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10-27-04, 03:50 AM
All RP for the match between JAY and ALISTER HAYZE at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Sunday, October 31st. Angles should be sent to sedmunds@goucher.edu ..

10-30-04, 02:43 PM
<I>We open up on a familiar red van tooling down a back highway. Inside, we find the always-great <b>ALISTER HAYZE</b> behind the wheel, Buffalo Springfield coming out of the newly bought used tape deck. </I>

<b>ALISTER HAYZE:</B> It’s been a real long time since I’ve felt this good. A <I>real</I> long time. Everything’s been real familiar, everything’s been creeping in, making me feel like I’ve actually come back into my own here, like I’m really coming back to being the Alister Hayze that I’m happiest being. And why is that? Why am I suddenly reverting back to my old self? It’s simple, guys. This place, the <b>New ERA</b>, is finally starting to feel like home.

I know how great it felt to be back on the road again, but that’s nothing compared to this. Hayze is no longer the fresh-faced new guy here. I’ve wrestled on every show; I’ve showed ‘em all how wonderfully “wow” I can be. So I’m no longer the stranger here. But the big thing, man, the big thing that shows me that I belong, that I’m in the mix, that I am truly not just a wrestler, but a <b>N-E-W</b> superstar, is this: I got at least half a dozen people that hate me, or at least are interested in maiming me. You got DREDD, you got the lovely Ms. Marceau -- who, I might add, is a little stingy with the tongue. It’s feeling more and more like it’s me against the world, and I could not be happier. I live to be the outlaw, the lone wolf, the man who can stand up to anyone that he needs to. Alister Hayze is finally, truly, back.

So…Al is back, and <I>this time</I> I’m not opening the pay per view before the tape starts rolling. At Battle Brawl, I’m not going to be a joke. I’m a competitor now, baby. This is my home. I’m a superstar. But what, oh what, is this superstar to do? I mean, I’ve already proved that Juliet, sweet Juliet, is not worthy to even stand in the ring with me. And DREDD, while they did attempt to plow through me at Raucous, is really only concerned with the champ. Should I go after the TV title by going through as many superstars as possible in the Battle Brawl? Should I make a desperate, one-man stand against some guys that see me as just a bump in the road to the belt? I guess it’s something we’re going to have to wait and see about.

Right now, the main concern that I have is a young man named Jay. Just Jay. Like Cher or Prince, he’s too good for a last name, and right now it seems as if he’s on his way to becoming the number one young stud here in the <b>N-E-W</b>. That’s all fine and good, it’s really admirable to have goals and stuff, but, um…I have a little problem with that. See, there’s already a fun-loving, always-joking, smart-mouthed, good-looking stud in this here stable, and his name is Alister Hayze. You’re starting to step on some toes, junior -- namely, mine. You’ve had some big success taking down a name like The Distributor of Pain, but you kinda got stalled in your first match with ol’ GOP -- a guy that I recently smoked, by the way. You’ve got some skills, I’ll give you that, but you when you try and hold up against me, the ambassador of 901, well…It’s just gonna prove that you’re nothing but a wanna-be. And there’s nothing wrong with that, Jay, nothing at all. It’s good to have role models, and I have to say, Shawn Michaels is a good one to have in this business. But the fact of the matter is, in your emulation, in your desire to carve a similar niche out for yourself here, you’re horning in on my territory. As I have said before, this place is just starting to feel like home, and I’ll be damned if I give up my seat at the dinner table just because you want to be a “Showstopper.”

So let’s just get it all out of the way. You and me are going to square off, here and now, because I’m not interested in some epic “who’s better” confrontation somewhere down the road. I already know the answer; I’m the better man. But it seems to me that you need proof, so at Raucous, we’re going to throw down, and I will show you exactly why I’m the best wrestler on <b>N-E-W</b>‘s roster, and you? You’re just a pretender.

<I>Fade to black.</I>

10-31-04, 06:02 PM
:::Scene opens as Jay is...y'know, Jay's there. We'll call this an 'interactive RP' and let you pick the scene. It doesn't matter. When it does, I'll tell you. So the scene opens with Jay in (insert location that isn't dirty, you pervert!).:::

Jay: Alister Hayze, they you can tell a lot about a person from first impressions. Now, you and I haven't met before, and to tell you honestly, it's an honor. Not only are you a great performer, but you also have the awe-inspiring ability to talk and talk and talk and talk, without really saying anything. That's a talent to have, man, really. I bet the ladies just love you for that one.

So in the rantings, ramblings, talkings and whatnot, we've found that you do realize who I am, and what I can do...but you seem to have a problem with me. Al, you may be a fun-loving, always-joking, smart-mouthed, good-looking stud...sure. Good for you. Thumbs up. It's neat. However, to think that you have the corner on the market, well, there's something I'm going to have to tell you. This may hurt a little bit, so you may want to sit down, grab a box of tissues, and brace yourself.

Alister...you are not the only fun-loving, always-joking, smart-mouthed, good-looking stud. I'm sorry. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. If I had one, I'd give you a balloon. Balloons make everyone feel better!

I can tell you have a lot on your mind, and that revelation probably isn't going to help much...but you seem to be lacking a bit of focus as we go into Raucous. You're worried about Battle Brawl and the TV Title, you're thinking about DREDD, but when it comes to me, you're thinking of it as a bump in the road. I'm thinking about the TV Title too, but right now, you are taking the main focus. When the jokes stop, and the match begins, will you find yourself ready...or will you find what the Distributor of Pain did last week? Is it going to take a foot to the face to see that 'Oh gosh, I'm cool, I'm funny...but I shouldn't have blown off Jay.'

But I guess being serious for a moment takes away from your competition of a fun-loving, always-joking, smart-mouthed, good-looking stud, huh? Alister Hayze, I'll see you at Raucous, and my balloon offer is still open if you need it.

:::Scene fades.:::