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10-11-04, 12:25 PM
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10-12-04, 10:38 AM
{Angel of Death is walking through a metal yard. Behind him, people seem to be working on a small structure, welding things together.}

AOD: Well Ray, I guess it's time to reveal my choice for one of the stages of Hell. It's somewhat appropriate, us finishing things once and for all in a Three Stages of Hell match. We've put each other through Hell, faced each other in an Ultimate Hell match, and now, as one of the matches we will take part in at Blood Bath, we will be climbing the Stairway to Hell.

{He steps aside to show the structure that is being put together. It has a wood floor, and a metal support, to which long metal poles are being fastened at each end.}

AOD: But this isn't going to be just any kind of Stairway to Hell match, Ray. I'm also combining a type of match that has yet to be seen in the EUWC. One of our matches in the Three Stages of Hell will be a Stairway to Hell Scaffold Match! We will be the ones twenty feet in the air, with a weapon another fifteen feet above us. First one to reach it with a ladder gets to use the weapon. First man to send their opponent off of the scaffold, and through the tables stacked below, wins the match. See you at Blood Bath, Ray. It will be one when I get through with you.

{AOD walks off, showing more of the workers doing their welding as we fade to black.}

Ray Santana
10-12-04, 02:30 PM
(Ray Santana sits alone in an empty arena. He is sitting on the top turnbuckle facing the empty ring. He hangs his head.)

Ray: The battlefield of the men in our profession. The squared cirlce. So many things can happen inside these ropes. Feuds won and lost. Scores settled. Champions named and dethroned. Personal lives have been changed and even ruined. There's not limit to what can happen here.

(Ray lifts his head to look into the camera.)

Ray: Now the dark one breaks his silence and announces that one of the matches in the 3 Stages of Hell match at Blood Bath will be a Stairway to Hell/Scaffold Match cross. AOD, it will be my pleasure to battle you in your chosen method of war. It comes as no surprise that you've chosen a sort of over-the-top exciting match. That's your style. And your choice is yours to make.

Onto my match itself. In researching my decision, I discovered that the type of match, in the end, meant bragging rights for the winner. That's not what I wanted. I wanted the loser to be shamed and embarrassed.

In the world of professional wrestling, a man can lose a match several ways. He could fail to readch a suspended object first. He could fall outside the ring and not make it back inside before a ten count. The most popular, is not to be able to kick out of a pin attempt. But I wanted something more - and I found it.

A match that dates far back to the very beginning of this sport. Men have walked into this match confident as ever and walked about humbled. Some have shyed away from a challenge like this. They flat out refuse to participate. Why? because the humiliation of a loss can end a man's career. Losing a match like this could be the difference between retiring as a legend in this business and just retiring.

It's simple. No weapons. No cage. Nothing electrified. You go until you give up, quit, tap out, or scream that you've had enough. Submission match

(Ray jumps down and walks to the center of the ring.)

Ray: At Blood Bath, AOD, it's going to be sweet making you tap out to end the bout after just two straight matches. Finally, I'll prove to you and whole world that you just can't do it anymore. See you Blood Bath.

(Fade to black)

10-26-04, 10:36 AM
(Scene opens on a viewing room in a funeral home. An empty casket sits at one end of the room, and along the walls are various couches and chairs for the deceased's loved ones to sit and grieve. At the very end of the room, sitting on one such chair, is Angel of Death.)

AOD: A man once said that the only things in life that are inevitable are death and taxes. Generally, this is true. But for Ray Santana, there is one more thing that is unavoidable.

(He stands, and stares directly into the camera.)

AOD: Absolute and utter destruction at my hands.

(He begins to walk towards the casket.)

AOD: You see, it's been all but written in the stars that I would be the one to prevail at Blood Bath. I have survived more attempts at my retirement than Ray could even imagine. Yes, the match I chose for the Three Stages of Hell is very over the top. Yes, the match that Ray chose is rather low-key. Well Ray, you seem to be forgetting one simple thing. Both matches are suited to me. While I revel in over-the-top matches, I have proven myself more than able to win more standard matches. Hell, a submission match Ray? What submission moves do you even know? Last I checked, punching and kicking aren't submission moves. Ray, I'm shocked that someone who claims to know me so well has seemingly forgotten my original finisher. The Dark Trick. A belly to belly german-style suplex, bridged for the submission. Imagine being slammed face first into the mat, then your body held so that your head is being stretched towards your back, with more and more pressure on your neck and back. The Dark Trick, Ray. A specialty move, one of my own devising. But yet, you seem to think that you can beat me in a Submission match? You have to have some measure of technical ability, Ray.

