the people to see as they file into the arenas…

I think, Karla, that your problem is in sight, because EWE aren’t SEEING…

In spite of your big scene in joining Dredd, and all of the attacks and backstage scenes, you’re still getting booked in the least interesting matches possible. Sadly, all of your antics outside of the ring fail to make up for your lack of any noticeable talent. You’d be forgotten if it weren’t for one thing…

Being in the ring at the same time as ME…

Are we formulating an idea, Karla? I certainly hope we are, cause I don’t like to waste my time. I think it’s obvious that your idea of who depends on who is mismatched. You see, YOU need ME, Karla… and that lies as the explanation behind your attack.

(She stops and turns to the camera, now standing at the edge of her yard, where the tree-line begins.)

Caitlyn Daymon
It dawned on me the other night, and it became so obvious. Of course, what does one do when she is nothing more than filler for the women’s division, struggling on a daily basis to get noticed by the press and by the fans and not having the talent to do all of that in the ring?

Of course, she decides to pick a fight with the TRUE “Alpha Female” in NEW… Caitlyn Daymon.

Suddenly, she has all the attention she needs. She’s been booked in a decent match, and only now is she gaining a lot of hype.

Coincidence? Or did her plan to GAIN this exposure in attacking ME succeed?

…I think the answer is fairly obvious.

(Caitlyn turns, leaning up against a solid redwood tree in her own backyard, looking directly into the camera.)

Caitlyn Daymon
I’m not letting you ride my coattails, Karla.

I worked hard to be where I am now, but it’s not enough to be where I want to be. But before I move on, I’m forced to deal with you…

So I will.

I’ll have my revenge for what you did to me. I will humiliate you in that ring at Raucous, and again at Battle Brawl. I will show this roster that all of my hard work and determination has paid off the second I take the coveted Women’s Title.

And I’ll move on, Karla…

…without even looking back.

(We fade to black.)


11-03-04, 07:17 PM
(Fadein, Karla Starr her hair in a pony tail in front of her left shoulder, stands in front of a standard NEW ERA backdrop, grinning and shaking her right index finger at the camera.)

KS: Catey-Bear....as much as you'd like to think that you're right at everything....and you're usually NOT, I knew you wouldn't make me take all the recognition for a job-well-done.

You know....like I always did in Asia.

You know, it's puzzling how come you were never liked by virtually ANYONE in Survivor, it really is. I mean, you never hardly did alot withOUT me holding your hand, I'm surprised Doc Silver didn't disqualify your wins and give me YOUR car and keys that I won on that show anyway!!

That's right, girl. I got tapes at home too. If I were you, I'd hit up the second-to-last-episode. Everyone's known it there too. You're just too weak without me, plain and simple. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing Catey-Bear....that just means that you owe it to me to hand over that title if for some reason I don't win ANYWAY.

Because let's face it girl.

I AM the Alpha Female.

I'm tons better looking, more agile, let alone better skilled than you EVER were...on second thought....I'm not sure you even HAD a 'were' in the first place, so to tell the truth, that alone is quite debatable unto itself.


Albeit, you've had one more match than I have here in NEW ERA, I'm just as perfect as you are in this company, I've got TONS more experience from performing over in GWE with Mercedes and to tell you something else Catey-Bear, just between us.....

(The camera slowly zooms in for a close up of her face, Starr motioning for it as well. She holds up her right palm against her left cheek, preparing to whisper.)

KS: I REALLY don't think anyone here is in my league ANYWAY.

(Camera cuts back to a regular view of Starr.)

Other than Mercedes of course.

Now as far as me being an attention whore....HON-EY....it's not my fault you're too much of a girl to be brave enough to DO SOMETHING about anything now is it?? In order to get somewhere girl, you should know TOO well that you can't sit around and wait for it to come to you.

You know...like you did in Asia.

In order get, you gotta give girl and right now the way I see it....I've given QUITE ABIT to this business where you've barely stepped in and got your feet wet.

That goes for you learning your craft from whereever it is you learned it too, whether it was Rocko....Rayne....the tooth fairy....Martha Stewart, it doesn't make alot of difference to me: You still were IONS away from beating Blue, second wind or not the way things looked to myself and Mercy....

Girl, you couldn't have gotten up if I dunked you in a vat of smelling salt.

Hence the reason for my help in the match.

Yeah, it's Krist Blue Caitlyn, the same "coked-out loser" who nearly beat you, not to mention ruined your reputation....

If it wasn't for ME.

It was ME...who won the cars....ME who got you the chance for fancy dinners....ME who was there with you throughout the time spent there...and ME who kept you on the island for that duration of time.

Quite actually interesting as it is, but I'd also like to think that it's because of ME as well, that NEW ERA was the highest rated show this past week, not you...not Doe or her brother....


Are you getting the pattern here, Catey-Bear?

You're NOTHING without me.

Yeah, I was the dark match with Sara.

But should I even NEED to explain any other reasons why?

Sure, I wasn't on television for the match....but the way I've thought about it in the last couple of days....perhaps you missed out on the fact that maybe Marceu wanted me to give the fans a bonus on what it's like to see the future Women's Champion up close?? I mean, after all...everyone thinks that that was one of the most exciting matches on the card as it is!!

But you know what else Caitlyn??

I least FINISHED mine.

Come to think of it....I finished BOTH of our matches.

But just like Survivor, you got recognition and praise for something that you didn't EARN.

So tell me Caitlyn....you seem to think that you're going to "Deal" with me at Raucous, and again at Battle Brawl right??

That in and of itself Catey-bear, is quite intriguing to me, you know...seeing as that over half of your matches you've not only NOT been able to complete alone and by yourself, but beat a simpleton like that "coked-out loser", as you so aptly put.

How in the good lord's name could you beat me not once, but TWICE in a row, let alone for the belt??

I've given you alot of different things this year, Caitlyn.



Let you borrow my clothes on occasion, even.

But now I get to give you something that you've never evidently become accustomed to since you've set foot in this business, and in the ring.

A beating of a lifetime.

But just so you know that there aren't hard feeling's honey, I promise to call the hospital from my apartment when I get home to check on you.

Because that's what friends are for.