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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-22-03 AT 05:56 PM (EST)]Name: 'Superstar' SCOTTY MICHAELS (also goes by "The Viewer's Choice")
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 248 pounds
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Theme Song: "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi

German suplex
Belly to belly suplex
Flying forearm
Thesz press with punches
Mexican surfboard
Spinning DDT
Diamond cutter
Sleeper hold
Rolling powerbomb from top rope

Set-up move:
Brainbuster suplex

The Heartbreaker (That's what I used to call it way back when. I'm looking for a new name for it. Most of you probably know it as the move Booker T's pulled off a few times, the Houston Hangover.)

Attire: Scotty consistently wears shiny shirts and wrestles in tights like Jericho (When I made Scotty way back when, I pictured him as Jericho when he was in ECW, even though Jericho didn't really have a personality at the time...)

Who he is:
Scotty broke into the wrestling business in the year 1995. He had been training for a while, and he had become quite an accomplished wrestler. He became one of the top superstars in the CSWA, capturing the USN title and a few other belts here and there, but never got to the world championship. After getting out of the business for a while after 1998, Scotty returned to wrestling in the NFW for a brief stint in which the management brought him in to be the gimmick wrestler, who's gimmick changes based on what's popular. Scotty recovered nicely from that, publishing a book called "The Life of a Superstar." WFW had been asking the fans for a while at recent house shows exactly who they wanted to see brought back into the company, and they overwhelmingly said 'Superstar' SCOTTY MICHAELS. Michaels is still around to have a good time, but he has more of a goal now as he is about 34 years old. Scotty's a very good mat wrestler, and high flyer, but he has been training with his street-smart pal, Jerome, to bring some roughness to his game. His ever-present smugness is still spilling over, but this time the fans are actually cheering for him.

Like I said, the USN title in CSWA... and I can't rememeber the other ones, lol.