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09-18-04, 05:11 PM
There was a question about the "stacking" rule in the case of a tag team match.

Here is the general rule for "stacking" for both singles and tag matches:

Singles: If you roleplay, and your opponent does not respond within 48 hours you may then post another roleplay. This is a hard rule. For example: If you roleplay on February 15th at 7:00 PM, and your opponent doesn't reply by February 17th at 7:00 PM, you may post again. Do not post at 6:55, 6:58 or 6:59. 48 hours, period.

Tag Team Matches: If you roleplay, your partner (if there is a second handler handling the other half of your team) may not post until a 24 hour "cooling off" period has passed IF someone from the opposing team has not yet posted. For example:
If one member of Team A posts at 4 PM on Thursday, the second member may post at 4 PM on Friday if no one from the other team has posted. Clarification (4/17/12): This applies to a single handler as well. Thus, if you roleplay as one member of a tag team, once 24 hours has passed, you may post again. Any member of your team may post again. Whether it's you a second time, or your partner, is between the two of you.

Six Man Matches: This one is a bit different. In six man matches, you may either go back and forth, or team and team. Example of back and forth is: Team A, first man RPs followed by anyone on Team B. Then, anyone on Team A may respond, then back and forth in a like manner. This is legal for stacking purposely. However, you may also have an entire team roleplay right after each other, followed by the other team responding in kind. For example, Team A - man 1, 2 & 3 all go, then all three of the other all go. This is legal. However, if Team A all go, you MUST wait for all members of Team B to go before Team A resumes. If all three of Team A post a roleplay, one member of Team B posts, then a member of Team A goes again before all of Team B posts, it is an illegal stack.

Any questions, do ask.


- Dave