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09-21-04, 12:46 AM
All RP for the match between ANTAEUS and EL ARCO IRIS at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 28th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

09-27-04, 10:12 PM
(FADEIN: El Arco Iris in the FMLL gymnasium, seated on the turnbuckles, in a rainbow tie-dye shirt with blue jeans, with all of his students gathered around him by the corner.

El Arco Iris: Well, young ones, El Arco Iris had to reluctantly end the NEW career prematurely of a young wrestler who had such immense promise and potential. El Arco Iris hopes that all of you learned a lesson not to be reckless and overconfident in your actions, and that’s in dealing with anything, be it wrestling, or love, or grocery shopping, it doesn’t matter. Do you all understand?

Students (collectively): Yes, sir!

Iris: Excellent. Now, El Arco Iris wants you all to try a new exercise El Arco Iris came up with. But El Arco Iris must warn you, this doesn’t require you to put on knee pads, elbow pads, even to put on gym shorts.

One student: Professor, what kind of equipment could an exercise like this need, then?

Iris: El Arco Iris is ecstatic that you asked!

(El Arco Iris climbs out of the ring, and then reaches under the apron.)

Same Student: Sir! You said weapons are only the tool of the angry and weak-minded!

Iris: Patience! El Arco Iris only asks patience, impetuous young one. You are all going to use something that some consider a weapon in some cases, but is much more powerful than a chair or ladder.

(El Arco Iris yanks out from under the ring with a flourish…a sketchbook, pencil box, and some color pastels.)

Student: But…professor…how does drawing tie into wrestling…at ALL?

Iris: Many say wrestling is a science. Many others say that wrestling is a game of human chess. El Arco Iris asks you all to discard either mentality, because you must realize that above all, wrestling is art in its purest form, and the greatest wrestler has the mind of the greatest artist. Today El Arco Iris wants you all to grab a sketchbook, then we are all going outside, and you are going to draw a picture. The way you draw reflects your mindset and how you observe the world around you, and El Arco Iris hopes to not just teach you to wrestle, but to observe, and focus your thoughts, just like the sketch artist must do. Now, let’s go!

(Scene cuts to outside the gymnasium, where there is a grassy area with some flowering plants and trees. The students are all working away at their drawings, and El Arco Iris is checking them all.)

Iris: Let’s see what we have here…

(El Arco Iris walks over to a particular student who is sketching a bush with long, thin leaves, and a small tree frog is on one of the leaves.)

Iris: Well, why doesn’t El Arco Iris see that frog in your drawing when it is on the bush?

Student: It wasn’t there when I started drawing. I already finished those leaves.

Iris: Just because a new detail interjects itself, no matter how minor, or temporary, into the scene does not mean it can be ignored. Think about it, you prepare yourself for a match against a big, muscled opponent, and you go into the match thinking you can keep him grounded with your superior speed. You soon figure out he’s every bit as fast and agile as you are. What do you do then? You have to learn to adapt. Sometimes you need to erase and redraw.

(Iris hands him an eraser and then continues walking.)

Another Student: Professor, I’m done!

Iris: I’ll be the judge of that.

(Iris walks over and sees that the students sketch is indeed complete as far as details go, but is just pencil with no colors.)

Iris: Nope, halfway done.

Student: But sir, I completed all the possible details!

Iris: Indeed, but the world isn’t all shades of gray, is it? If you truly want to observe and focus your mind’s interpretations of reality, you have to take into account every kind of quality and quantity, and color is just as important as anything else. If the world was all blacks and whites, it would be quite boring wouldn’t it? In wrestling, you face so many different people, so many of the may look the same, but have different styles and personalities, paint different colors in the ring, you may say, and you should observe and account everything you find and see.

(Iris walks towards the center of activity and begins to address the whole class.)

First Student (to himself): Crap, do I have to draw HIM now, too?

Iris: El Arco Iris hopes you see where El Arco Iris is going with this, students. Do you understand what is being learned here? Do you feel your own maturation as you begin to take all these different things into account and learn how to analyze the world around you? If you learn to adapt this skill in your wrestling, as well as everything else, you will for sure come into your own as a well-rounded, formidable opponent, and you will carry yourself between the ropes with a high head…and a SMIIIIILE…(Iris traces the smile on his mask with his thumb, but he happens to be holding a color pastel, which draws a bright green streak across his mask)…on your face. That’s all for today, you can go home now, but I’ll leave the gym open for another half-hour or so if you want to roll around.

(The students disperse and pack up their things as we FTB.)