(He reaches the casket, and turns to face the camera.)

AOD: I think it's almost time for a eulogy on the career that was Ray Santana. At Blood Bath, Ray, I seal your fate. Are you prepared for the challenge ahead of you? I certainly hope so. I know I am. See you in Tokyo, Ray.

(He smiles as he lowers his head, and walks back to the doors. Fade to black.)

Ray Santana
10-27-04, 12:47 AM
(Ray Santana is again walking down the street. It is night and his black leather jacket keeps him warm from the cool air.)

Ray: Do I remember your original finsiher, AOD? Yes. I do. The Dark Trick. A belly-to-belly suplex bridged into a submission as you so eloquently put it. You must really think I'm stupid or something. I know what you are capable of in the ring. Come on, don't tell me you thought I was that foolish. I chose the submission match because I knew that you would spill out the tripe that you just did. You just couldn't keep your egotistical mouth shut. Now, you have absolutely no reason to complain after you tap out at Blood Bath.

So you will be responsible for my absolute and utter destruction, huh? I think somebody has been watching too many superhero movies. Maybe you're paying a little too much attention to the villian's lines, AOD. That's not inevitable. What is inevitable is that I will once again prove another unfortunate trait of Angel of Death. Since I came back I've proven that you don't always know what happens around you, your marriage is a sham, and at Blood Bath, I'll prove that you don't have what it takes anymore.

For weeks and months now, I have been soiling my hands and my career with you, AOD. Blood Bath is where I wash my hands of you and you're failure. If I spend any more time on you, I'm sure that your lack of talent and success will surely start rubbing off on me. Get your head out of the stars. At least when then, you could put on a decent match or cut a decent promo. There's nothing in the stars that can help you. Hell, there's nothing down here that can help you.

Tokyo, Japan has been known in the wrestling business for some hardcore things. I'm sure they'll love watching you fall into the tables and then give up. I won't even need a third match. Don't worry, AOD, after losing at Blood Bath, there's still lots of things you can do in the EUWC. I here Delucci's hunting for a new tag team partner.

(Ray stops, takes off his sunglasses, and looks directly into the camera.)

Ray: The talk stops at Blood Bath. You can't beat me, AOD. You're just not good enough anymore. I am ready. So keep reading on your comic books, kiss your whore goodbye, and shove your eulogy up your ass. I'll see you at Blood Bath.

(Fade to black)

10-27-04, 10:54 AM
(Open on an unfinished basement. A distant pounding can be heard as we stare at a bare brick wall. The sound gets louder as we begin to move along the wall. Soon, we discover the source of the sound, as we find Angel of Death standing just inside arm's reach of the wall, striking at the wall with straight punches. He's been doing this for a while, as both hands, neither of them wrapped, are torn to shreds from the roughness of the bricks.)

AOD: You soiled your career with me, Ray? You're the one who decided to stalk me during my feud with STEALTH. You're the one who came back claiming to bring back the old AOD. Well, Ray, as much as times have changed, and part of the old AOD you were looking for is long gone, you certainly are going to get a taste of him at Blood Bath. So don't say that everything that's happened to both of us since your return has made things worse for you. You made that decision to return Ray. Maybe after Blood Bath, when I embarass you in the scaffold match, then make you tap out in the submission match, you'll stay away for good. You and I are like oil and water, Ray. Sometimes things just don't mix.

(He continues slamming his fists into the bricks, making bigger and bigger red splatters on the cement. Each hit brings a look of adrenalized pain to his face, and it drives him to continue.)

AOD: So you got me to recite some things about me, like you expected me to. At Blood Bath, you need to start expecting the unexpected. Too much has gone into the planning for this, Ray, for me to be apathetic about it. There's way too much at stake. Tokyo will be the staging area for one of my greatest victories to date. Destroying the man who has been a thorn in my side on more than one occasion. It's time to uproot the plant that leaves these thorns, Ray. Submission Match, Scaffold Match, or whatever I end up choosing for the third match, because you know I'll be choosing the third match if it comes down to it, it doesn't matter what we have to do that night. The result, like I said before, is inevitable. You will be defeated, I will stand victorious, both of us will probably have shed enough blood to keep the Red Cross going for the rest of the year, and I will walk away from you, and the Egg Dome, and never look back. You are a footnote in my history, Ray. As much as you probably hate to hear it, that is basically all you'll be. Barely a chapter in the history of my life. I'll see you at Blood Bath, Ray. I'll be ready. Will you?

(He continues to punch the wall, mangling his knuckles further as we fade to black.)