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09-11-04, 03:43 PM
Yeah, so I have the first post in column feedback. So I guess I'll say something about columns in EUWC. I love them. I think they are entertaining and let the handlers know what they are doing right and wrong. It also adds a degree of realism, which is also why I love that news section on the front page of fwrestling.com I hope the columns are something that sticks around because I absolutely love reading them. I especially like TWIST, so hopefully we'll get another edition of that. Props and Flops is great for its originality, What I Think is an excellent read because it absolutely pulls no punches. The 2 cents columns are good because they have a nice variety to them with the going ons and such. I thought the Tur-Bank Note was going pretty good, then it went to hell after two editions. Oh, well. In closing, I like the columns and hope they remain a staple in EUWC. Thanks so much. This was also a test to see how the fonts and smilies look. :) :cool:

09-12-04, 11:24 AM
I agree for the most part with Holocaust, and am also using this as a test.

My only regret is that no one seemed to read my column "Newbie's Guide to E-Wrestling" ... it was a way for people to maybe get ideas on how to improve their characters, especially those who aren't very experienced in e-wrestling.

But anyway, here's my test of this board system.