View Full Version : RAUCOUS update: Part 2!

10-22-04, 11:03 AM
Hey guys ...

RAUCOUS is near completion. Here is an update of the status:

INTRO / Starr v Whisper: Completed.
Jay v DoP: Completed.
Hayze v Republican: Completed.
Daymon v Blue: Waiting to receive.
Iris v ANTAEUS: Completed.
Doe v Devastator: Completed.
Rabesque v Chaos: Completed.

-- I have all matches completed except the one I'm still waiting on. If I don't receive it tonight then I will go ahead and write it myself.. I plan on getting the card done tonight, with the next lineup also going up tonight. It'll be a short card, only 5 matches, and will have a deadline of Sunday ... anywho, look for the final update later on tonight. Cool.

As soon as this card is completed the next RAUCOUS lineup will go up. This is the last RAUCOUS before Battle BRAWL and it may be a shorter card (5 matches instead of 6 - 7) just so I can churn it out more quickly. I haven't decided yet what the format will be.

Also, the rankings and men's roster page will be updated after this RAUCOUS. The women's page was updated as was the Upcoming Card page (it still had Arizona listed lol) and whatever other necessary changes. I am also going to do some heavy recruiting on sites that I haven't visited in a while due to school being a pain. The semester is slowing down (or maybe I'm just finally adjusting again) so things will go more smoothly than this past card has been. As for you guys, thanks for staying patient. And if you know anyone looking for a league .. tell them about Battle BRAWL and how the entire roster will be involved in it in one way or another.

Woot. Go Red Sox.

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