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09-20-04, 04:28 AM
Yes .... I finally got enough energy in me (and finally swallowed enough pride to ask for help from Juan ...) to complete the 08.24.04 edition of RAUCOUS!

Once again I apologize for the lateness of the past RAPTURE and RAUCOUS card. I should have delayed the RP'ing period .. but I didn't want to do so because I thought I could handle the move to school.

BUT! The good news is ... school is a lot less work than I thought due to me re-arranging my schedule (and majors / minors ;) ) ... so ...

I plan on putting up the new RAUCOUS lineup tonight (Monday) .. so look for that ... and just to let you kow .. this next RAUCOUS is the next to last RAUCOUS before the PPV .. which I'm shooting for mid to late October. :)

Head over to the OORP discussion board to leave feedback.



... or you could go to the main website .. http://www.neweraofwrestling.net --- and just click on RESULTS or PAST RRAUCOUS CARDS ...

Yay for New ERA! Oh and by the way .. tell your friends to join. :)

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