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Turk LoC
08-31-04, 10:06 PM
Hey all.

I'm Kyle Boggs (aka Christian Keaton)

I'm new here at FW, and I want to thank everyone for giving everyone an option. eWn just isn't what I remember eWn being back when IKE! and I ruled over it like two drunken sailors. :)

Anyway. I handle Turk in LoC, hence the username. I am currently managing LoC until Dan and Justin work out some off-line issues. You should come check us out.


Feel free to PM me here and say Hi. Feel free to make fun of me...because I'm sure I'll be making fun of you. :)

- K y l e

09-01-04, 04:05 AM

Glad to have ya here man. Your partner in crime, IKEcrosoft, should be around if he ever gets his lazy school-moving butt in gear. ;)

Get some LoC news up, kid. Let me know if you need log-in info...I think I sent it directly to Dan.


09-01-04, 06:03 AM
Good to see the LoC contingent growing on FW Central. Keats is A-list all the way.