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09-21-04, 12:42 AM
All RP for the Dark Match between KARLA STARR and WHISPER at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 28th. Angles should be sent to secandido@comcast.net ..

09-24-04, 05:49 PM
"So this is the thanks I get?"

(Karla Starr appears on an NEW backround, flings back her hair from in front of her shoulders, is dressed in blue jeans, boots and a black "Belly-button" shirt, with the words "One Hundred Percent B*TCH!" on the front.)

KS: I show up, shock the world by knocking out the companies top contenders, and become pretty much the focal point of the league....and in return I get....

A dark match.

A DARK match.

I knocked out Jean Rabesque on a few occasions, helped cause him to lose his momentum, if not the TV Title, which almost NO ONE could defeat him for....and for compensation....

A dark match.

After all I've done, all the hard work, all the planning the careful strategic striking points, all that's said and done....even becoming the ALPHA FEMALE in this place....

I get nothing....but a dark match.

But seeing as there's a bright side to everything...let's think about it for a second.

Could I have gotten an Intergender match with Jonathan Marx against Jean Rabesque and Victoria Hawke?

Sure.....but that's not gonna happen is it?

I could've even given all those rats this company likes to call FANS, one last preview....a taste if you will, of what this League will see from their future Women's Champion, even take on my homegirl, Caitlyn, give these dirtbags something that would REALLY dazzle them.

You know....instead of a Jane Doe match.

But no, I'm given a dark match against some disgusting fiend who calls herself "Whisper".

Well now....isn't this magical? I mean, whether or not this is intimidating....well...to nutcases like Jane Doe and her brother it just might be...I guess I may have to take two minutes out of my day after all.


If that doesn't sound just Kookie?

Tell you what Whisper, since I'm taking time out of my day to even BOTHER with you, do me a favor first.

Go to the bathroom BEFORE you head down the aisle.

'Cause I absolutely DE-TEST the smell of urinated tights when I shove the owners' head ten feet deep INTO them.

I'm sure you'll understand.

09-28-04, 03:18 AM
<I>Open a darkened room. There is but a single source of light, located in what may as well be the center of the room – the shadows hide everything but a single space. Filling that space is a young woman, dressed in black, whose red hair falls about her face, hiding. When she speaks, she is so quiet that you are drawn forward to hear her words; occasionally, you catch a glimpse of green eyes flashing in the pale light.</I>

<b>Whisper:</b> Throughout my life…I have often wondered how so many can live in such terrible blackness…how can they stomach the dark, how can they allow it to devour them, blind them, cripple them, until they cannot see the truth, no matter how often it is pounded into their heads…

I was once as they are, wandering, wondering, lost in that infinite blackness that consumes the world…I saw nothing ahead of me, nothing behind…I could not even see the present, so great is the darkness…but then I found The Light…and then I began to see…

There is a path set before me, set before us all…and yet this world is covered by a thick blanket that hides our very sight…it deceives us so that we cannot see the path, the way of the true warrior…and so we wander further and further from the path, and march closer and closer into the damnation that awaits us all…for the darkness…it never lets you leave once it swallows you…it will never let you go…

The only way out is The Light…it shows the true path, the one hidden from sight, and once you are there you begin to understand in ways that you never have before…Once you see the power that truth and Light can bring into your being, you will know just how far gone you were…

Karla Starr…your way is not the warrior’s way…a warrior does not deceive…does not strike in secret…does not use the dark to hide her face, her motives, her ability…for then she is polluted, corrupted, turned into a servant of the dark…dishonesty…greed…mayhem…these have been the calling card of the dark since the beginning, and I can see so much of it in you, Karla…so much that the warrior within is hidden, even to me, an avatar of Light…

To truly understand, to truly see The Light, you have to pit your dark against it…you have to watch how it withers compared to the tool of a true warrior…you have to feel it’s slap in your face before you can accept it for what it is…the only thing that can save you…

Even buried in, of all things, a dark match, The Light will shine…the people will see…<I>you</I> will see…that no matter how great the darkness…it can always be beaten back…

Simply remember that I am trying to help you, Karla, that I wish to take you from the dark and show you how beautiful and talented you truly are…remember that I am doing this…to help you…to show you…The Light…

<I>Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly fades into view, stark black against the pure white, and then fades out again.</I>

09-28-04, 04:00 PM
(Fadein, Karla Starr in front of an NEW Backdrop.)

KS: So there *IS* an intelligent voice among Caitlyn and myself after all.

The face that belongs to it is still quite the disgusting, irritating, ugly-type as before, but at least it's one to actually pay attention to.

You know...instead of doing make-up and whatnot.

Whisper, you evidently haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about. Sure, it sounds great and to geeks like Jane Doe it might be considered something to heed.

But yet to women like Caitlyn Daymon and myself....nothing.

You talk about truth, and how you want to show me the way to the light, because I'm so beautiful and much more talented than you are, blah, blah, blah.....

Angel Garza said the same thing and she was barely able to wrestle her way out of a paper bag.

But you wanna try again huh?

Very well.

(Flings hair from her shoulders, to behind her.)

The TRUTH is that you can't beat me with what you think is intelligence, wisdom, or whatever beauty tips that you THINK you have.

The TRUTH is that you can't talk a better game than I can, and back it up.

But since you're still ignorant to what you don't want to deem as the TRUTH, then go get your little nightlight you need to sleep with, convince mommy and daddy that you need to stay up past nine oh clock at night to watch some tapes, and check out what I did a few months ago.

I took out the NEW ERA Heavyweight Champion at the time, Larry Tact.

I even took out the CURRENT Heavyweight Champion, Jean Rabesque.

And I didn't need the help of anyone else to do it.

Now, with that said, and my current standing at the moment in NEW.....I do believe that I stand status quo on my prior claim, despite what you think of my methods to achieve it.

I am the Alpha Female. The HOTTEST Female in this business today....

And your Next NEW ERA Women's Champion.

You mentioned something about looking for some kind of a glimpse at the future?

Perhaps I can help you out after all.

By sending you to the MOON.

09-29-04, 12:00 AM
<I>Fade in on the same room, with only one light source, illuminating the same, single woman…</I>

<b>Whisper:</b> Karla…The darkness around you continues to blind you…Looks mean nothing…it is the voice that matters…it is the words that have meaning…it is the action, the person within, and The Light that they hold that matters…

Your superficial concerns aside, I am still here to help you…to show you…that everything that you know is a lie…that your talent, your prowess, your vaunted ability…it is all inadequacy shielded from view by your ego, by your dirty tricks, by the actions you took while wrapped in the darkness…True ability lies within, the cold, hard Light that I possess…

The truth is that, no, you did not need any help to conquer Rabesque or Tact…but you did need your disguise, and your shadows…you rely on those crutches far too much…I need no aids to defeat anyone…The Light is my sword, not my trick…it is my might, not my method…

The truth, Karla…is that you…are doomed…

<I>Fade to a white screen. The word “Whisper” briefly fades into view, stark black against the pure white, and then fades out again. </I>